President Trump Nominates Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch

UPDATE #5: LGBT advocacy group One Colorado:

“Religious freedom is a core American value that we all cherish, and it is already protected by the Constitution. Attempts to give a license to discriminate through religious exemptions are contrary to the notion that we should treat others as we wish to be treated and scores of faith leaders have spoken out against such policies — including last week here in Colorado.

“A Supreme Court that would rule in support of religious exemptions would certainly open LGBTQ Americans up to discrimination and open up a can of worms that could allow individuals to ignore child welfare, domestic violence, or other laws that someone could contend is contrary to their religion.

“The Supreme Court has the potential to shape the future of our nation for generations to come and Supreme Court Justices should be committed to upholding America’s promise of fairness and freedom for all. We call on Colorado’s U.S. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to reject President Trump’s nominee.”


UPDATE #4: Sen. Michael Bennet’s spox, polite but not what you’d call enthusiastic:

“As a fellow Coloradan, Michael congratulates Judge Gorsuch and his family. He takes seriously the Senate’s responsibility to advise and consent on Supreme Court nominations. He intends to review Judge Gorsuch’s record carefully in the coming weeks.”


UPDATE #3: A healthy dose of skepticism from Rep. Ed Perlmutter:

But Reps. Scott Tipton, Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman are predictably all smiles:


UPDATE #2: The Denver Post’s Mark Matthews:

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., in a statement Tuesday night called Gorsuch “one of our country’s brightest legal minds with significant experience as a federal judge and a private litigator.”

“He is an ardent defender of the Constitution and he has the appropriate temperament to serve on the nation’s highest court,” Gardner said. “Judge Gorsuch also adds to the court’s Western perspective, with his understanding of uniquely Western issues like water and public lands issues. I’m enthusiastic about the native Coloradan’s nomination and will work to ensure that his confirmation process is fair, thorough, and expedient.”

But NARAL Pro Choice Colorado is decidedly less positive:

“Judge Gorsuch has a record of ruling in a way that does not reflect Colorado values on reproductive rights. This is a pro-choice state that supports the Constitutional right to abortion enshrined in Roe and the right to privacy enshrined in Griswold – beliefs that are contradicted in Judge Gorsuch’s ruling in Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters.

What’s troubling in Judge Gorsuch’s ruling in Hobby Lobby was his apparent support for “personhood”, the conferring of legal rights to a fertilized egg. He said that, “the mandate compels Hobby Lobby and Mardel to underwrite payments for drugs or devices that can have the effect of destroying a fertilized human egg.”

This is not only unscientific and counter to Griswold and Roe, it is counter to the will of Colorado voters. Coloradans have said in landslide numbers in the voting booth that they oppose personhood, which would outlaw all abortion and many forms of contraception.

As the first state to allow safe, legal abortion in 1967, after Griswold and before Roe, Colorado has a long, bipartisan history of supporting reproductive rights. Judge Gorsuch does not reflect the will of our state or the Constitutional rights of American women and we would oppose his nomination.”

Ian Silverii of ProgressNow Colorado is similarly talking tough:

“Neil Gorsuch is just the latest in a series of horrible choices by Donald Trump,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Ian Silverii. “Gorsuch’s fringe views on health care and contraception make him an enemy of Colorado women. On the Supreme Court, Gorsuch would be a vote to roll back women’s rights, environmental protections, and hard-won protections against discrimination in the workplace. Gorsuch has even been endorsed by the founder of the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-LGBT extremist group. Gorsuch may hail from Colorado, but his record stands in opposition to Colorado values.”

“The simple fact is that this Supreme Court appointment was stolen from President Obama last year in a shameful act of Republican treachery,” said Silverii. “No Democrat should in any way cooperate with or otherwise enable Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination, including Colorado Democrats. To do so would only hand Trump another undeserved victory.”


UPDATE: It’s Gorsuch. Stand by for statements and coverage.


Neil Gorsuch

The news has been leaking out of Washington D.C. for the past couple of hours: Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch appears to be Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court vacancy.

Here’s more from National Review:

President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court will be Neil Gorsuch, a well-respected conservative whose legal philosophy is remarkably similar to that of Antonin Scalia, the justice he will replace if the Senate confirms him. He is, like Scalia, a textualist and an originalist: someone who interprets legal provisions as their words were originally understood.

For more background on Gorsuch, check out Politico and Think Progress.

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  1. itlduso says:

    Anyone other than Merrick Garland must be filibustered by Senate Democrats.

    The GOP must not be allowed to steal this seat.

    • Zappatero says:


      the seat is stolen. That he's from Co is meaningless, unless CPols feels that's a reason to support Republican theft of Dead Antonin's seat.  In fact, going by our citizens' votes these past national elections, there is more of a reason to filibuster anyone but Garland. 




      • Moderatus says:

        Whistling past the graveyard 

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          Agreed Moderatus.  No doubt Gorsuch will be the hyper-partisan, activist judge on the Supreme Courty that you were craving.  You are probably so proud that your party has once again succeeded in dragging one of our public institutions into the partisan muck.

      • Early Worm says:

        I agree that he (or anyone else that Trump nominates) should be filibustered. But I am concerned that this will result in a further devolution of the political process, and a fairly quick adoption of the nuclear option. I have read about a compromise that makes sense, and therefore will almost certainly be dead on arrival on Trump and McConnell's desks.

        Ruth Bader Ginsberg is an 84-year-old cancer survivor who, based on actuarial estimates, has a greater that 35% chance of not making it to 2021. If she passes, that is Trump's seat to replace. So, the grand compromise is Garland gets Scalia's spot, and RBG agrees to retire and be replaced by a Trump nominee. 

        Garland gets appointed, as he should have been almost a year ago. The SCOTUS retains is R/D split circa Scalia's demise. Our Constitutional form of government survives. Won't happen, but it still makes sense.

        • Duke Cox says:

          a further devolution of the political process  

          I think, EW, it is too late to spend much time trying to save the political process that has served us well for so long. The corporate and special interests that run the Republican party have succeeded in dismantling the American government and fundamentally restructuring the way and by whom decisions are made in this country. We need, rather, to try to get ahead of the curve and be ready with words and work in 2018 that will demonstrate there is still hope for mankind over money. There is a new way. We must find it….

          There is no doubt where we are headed.

          If you want to see the ultimate result of "Make America Great Again" simply observe the results of the recent "Make Russia Great Again" presidency of Vladimir Putin. Putin has exacted a 10% tithe on all Russians in the form of his stake in all major Russian corporations.

          Trump will inevitably exact his measure of tribute from the American treasury.

          Welcome to the New American Imperium.!! 

          All Glory and Thanks to our new Exalted Leader.!!

    • Duke Cox says:


      Won’t work, but ..hey. Why not?

  2. itlduso says:

    So, Trump flew both "finalists" for the Supreme Court to DC in anticipation of the final rose.  I suspect Steve Harvey (who visited Trump last week) will be the emcee who reads, "First Runner Up is:" 

    I further imagine that he will screw it up and identify the wrong "winner" like he did at the Miss Universe contest.

    Now that would make great TV, and isn't that what it's all about??

  3. Powerful Pear says:

    If you want to defeat this nomination, your only chance is to get your fellow Pols together and go to the 16 ft Street mall and set yourself on fire. Anything less is lame. 

  4. doremi says:

    Taken to skipping by the Comrade Trollsky's.   This site is becoming a gab fest for Republican Trumpsters….still time to pull out before it's too late, guysky's.



  5. notaskinnycook says:

    I'm not happy about Gorsuch, either. But I'm more worried about J. Ginsburg's seat. I say let them have their Scalia clone, it's a wash. But start gearing up for an all-out war if J. Ginsberg's health forces her to step down before the mid-terms, when we’ll have the opportunity to replace some of these Republican sheeple in Congress who will slavishly do The Screaming Yam's bidding.

  6. Old Time Dem says:

    Only a political hack more interested in asserting "conservative" power than preserving what little moral authority the Supreme Court has left would have accepted the nomination.

  7. Zappatero says:

    If this is true:

    “He is an ardent defender of the Constitution and he has the appropriate temperament to serve on the nation’s highest court,” Gardner said.

    Then Gorsuch should be ashamed of being nominated and should renounce any claim to sit on the Supreme Court immediately. 

    Elected Dems: you can go ahead and use my talking point if you dare.

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