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April 17, 2017 02:53 PM UTC

Days Before Contentious Town-Hall Meeting, Coffman Praised Trump at GOP Meeting

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Joke’s on you! – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

In contrast to his appearance Wednesday at a town hall meeting in Aurora, where he was reportedly “pummeled” by constituents and tried to distance himself from Trump, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) praised the president and was “very well received” at a meeting of the North Suburban Republican Forum four days before the town-hall event.

“I would say he was very well received,” said Kaarl Hoopes, the Republican Chair of House District 31, who attended the meeting with Coffman April 8.

“[Coffman] gave the sense that the Republicans have a strong agenda, and he’s very optimistic that with President Trump’s leadership, he’s going to be able to accomplish it,” said Hoopes.

After the meeting, Hoopes stated on Facebook that Coffman specifically cited the imperative for Republicans to pass tax reform and an Obamacare replacement. And Coffman praised Trump’s handling of the military, Hoopes said.

Asked if Coffman called Trump a “real leader,” as implied in his Facebook post, Hoopes replied, “I think he actually did say that. [Trump] met with Coffman in a small group, and he said that, and I may have posted this, he said that he’s a very commanding presence. He fills the room. And people pay attention.”

Hoopes said he was “personally offended” by Coffman last year when Coffman ran advertisements saying he’s stand up to Trump. “That bothered me for quite a while,” said Hoopes.

“I think [Coffman] is more in line with Trump as a leader now,” said Hoopes. “You know, if there’s something he strongly disagrees with him on, I’m sure he will  stand up to him. But his attitude was very positive towards President Trump. I think he really supports the strong leadership that he’s bringing.”


20 thoughts on “Days Before Contentious Town-Hall Meeting, Coffman Praised Trump at GOP Meeting

    1. MoldyAnus.  You might want to refrain from calling concerned constituents fake protestors.  Your friend Congressman Coffman agrees with me there.   


      Also, I am still waiting for my "ACA is failing" article.

    2. Fer Chrissake, Fluffy, Most Republicans are only one Tweet away from shitting their britches…most are on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Your precious madman is about to provoke another madman into a nuclear war. 

      Little wonder cowards like Coffman are such namby pamby Trumpians. 

  1. The tragedy of the election of Donald Trump is that his voters voted for an image created for reality TV –  this man was perceived as the successful tough guy, a smart and savvy millionaire, someone whose wealth could rub off on lesser beings. It's the triumph of style over substance.

    Because he is none of those things. Not smart, not tough, not savvy, and the wealth transferred from his workers and investors to him, not the other way around.

    That this man has the nuclear codes now is horrifying. I directly see the impact of his bluster on children. Kids have access to a flood of misinformation: "World War III is about to start!" "ISIS is dressing up in scary clown costumes and murdering people in Greeley!"

    For my low info students, I've been providing facts: where is Syria, who are the factions fighting for control there, where is the Korean peninsula, who is Kim Jong Un, what is an ICBM, what does Mutual Assured Destruction mean?

    And I'm afraid that they are now better informed than is our President.

    Warriors like Coffman ought to know better. They do know better. They had no loyalty to their Commander in Chief when Obama was President. They have uncritical loyalty now, when it is completely unearned and misplaced.

      1. I know many Trump voters. The ones I know were mainly motivated by a desire to "shake things up", and by negative feelings about immigrants.

        A study cited by Pols and the Wash Post identified racial resentment as the strongest motivator of Trump voters – this is the idea that affirmative action policies and awareness of racism generally is unfair to white people.  I see that attitude in some of my students who are Trump supporters. I've seen you express similar sentiments.

        I think there was also a strong sexist motivation – mostly among male voters, Trump's misogyny and history of sexual aggression were a feature, not a bug. They liked that he bragged about "grabbing pussy".  I've seen you express similar anti-women statements, mostly directed at me. This was magnified and distorted by the Russian / domestic cooperation on spreading fake news propaganda about Hillary Clinton's health, scandals, and  policies.

        I've seen you spread these same stories.

        And yes, there were Trump voters who bought the reality TV image Trump cultivated – that he was a "straight shooter" who "told the truth". These  ideas about DJT were based only on his TV Apprentice persona. The persona was fake, as I said – he is not a straight shooter, does not tell the truth, is a terrible businessman who does not create prosperity in others, cheats his contractors, is corrupt, and is mainly motivated to increase the wealth of Trump Industries by any legal or illegal means necessary. 

        Finally, there are pragmatic partisan Republicans who saw all of the above factors – knew that Trump was racist, sexist, a financial con man, and a liar – and voted for him anyway to boost chances of a strong Scalia-type conservative on the Supreme Court.

        So where do you fall in that spectrum – what were the factors that impelled you to vote for DJT? If I "don't know what I'm talking about" in regard to Trump voters, set me straight. Whyat motivated Trump voters , including yourself?

        1. What drove you to vote for crooked Hillary?

          Did you vote for her because she was a woman?  Doesn't that make you a tad sexist?

          Did you actually believe half the stuff she said or did you understand she doesn't believe anything she said and was just saying what she thought would get her elected?

          Was Hillary controlled by them Russians?  Why else did she approve of the sale of all that uranium?

          1. So, voting for a highly qualified woman over an unqualified lying buffoon is sexist because we must keep those bitches in line at all costs?   Good to know Carnholio.  

          2. So you didn't answer my question about why you voted for Trump.  I guess that you're a partisan pragmatist and voted for the R nominee, even though you knew that he was a lying, cheating unstable PoS.  Because of the Supreme Court.

            To answer your question about why I voted for Hillary, she was the qualified and competent Democratic nominee, Trump was obviously unfit, and Bernie asked us tovote for her. It was a vote for keeping the progress Obama had made.

            I figured we could push her to go further, in spite of her corporate loyalties. Speaking of which, HRC was cozy with Goldman Sachs, taking honoraria and campaign contributions. DJT installed Goldman Sachs veterans in 1/3 of his cabinet.

        2. Donald Trump is a lying, misogynist, sexist, racist homophobic xenophobe who based his campaign on name calling and hate mongering for the sole purpose of personal gain.

          Based on the results it appears those qualities were considered more palatable than the alternative.


          1. Actually, the vast majority of Americans rejected Trump for exactly the reasons you cited Negev.  The electoral college stuck us with him anyway.

  2. Fake news, fake facts, fake protesters, fake soldiers..…what do they believe?

    If you can't deal with facts, reality, or the truth, you're a Fake American in my book. 

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