Opportunity Missed

Opportunity Missed

Last night President Trump afforded the Democratic leadership an opportunity to reconnect with their base and the independents who had left the Democratic Party to vote for President Trump. Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi failed to grasp the opportunity in front of them.

Instead of bravely agreeing with common points of interest stated by President Trump, the Democratic leadership caved in to the activist mobs with the loudest voice who currently are the face of the Democratic Party. These two leaders would have nothing complementary to say about President Trumps message, even on points in which they agreed.

Moderate Democrats continue to distance themselves from the hysterical, radical movement of the Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison wing of the Democratic Party.

President Trumps common theme of standing with and for working people has wide support from Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats. Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO continues to support President Trump as do many other union organizations such as Teamsters, and the UAW. Of course the largest union organization, the Teachers Union, are active participants of the hysterical mob and will make sure no compromise is possible.

As more discord is sewn by the radical left and extremist Democrats, the traditional Democratic base will continue to identify as Independent or Republican.

Thank you President Trump for being an authentic agent of change.


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  1. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    PP –

    In the real world, there just aren't very many base Democrats and Independents to "reconnect" with. In a tight contest, Trump massively lost the popular vote and won the Electoral College by fewer than 80,000 votes in 3 states. A "flip" of 40,000 votes would have us discussing a whole different administration. Republicans lost ground in both the House and the Senate, both by popular vote and by counts of those seated. So again, it isn't clear there are lots of people who need to be "reconnected" to.

    I'm not certain what "common points of interest stated by President Trump" would be a basis for agreement. It certainly wouldn't be the unmentioned topic of climate change. Nor the unmentioned influence of Russians. Or the unmentioned rise in alt-right visibility.

    There was a great deal of banality in the speech, so formal agreement with sentiments such as “We just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts” doesn't seem likely to make a great deal of difference.

    It won't be what Trump said to show his anti-immigrant and anti-refugee positions. The Democratic leadership and members had already condemned anti-Jewish and anti-immigrant attacks, so Trump was coming to agree with them.  That's a good thing.

    It won't be the effort to abandon the sequester-inspired equivalence of military and domestic spending. The various elements of tax reform touted by the President are not likely to win agreement. The Democrats are wary of being burned by certainty of massive increases in deficit spending and vague hopes of increased revenues from a economic bonanza.

    Based on prior examples, I wind up agreeing with the observation of Jennifer Rubin, the "Right Turn" blogger for WaPo –

    Happy talk and mindless phrases, of course, leave Trump with wiggle room to blame Democrats or Republicans, or both, when things don’t work out, but it makes success on complex and controversial issues much more difficult.


  2. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    You are smoking too much Colorado burley,pp.  Richard Trumka is a strong critic of Trump, though he did approve of trashing tpp.  Trumka is wiling to meet with trump but was and is a strong critic of the screaming yam.

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