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May 12, 2017 11:44 AM UTC

FBI Director John Suthers, Anyone?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs.

Lots of speculation today that former Colorado Attorney General and current Mayor of Colorado Springs John Suthers is on the “short list” to replace ousted FBI Director James Comey–a promotion that would put Suthers smack dab in the middle of the biggest political crisis in many years. FOX 31:

Former Colorado Attorney General and current Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers is on President Donald Trump’s shortlist to become the next FBI director, the White House said Friday.

Nearly a dozen candidates were made public by Fox News. Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner said that he recommended Suthers be considered.

We’re looking for more corroboration for this report, as well as some sense of where Suthers would land among the 10 or more candidates. But Sen. Cory Gardner is indeed enthusiastic:

Suthers is a conservative Republican, but as Attorney General of Colorado he showed an ability to do his job with relatively little political partisanship–when he chose to. Suthers angered the gun lobby in 2013 with his technical guidance settling various contrived issues with the magazine limit law passed that year. And as Mayor of Colorado Springs, Suthers bucked the conservative establishment by supporting a successful tax increase proposal for road repairs.

What does any of this say about how Suthers would conduct himself as FBI Director–especially FBI Director under President Donald Trump? We’re inclined to think Suthers can be trusted to carry out the relevant investigations fairly and impartially–as much as any Republican today possibly could.

And honestly, that could be enough for Trump to choose somebody else.


20 thoughts on “FBI Director John Suthers, Anyone?

  1. Honest and intelligent, but background a bit light.   If appointed FBI director, I think he'd back the pprofessionals, meaning Trump would soon fire him.

    1. Agreed.  Suthers would be fair-minded and competent.  But I wouldn't wish that job on anyone.  Working for Trump, having to assuage his insecurities and massage his ego, not to mention showing "loyalty" by supporting his paranoid fantasies, and likely breaking many laws, would give anyone nightmares.

      1. Only a complete and unprincipled fool would be idiot enough to take that job at this time.  John Suthers is neither a fool, nor an idiot . . . 

        Gardner, OTOH, is both.

  2. John Suthers would make a great FBI director. He's as honest as the day is long, impeccable law enforcement  credentials, and a steady hand at the controls and on the throttle. His loyalty would be to the law and justice.

    1. Loyalty to the country or loyalty to the Republican Party? 

      Sorry, I'm not seeing very many Republicans these days who put country ahead of party.

  3. I may disagree with him politically, but I don't think Suthers is stupid and one would have to be pretty damn dumb to touch the tar baby that is the Yam's mis-administration.

    1. Yes, please.  I say the Pledge every weekday morning with my students, and I mean every word. Democracy is worth keeping, and worth fighting for.

      Resistance Manual has an exhaustive list of all the organizations which continue to resist aspects of the Trump agenda.

      1. …or as that great Patriot Putrid Pear would say, "if you love the Unabomber so much why don't you marry him?" 

        Keep up the good fight MamaJ.  

      2. When I say the pledge, I skip under God.   That wasn’t even in it when I was a kid and Trump's imaginary friend has no place in my value system.

        1. Before Pear shows up and tries to fruitsplain the Prosperity Jesus thing, let's start with a visual: (thanks to properly primed pumps)

        2. That is your right, or anyone else's, for that matter.  I do mean "under God" when I say the Pledge. 

          However,  my concept of "God" encompasses more aspects of gender and culture than just  the straight white male Episcopal Alien God I was raised to worship, or even my mother's ancestral Jewish G_d, or later Dianic parthenogenetic aspects of the Goddess, or the usual mix of earth religions, native and  new age practices people of our generation often explored.

          "God" is all of these, and none of them. No face, no place. Or rather every face, every place, every space. In the America I pledge to, everyone would recognize the divine in every person and in all life.

          And if I tried to fit all of this in to my Pledging, I'd probably hyperventilate and pass out, or make witch-burning fashionable again.

          OK, I'm done preaching now. Tomorrow's Mother's Day, you can indulge me.

          See Michael’s illustration above. That’s a good concept map. And yes, Vger, you can still be a crochety old atheist / agnostic in “my” America.

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