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February 09, 2017 05:15 PM UTC

Courts Again Reject Travel Ban; Trump Throws a Fit

  • by: Colorado Pols
President Trump is not pleased that the Judiciary Branch isn’t doing what he wants.

As the Washington Post reports:

A federal appeals court panel has maintained the freeze on President Trump’s controversial immigration order, meaning previously barred refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries can continue entering the United States.

In a unanimous, 29-page opinion, three judges with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit flatly rejected the government’s argument that the suspension of the order should be lifted immediately for national security reasons and forcefully asserted their ability to serve as a check on the president’s power.

The judges wrote that any suggestion that they couldn’t “runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy.”

The judges did not declare outright that the ban was meant to disfavor Muslims — essentially saying it was too early for them to render a judgment on that question. But their ruling is undeniably a blow to the government and means the ban will remain off for the foreseeable future.

Trump reacted angrily on Twitter, posting just minutes after the ruling, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” The Justice Department, which was defending the administration’s position, said in a statement it was “reviewing the decision and considering its options.”

Uh, oh. President Trump broke out the “ALL CAPS.”


30 thoughts on “Courts Again Reject Travel Ban; Trump Throws a Fit

  1. This is absolutely fantastic. The radical Democratic left has aligned themselves with  terrorist. Kook judges have played the political card against the Constitution. Fair minded Americans will see with clarity that the liberal left and the  anarchist are not to be trusted with power. 

    Please, please continue to resist.

    1. Yes, it’s all SO VERY WONDERFUL for you fascists! You’re just beside yourselves with jubilation!

      Meanwhile, back in reality and away from your fake news and transparently false bravado, the graveyard just called; they'd like you to whistle a little louder the next time you pass it.

      Tired yet from all the “winning,” dumb ass?

      1. "Kook judge……."   Appointed by President George W. Bush no less. While the Bush administration had its many issues, it is beginning to look like a ray of sunshine compared to the current administration.

    2. What's SO VERY WONDERFUL is that the checks and balances are working and preventing Trump and your side from implementing your authoritarian, fascist, ANTI-LIBERTY agenda.

    3. Which terrorist?  Does he have a GoFundMe page? Is it the same one for the anarchist? This could get expensive if I’m supporting more than two people.

    4. PP, I'm sure you read the 9th circuit's decision and fully understood all the big words and legal analysis.  Or, at least you understood about as bigly orangeman, which is to say not at all.


  2. Sometimes DJT's twitter feed is a hoot. Here he is being "pro-life" a second before the babies he's holding realize that they are not at all happy about their situation.


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds baby cousins Evelyn Kate Keane, 6 months old, and Kellen Campbell, 3 months old, following his speech at the Gallogly Events Center at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs on Friday, July 29, 2016 in Colorado Springs.

    Wonder why the "pro-life" folks don't use the second and more realistic photo?

  3. Dunderhead donnie to the judiciary: "Yer fiyad."

    Judiciary to Dunderhead donnie: "FU, Putin Boy. We got'cher habeas AND your corpus right here! Bring it, scumbag, anti-American, fascist loser!

  4. My guess is our dictator will write another executive order eliminating references to protecting religious minorities and allowing lawful permanent residents/green card holders. This would seem to meet the criteria necessary to have legal acceptance by all standards, and generally be more restrictive in enforcement than the original, with the exception of a few store owners and students. 

    Either that or some refugee may go postal to incite public outcry. I just don't see a tyrant putting his tail between his legs this early in the game. I would expect, if he is what everyone says he is, a proverbial hammer of some sort to drop. 

    1.  Holy Buyer's Remorse, Negev! Did you just call the guy you voted for "our dictator" and "a tyrant"? 

      Whatever we call him, I agree with you that he won't be backing away from his extreme positions. Maybe once impeachment proceedings are well under way. He does know how to campaign and to tell people what they want to hear.

      1. Haha Mama I guess it does sound that way after reading it! No, actually I'm good. My single issue is being handled as I would like. I will however admit I have learned a great deal from you all here and appreciate and agree with many of your opinions. Hopefully electing a tyrant will sway some as to the value of protection against a tyrannical government, which, just a few short months ago, was considered fantasy by many here. 


        1. Keep your fantasies.  The way to bring down a tyrannical government is the way it's happening right now.  Checks and Balances, Mass and Social Media, and Public Pressure.   

          1. Curmie I could not agree with you more. I am sure it will pan out the way you say it will. My fantasy was not to bring down a tyrannical government by armed revolution. It was your fantasy that America would never suffer the wrath of a tyrannical government. Well, here we are. Checks and Balances are being stacked as we speak, distrust of media, and Crackdowns on anti-Trump protesters are already underway and we are not even a month in. 

            I certainly hope you are right. Not everyone in your party seems to agree. 

            1. You voted for the dictator, remember?

              Now, when you see the tide already beginning to turn, you suddenly decide you're on the side of the Good Guys?



              1. No no no, make no mistake. I am not on your side. I merely empathize with your position. I would call it concern trolling just because I like the term, but I authentically understand and respect your position. 

                1. Got it.

                  So….the actions of the government are unimportant, because no matter what happens, you'll turn it into fuel for your sticky, sweaty fantasies of armed revolution, where doughy middle-aged men can become heroes and finally impress all those mean girls who were too good for them in High School.  

                  You run along and play.  We got this.   

                  1. Its clear that no, you don't got this. Ima go play now. If you need a sharpie or some construction paper for a sign or something, I'll be happy to lend you some. 

                    Its amusing to watch you denigrate the people who were most suspicious of a tyrannical government when there wasn't one with the same fervor when one emerges. Your arrogance has gotten you to this point and you continue to persist with personal attacks to mask your blunder. 


                    1. Maybe.  But there have been personal attacks from your side as well.  We all remember them clearly.  And as far as a lot of people are concerned, the suspicions of people on your side helped us get here too.

                    2. By your own admission, you imagined a tyrannical government where there wasn't one, then, again, by your own admission, you and your fellow nutballs voted one in. Don’t pretend that you did it just because other people hurt your widdle feewings.  

                      So, yeah…let the grownups take it from here; the ones who have more than their own specific personal interests in mind.   You and the rest of the nutballs have fucked things up royally.  Don't whine that people aren't being nice to you because of it.   

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