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February 28, 2009 05:00 PM UTC

Thank You

  • by: Laughing Boy

Since I came here a couple of years ago, I have very much enjoyed the banter on all that is left and extremely far left and political here in Colorado.

I’m going to be mostly away from here (Pols) in the future and certainly not involved enough to have promotion privileges.  Hopefully you will find someone suitably based in reality to adequately represent the right on this blog against the sea of opinion that’s often the electronic equivalent of a Che T-shirt.


But seriously…

Thank you to my new friends, I’ll stay in touch – let me know if there’s another meetup where I can join you.  This definitely isn’t a ‘kiss my squirrel’ letter – I’m simply re-prioritizing as I get busier with family and job.  I’ll be lurking from time to time, and if I run for something at some point, I’ll have an accessible presence to dialogue with you folks.  

I’ll also be back to taunt everyone when a prominent Dem loses an election. Hehehe.

God bless you all.

One for the road?


32 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I can understand where you’re coming from – when you’re busy, blogging can be a major distraction.

    But thanks for the pic of your sweetheart – now we can point out that she’s not dressed for success!

  2. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for the good fight. Hope you can see your way clear to come back when circumstances permit.

    See, i knew something was up…first BE at the Post, then the Rocky, and now you..  Probably all gathering at that undisclosed location…

    May it go well for you and yours.

  3. I’m sorry to see you go but I understand. (I’m so busy now that some days I haven’t even hit Pols and other days it’s a quick 5 minutes.)

    But please do stop by as you can – this site desperately needs more voices from the right. And we desperately need voices that are logical like you.

  4. There are not enough R’s on this site that are able to stand up to the barrage of left leaning critics.

    You are able to banter with wit and respect towards others and always made conversations better. What I really like about you is if you have nothing to say, you had a sexy Sarah Palin pic available, which is nice too.

    Hope your re-priortization goes well. Just rememeber, your family may grow older, your friends may move away, and your dog may go blind, but CO Pols is forever!

    May the Shwartz be with you!

  5. Pols is a tough habit to break. Good luck.

    A friendly piece of advice….I’ve tried getting in the car and hitting the open road and taking every right…it wasn’t nearly as fun, nor did I get as far as when….hitting the same open road, I took every available left turn….the trip was always much more interesting, and I always made it a lot farther down the road before hitting a dead end.

    All the best. Say hello to your wonderful family for me:-)

  6. Why are you all being so nice to this chump?

    I mean it. All these dumbass Republicans whine about all the “liberal bias” here, and yet the front-pager elected to represent Republicans posts…what? Vapid two-liners every couple of weeks and photos of Sarah Palin?

    And now we get this asshole sendoff where he hopes somebody “based in reality” will represent conservatives against “the sea of opinion that’s often the electronic equivalent of a Che T-shirt.”

    You could turn the whole blog’s message if you wanted to, or at least heavily moderate it, but you’d rather self-servingly declare hopeless what you never bothered to try.

    Fuck you, LB, you’ve got nothing. And if you did you would win debates, not lose them, which would make you feeling like sticking around.

    1. Ya know, even GW would have found a civil host with me if he showed up at my door.  (“Hey, Mr. President, there’s no media here.  Ya want a REAL beer?”)

      Your reaction is exactly what we lefties have accused the R’s of for eight years.  LB is not AS or Libertad or any number of hard hearted, often illogical “conservatives” seen in America these days.  

    2. First off, didn’t your parents teach you to be gracious when circumstances called for it?

      Second, I’ve found LB’s posts here to be some of the more thoughtful posted. Doesn’t mean I agree with them but he always discussed the issues themselves and did so intelligently.

      Third, there is little any one person can do to change the views of most on this blog. And this site is unfriendly to people of a conservative bent. Look at the venom we place upon Libertad because of his single-minded answer to everything, yet we do not do the same to those who are single-minded on the left.

      Fourth LB said he is leaving because the real world is requiring more of his time. I’ve left at times because of work, Danny the Red left because of work. That’s just the fact that life requires trade-offs. It’s not running away from the debate.

      Finally, everytime we lose an articulate voice from the right – NEWSMAN, Haners, LB, ColoradoPols becomes a bit less interesting to me. A site where everyone agrees is boring.

      1. LB is not some wingnut loser who thinks his talking points really shows us libs; he is thoughtful, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and never indulged in pointless name-calling without being drawn in first.

        While I wish a hearty good riddance to the Geckos and GOP sock puppets, LB’s absence will make this site poorer, at least until another respectful ‘pub picks up his slack.

    3. Most centrist thinking posters here would probably join me is saying, “Fuck you, Jeffco Blue.”  

      LB has added more to thoughtful debate on this site than you could even think of adding.

  7. …I was trying to decide if I should invite you out for a beer at Wynkoop, or challenge you to a shoot-off at the range in Wheat Ridge.

    Please, LB, make some time to keep up appearances on CP. An honest, forward-thinking Conservative is needed on this website!

  8. that your departure is really one of those “When you least expect it, expect it!” kinds of deals. So that even in your absence, you’ll be keeping people on their toes.

    We’ll just have to keep trying to incite you back, I’m sure.

    I’m not positive if they still say, “Vaya con dios” in the homeland of Montecristo cigars or not. But as a Republican governor of Austrian extraction is noted for having uttered, “Hasta la vista!”


  9. I’m thinking you got something to take with you from your frequent encounters with flaming liberals.  Perhaps you discovered that we aren’t that different after all.

    Fare well where ever you fare.

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