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April 12, 2017 06:43 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

–George Bernard Shaw


32 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. Whatever Carnholio.   This race shouldn't have been on anyone's radar. Should have been a 30+ point non-event.  Not a single digit race.  Of course you know that.  Why else are your sheets and pants so wet?

          1. Some great history on that, V. Back in the early 90's Governor Romer came to Wray as part of his 'Dome on the Range' program. He was touring several of the projects we had completed that set the stage for us eventually winning the 'All-America City' award in '93. It was December and he stayed the evening to be the Marshall in our Parade of Lights' that goes down Main Street and over the Republican River bridge. He joking said, "I can't cross over the Republican River!! To which I replied, "it's shallow and crooked, thus the name". Then all was fine! Jokes aside – in those days I was a Republican myself and lots of good Republicans still out here – but it made for a great moment! He overnighted in Wray and spent some time at the local Elks Club for a fundraiser then went on his way.  A great time was had by all that night – Republicans and Democrats.

            1. The river isn't actually named after the party, btw, but after the Republican Sioux.  Early explorers mistakenly thought that band had a republican form of government, hence the name.  I like the shallow and crooked tale, though.

        1. These folks are REALLY anxious to get that authoritarian state rolling. They just hate it when people speak up and demonstrate – so inconvenient, and certainly not complimentary to Dear Leader and his elected supporters in Congress.

      1. Looks like the alt-right is about to dump its support for Trump. 

        Kushner is Jewish….Bannon is a Nazi….

        Did anyone really think those two would actually get along?

        Trump is very likely to start working with Democrats if he thinks the Repubs are putting a dent in his Imperial Presidency. He must "win"…that supercedes everything to the Great Egomeister. If he thinks the GOP is bringing him down, he will turn on them like a hungry dog. He has no moral or ethical constraints on his obsession with appearances.

        1. If he thinks the GOP is bringing him down, he will turn on them like a hungry dog.

          That's already happened. If you recall 5-6 weeks before the election the tape came out with Trump making sexually offensive remarks.  Many top Republicans either abandoned him altogether or distanced them from him. There was even talk at that late juncture of somehow replacing him on the ticket.  Trump went after his antagonists like white on rice.

          Fact is he owes the GOP establishment nothing.

        2. It's tough for Trump – because of his chaotic, unguided, unprincipled, erratic, contradictory, dangerous style, no one should assume they can predict what he'll do and who his "friends" will be from one day to the next. I agree that he might start working with the Dems, but it won't last long just as his loyalty to the Repubs, staff, etc, does not last long. As you say, we must not take our eyes off what motivates him – self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, self-wealth, a worshiping mob of supporters, and maybe family (but I'm not sure what the limits are on that one).

      2. Putin Trolls still on the payroll and sowing confusion. I guess it'll take some convictions and prison time before we are free from their cut and pasted lies. 

  1. So, the DNC refuses $20k to Thompson in Kansas– "We don't have the money."

    The D3C gets in the race on Monday, with some phone calls.

    Today Chuck Schumer offers this gem:

    .@TheDemocrats fight in Kansas is just the start of what we'll bring to campaigns across the county in 2, 4, 6 yrs & beyond. #KS04

    — Chuck Schumer (@chuckschumer) April 12, 2017

    I'm with response #1

    @chuckschumer @TheDemocrats Hey Chuck, big fan of your work, not really. You know you didn't do a fucking thing right?

    — Brett Banditelli (@banditelli) April 12, 2017

    The Dems are 100% ready to fight to get this country back.  Just don't ask them to join a battle they might not win. #50statestrat

    1. I stopped giving to the Democratic Party Committees several years ago because of boneheaded moves like this.  My money goes directly to the candidates….. 

  2. Trump to ditch AF Academy Graduation – if Hillary or Barack did it?

    The new president is sending a proxy to speak to cadets at the Air Force Academy's graduation May 24.

    Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford will give the commencement address to about 1,000 graduating cadets, the academy announced Wednesday.

    In the past, some new presidents have picked up service academy graduation speeches as a way to float their military and foreign policy views before a friendly crowd. President Trump's first college graduation speech in office is slated for May 13 at Virginia's Liberty University, known as the nation's largest evangelical Christian school.

    1. In no way do I ever want to defend Donald Trump, but it doesn't help to make more of something than it deserves.

      I have not looked for a full list, but my recollection is that Presidents tend to rotate addressing graduations at the four military academies from year to year, usually doing only one per year. In a cadet's four years at the academy, they would have the President once. Obama was at the Air Force Academy in 2012 and 2016. So you could say he "ditched" or sent a proxy to AFA other other six years. Since Obama was at AFA last year, it would be logical that Trump would not be there this year. I don't know who's "turn" it would be for 2017.

      That said, I don't see any announcement so far that Trump is speaking at one of the other academies. But although an academy might expect the President for "their year," I think firm plans tend to not get confirmed very far in advance. And making his first graduation speech at Liberty University obviously is a big kiss to those supporters.

      We're better off focusing on real outrages.

  3. That Liberty is willing to have him says more about them than it does about him. They sold their souls to the Republican Party decades ago–for this? I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Screaming Yam has the morals of an alley cat and the ethics of a junkyard dog. The religionists have forevermore ceded the high ground from which they've been scolding the rest of the world for the last 40 years by falling at the Yam's feet.


    1. Jesus was nailed to the Cross so these people could be rich?  So rich that the Jews will become jealous and convert?!?  What an effing mockery of religion. 

      Trump’s Pastor Friends Have One Thing In Common: They’re All Rich

      They are also both favorite targets of some within the Religious Right. Just as Trump has been chastised by Moore and others for his religious illiteracy and apparent allergy to humility, so too have the same Christian thinkers condemned Osteen and other preachers of the prosperity gospel as unnecessarily wealth-centered. Osteen was even criticized by conservatives in 2014 for his apparent lack of biblical knowledge, just as many scoffed at Trump last year for his inability to name his favorite Bible verse.

  4. One of my favorite verses hits Trump on point: "To you oh men I call and my cry is to the sons of men.  Oh ye simple ones, learn prudence."

    Proverbs 8:5

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