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November 11, 2016 11:30 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I love practical jokes, but I don’t like being scared.”

–Mitt Romney


72 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

      1. Last I checked, Hillary won Colorado and is up by over 2 million in the popular vote. Don’t you mean the rigged system that will elect Trump next month when the Electors gather? 

        1. Michael:

          Want to have a Constitutional convention?

          Smaller states are going to want to give up having two Senators?

          You know the votes are not there to do that, so you dishonestly attack the victor as if he is not legitimate who won based on the rules in place because you preferred the loser.

          You don't get to change the rules after the game is over.

          1. What a bunch of horseshit…

            You don't get to change the rules after the game is over.  

            It happens every day. Corporations do it all the time. Donald Trump does it almost daily. 

            That said…if you think for one minute Washington DC and the Lords of Wall Street are going to kiss his ring and squat, awaiting instructions, then you have a different knowledge of Washington than do I. 

            You and your army of racist bullies might want to be prepared when the Donald doesn't deliver on all the hateful shit you want him to serve up to you. 

            He got elected president…not God.

          2. I don't have to change the rules, AC. We don't need a Constitutional convention. We need a handful of faithless electors.  That's unlikely to happen, but clearly within the 'law'.  

            You might enjoy this quote…

            "The Constitution is designed to ensure that the Office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in the eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications" 

            The Electoral College is to preserve "the sense of the people" while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen "by the men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station".  

            Secretary Clinton will finish this race with an over-2 million advantage in the popular polls.  

            What do you think Alexander Hamilton might think?

            I've said before I'll give him his 100 days; he was elected under the laws that govern us. I'm actually happy he has his daughter on the transition team. I have friends in DC who worked with her while the Trump Hotel was being built and said she's the real deal. And perhaps the biggest con of the election will be that the Republicans thought they were electing a Republican.  The man was a Democrat three years ago.  What if he shows up on Capitol Hill in January and holds McConnell and Ryan hostage with programs they don't like but the Democrats do?  Would I rather have had a different outcome? Yes.  Because I have a daughter and granddaughters.  I think SCOTUS picks are important. I think a Cabinet half-filled with women would have been a good thing. I think as a nation we're tasked with the great burden of embracing humanity, not mocking it.  I think a Climate Plan is important.  Can we achieve the climate goals in another way?  Show me.  Teddy Roosevelt gave us the National Park System, Nixon gave us the EPA, Papa Bush gave us the first successful carbon cap-and-trade program to deal with acid rain.  The George W. SCOTUS declared CO2 a pollutant and they also gave us the Renewable Fuel Standard.  It's Senate Majority McConnell and Rand Paul who are leading the charge on rescheduling hemp. Perhaps a President Trump will be different than candidate Trump.  I don't think anyone knows at this point. 

            I say that because I'm going to put my 'hair's on fire' phase on hold until I see what they do.  Looking at his proposed Cabinet doesn't give me warm fuzzies; it looks more like their Feeding the Swamp rather than Draining the Swamp.  But time will tell.  You can be assured Wall Street has already had their Come to Jesus discussion with him.  But I also think Ivanka and Melania will have their CTJ meeting with him as well.

            We're resilient and every two years we get another chance to overthrow the government via elections. If he goes down the deplorables rabbit hole (you know exactly what I mean by that so don't twist my comment) I'll feel quite differently come Spring.  My bent is progressive and social, environmental and economic justice. But I understand he's our presumptive President-elect for now.   

            As a gentle reminder of what appears to be your candidates position on the Electoral College..


        2. According to NPR, this morning, it was 660,000… not over two million.  Maybe you were including the votes of illegal immigrants?  wink

          As I have repeatedly pointed out, the national popular vote is totally irrelevant in a presidential election.  It was meant to be that way. 

          This is a constitutional fact that seems to be lost on the clueless anti-Trump protestors.  The only thing they are accomplishing is becoming the poster children for why "free college" is a bad idea.


          1. free college would've surely helped you. 

            It's also a constitutional fact that Obama should've been allowed to appoint the justice that's replacing the completely dead Scalia.Yet R's had no problem ignoring that dictate of our Constitution and changing the rules after the game.

            1. Tell me where this "constitutional fact" can be found in the U.S. Constitution, Zappatero.  The Constitution does not even set the number of Supreme Court justices there are to be, much less the time table of confirming a justice.

              I agree with you that Senate Republicans grossly mishandled Judge Merrick Garland's nomination.  The man certainly deserved a hearing.  The GOP, however, could have voted not to confirm his nomination, which is their right.

              For your information, the SCOTUS had as few as five justices and as many as ten.  Don't worry, Zappatero, you'll be getting your ninth justice very soon.

              "Free college" wouldn't have helped me.  I didn't need an extension of high school.  I paid for my college education and appreciated more than I would have had it been a "freebie" paid for by others.


                1. What little you know seems boundless, yet you insist on showing that repeatedly.  Your need to resort to name calling illustrates you have no real point to make.

            1. Did you notice the wink emoji?  It means "tongue in cheek."

              Do I believe some illegal immigrants voted?  Yes, but not enough to make any real difference.

              Let's face it, when you have a registration system, like Colorado, where someone can show up and register to vote with just a utility bill on the day of an election, someone — who isn't eligible to vote — probably does.  How would we catch them?  They would not have to be an illegal immigrant.  It could be an out of state college student or someone temporarily working in our state.

              Ignorant racist?  You never have moved past your middle school days, have you?

          2. …and as I have repeatedly said, Civics, I understand how it works. You've missed the irony regarding Trumps 'pants on fire' Twitter storm regarding the 'travesty' of the Electoral College last cycle posted early this morning in this thread  

            According to credible sources they expect Hillary is up over 2 million in the popular count based on the trends of the yet-counted votes (they expect to be counting votes in DC, NY and WA until mid-December).

            But you knew that. 

            1. So… who cares what Trump ranted about the Electoral College?  It also didn't matter if he had not conceded the election, if he had lost the Electoral College vote.  American elections do not require the losing candidate to concede.

              I am very skeptical that there are still more than 1,340,000 votes to be counted in DC, NY, and WA.  Even if there were, they are not all going to Hillary Clinton. 

              "Credible sources?"  Do elaborate.

                  1. What kind of dolt would think 100% of the remaining votes would go to Clinton? The remaining votes are running 2:1 Clinton. She'll likely end up with a 2% win in the popular vote. But you knew that. 

  1. "I love practical jokes, but I don't like being scared"     Mitt Romney

    Of course you don't like being scared Mitt. The ruling political class never relinquishes their power and privilege voluntarily –  it has to be taken from them by forces beyond their control. You were so desperate to cling to your power that you tried to get an anti-Trump third party candidate running prior to the Republican convention when it was clear Trump would get the nomination, a tactic that would have guaranteed the election of Hillary Clinton as president.

    But that would have been OK with you Mitt, because you would have maintained your power and position in the ruling political class, which is all you really care about.

    But like the Emperor with no clothes Mitt, you've been stripped bare for all to see what you really are. With your power and privilege now gone, you’ll just have to sit at home and count your money to fill the void. And that is why you're scared.

    "A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another."

    Mao Zedong 1927 (after the Long March)

    1. Trump didn't insult his electorate…. racist, white, rednecks….they seem to have voted for him in droves…and they will turn on him like hungry dogs.
      I hope he enjoys his cakewalk into town…

      I had the blues, so bad one time it put my face in a permanent frown / You know I'm feeling so much better, I could cakewalk into town / Honey, I woke up this mornin' feelin' so good, you know I laid back down again / Throw your big leg over me mama, I might not feel this good again… 

      Taj Majal    1972

      he might not feel this good again….for a very long time.

      1. I'm mobile so I can't insert the link, but the 'above-the-fold' story in the LA Times is his "Lock Her Up'"  dilemma. He's promised to do so on Day 1. The article is rife with quotes from the haters on how they'll turn on him if he doesn't deliver. 

        But lots of popcorn. 

  2. How the Democratic Establishment Democrats Screwed Up, Part xxxx:

    Democratic strategist Jim Manley, another surrogate, pointed to Wisconsin as proof of the broader point that there was a disregard for that part of the country — including in down-ballot races.

    “Russ Feingold sent a flare up and said ‘I need help,’ ” Manley said, but it went largely ignored. 

    If Hillary had helped Russ, they both might've won Wisconsin. Oh, wait, he's a true Progressive, why would they help him?

  3. Suddenly we're a nation of "racist white rednecks". The same nation that in the previous two presidential elections elected a black man (I'm white and I voted for him both times). This given the fact that "whites" (as defined by the US Census Bureau) as a percentage of total population has steadily declined year after year.

    Since I don't have a degree in political science or sociology, can someone please 'esplain this to me?


    1. So, Allyn Cooper, who did you vote for? Were you one of the Obama voters that voted for Trump? If so, why did you vote for him? Was it "hate and change" instead of "hope and change"?

      No need to talk about hypothetical white racist redneck voters – they exist, sure enough – I teach them every day. Most are, like their parents, resentful, fearful, entitled folk who feel that they aren't as important or valued by those in power as they would like to be.

      1. Most are, like their parents, resentful, fearful, entitled folk who feel that they aren't as important or valued by those in power as they would like to be.  

        in a nutshell…

      2. The post-election "hate" I'm seeing comes from the Left, mamajama55.  The voters were "hoping for change" and Hillary was merely offering more of the same.

        As a former teacher, I am shocked at the low opinion you have of your students.  Maybe you should be looking for another profession.  Your students do not deserve your scorn.I give them credit for appreciating the viewpoint of their parents more than yours.

        1. Are you saying then, all the pre-election hate coming from the Trump Fascist Party has gone away? 

          You are not paying attention. You and the Donald have now made it cool to be a racist again. Something your party has been trying to do since the 1970s. You, and every person who helped put this man in office will bear either the brunt of the criticism or bathe in the accolades the Trump presidency will receive.

          But don't you ever try to distance yourself from the racism, sexism, and xenophobia that got you here. Let me repeat..racist, white, redneck…

          …ask David Duke.


          …or maybe Ted Nugent….

          1. The Republican Party is not "my party," I did not vote for him, and I do not associate myself with Donald Trump's irresponsible comments.  Who cares if you are not competent enough to see that?

            As I indicated earlier, liberals are incredibly more intolerant than the conservatives.  You are the perfect example of that.

            I'm willing to give Trump a chance to show he can govern better than he campaign.  You, apparently, can't.  That's your problem.  He is still going to be the president.  Whether, or not, you can live with that is irrelevant and of no consequence to society at large.

        2. To be clear – Not all or most of my students are resentful, fearful, and entitled racists  Most of my students are great kids.  I do see the grievance politics clearly in my Trumpkins, who are a loud minority. One won't even say the word "Mexican". Another writes privately that the only real Americans are white people who were born here.  And they're still not bad kids, but resentful, fearful and entitled they certainly are.

          There are those who sneak on the DailyStormer website when they can and occasionally yell, "White Pride World Wide", which is the catchphrase of an online chat group of several thousand neo-Nazi youth all over the world.

          Our school policy is to engage in discussion, rather than outlawing specific words or written expression, as long as they're not directed at someone else as an insult.  So we're laying the groundwork for  empathy and critical thinking by practicing debate on less emotionally laden topics. 

          For example, in reading the novel "Huck Finn", which does use the n word continually, students have to write  from the points of view of Jim, the escaped slave, Huck, Jim's conflicted friend who doesn't want to be a "low-down dirty Abolitionist", and Jim's old mistress, who planned to sell Jim before he escaped.  Students also researched modern slave trafficking. It takes a little glamor off the old "Fly the Confederate flag to show your southern pride" thing.

          But you are welcome to join the ranks of Bluecat, (where is she, anyway?), Vger, and others who feel obligated to point  what a terrible teacher I must be, but how I could improve if only I would take their expert advice.

          Teachers are everyone's favorite target. You probably hate teacher's unions, too.

          1. From how you described your students, I am guessing they are middle schoolers.  I recognize some of the characteristics you mentioned.  I do not think you are a terrible teacher.  (If you are, indeed, a middle school teacher, then I consider you — and kindergarten teachers — to be a saint.)

            I am not willing to label middle school, or high school, students as being in any particular group because I think they are still searching for their own identity and political beliefs.  They do, initially, tend to reflect their parents' viewpoints, especially middle school students.  College students are another story.

            I do understand about the frequency of the n-word in Huck Finn and discussing it is inevitable with that book.  I do not consider the Confederate flag to be symbol of Southern pride or slavery.  I've always considered it to be a sign of treason to the United States.    

            I was a member of the teachers' union, when I taught middle school and high school, mostly for the liability insurance.   I detested, however, their one party politics.  If you are not working both sides of the political aisle, you are probably going to come up short. Education needs all the allies it can get. CEA seems to delight in alienating Republicans.

            Personally, I think private sector unions are great, but I am not a fan of public sector unions because they work against the taxpayers.

            I thought politicians were everyone’s favorite target. 🙂

      3. Were you one of the Obama voters that voted for Trump?

        Gee, I didn't know Obama was running against Trump. My ballot said Clinton vs. Trump. Maybe I got some kind of fraudulent ballot?   At any rate, if my ballot had said Obama vs. Trump I would have voted for Obama.

        Still seeking an explanation about how an American electorate that twice elected a black man president is now characterized as "racist white rednecks."

        1. So you're going to evade answering a direct question. Good to know. I'll assume that you did in fact vote for Trump, and are seeking to "normalize" your candidate.

          Joy Reid has some choice words for you:

          1. You are quick to assume facts not in evidence, mamajamma55.  It is a bit like how the Democrats ran their presidential and many congressional campaigns.

            Interesting read, from MSN News, on why voters — you would have expected to vote for Clinton — voted for Trump instead.  Some were Obama voters, some hadn't voted before at all.  It's not a plug for Trump, but rather an indictment of how bad the Democrats campaign strategy was. 


          2. I've asked the same direct question twice here, and nobody has answered it. So I'll ask it again.

            How is an American electorate that twice elected a black man president  now characterized as "racist white rednecks?" Since nobody will answer it, I will. 

            Post election analysis shows Clinton lost because she couldn't retain  Democrats that voted for Obama in 2012. Obama won Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, and Ohio in 2012, and Clinton lost all these states in 2016, a total of 83 electoral votes.

            So the same Democrats who voted for a black man in 2012 for president but went over to Trump in 2016 are now being labelled  "racist white rednecks" by Clinton apologists in such a state of shock and denial that they have to play the race card to rationalize the loss of the Anointed One.

            Hey why not?  It worked for OJ.

            Yeah I was an Obama voter in 2012 who voted for Trump because just like all those Obama Democrats in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, and Florida who voted for Trump representing 83 electoral votes she gave me no compelling reason to vote for her.

            The undeniable fact is the womans a loser. Heavily favored, she lost the 2008 nomination to a little known black one term senator with a funny sounding name.

            Again heavily favored this year, she almost lost the nomination to a little known 73yo socialist who wasn’t even a Democrat until he registered as one right before the primaries. And she might even have lost that if the DNC hadn’t been tipping the scales in her favor.

            Now she lost the general, despite having virtually all the media on her side, 100% of major newspaper endorsements, overwhelming financial superiority, overwhelming field organization (Trump had 5 offices in Florida, Clinton had 50, and she still lost), The WH tipping the scales of justice in her favor, outspent Trump 5 to 1 on TV ads, and had the entire Democratic organization behind her as well as the well oiled Clinton machine.


            1. Thank you for being honest about your vote. It confirmed my hunch.

              To answer your question, not every Trump voter is a stereotype racist who mouths epithets about minorities, discriminates, or is an uneducated hick. Not all are even white, although most are.

              But the racism and misogyny go with the Trump territory. They can't be separated out. Your vote for Trump shows that you also accept a religious immigration test, rescinding of the DACA order, and repeal of Obamacare, which would throw millions off their health insurance. These are policies Trump has advocated for. The misogyny and racism is apparently just who he is.  And if you voted for him, you own those, too.

              1. I was an Obama Democrat in 2012, but in 2013 I registered as unaffiliated that is my current status. The terms "liberal" and "conservative" have no meaning to me. I intend to remain unaffiliated because I refuse to toe the line of any parties established dogma.

                This election cycle produced two candidates with unfavorability ratings that were off the charts. I wished, and the American people wished, that we would have had better choices in this election, but we didn't.

                I have no use for the "ruling political class" which includes the Clintons, the Romneys, and the Bushes. I personally consider G.W. Bush a war criminal (along with Rumsfeld and Cheney) for invading and occupying a country which never attacked us and was incapable of doing so (they lied about the WMD's)

                Trump maintained that Clinton had poor judgement, and to a certain extent I agreed. She voted for the Iraq war out of political expediency, when having come of age during the Vietnam War she should have known better.

                I abhor racism and bigotry and I fully support LGBTQ rights. If I thought at all Trump was truly a racist and bigot, he would not have my vote. If a Trump administration indicates any genuine threat to the civil rights and liberties of any person or group, you will  hear my resolute opposition here in this forum.

                I have a deep respect for those who oppose abortion out of their moral or religious convictions, but a woman's decision to have an abortion is between her, the father, and her Creator , not the State.

                I have no use for the religious right when it seeks undue influence on our political process. As Barry Goldwater (who abhored the infiltration of the religious right into the GOP)  once said, "Every good Christian ought to kick Jerry Falwell's ass".

                I grew up in Western Pennsylvania near a once prosperous blue collar city of 58,000 with a mill that provided good paying union jobs. The mill now shuttered, only 19,000 people remain with at least 50% below the poverty level and on some form of public assistance. The city government so broke the police force had to be eliminated, despite rampant crime and drug dealing which is now the main economic activity.  Even McDonalds shut its doors.

                This is the America that the political elites didn't see or hear. The factory worker whose plant was moved overseas. The unemployed coal miner with six children to feed and clothe.  

                But Donald Trump did, and he assured them their voice would be his voice.

                I'm going to hold him to it.

                1. I appreciate your sharing your story.

                  However….when has Trump kept any promises?

                  To his wives, to be faithful? Nope. Each one has been traded up for a new trophy wife – meanwhile, he was apparently groping and ogling women everywhere.

                  To the people who bought into Trump University? No. His organization took investor's money, (like $35K each) and gave them back bogus real-estate licenses and worthless credentials. Trump now faces racketeering and "financial elder abuse" charges. These are legally impeachable offenses.

                  To his contractors that worked for free on his many projects? No. Dozens of them have never been paid.

                  To the American consumer and worker, to buy American and to not ship jobs overseas? No. His buildings were built with Chinese steel. Sorry about that, rust belt states. Guess you got played again.

                  What in the world makes you think that he will keep any promises to the people who voted for him?

                  1. MJ:

                    The choice was not between Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.  The choice was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

                    The Clintons do not have an honest bone in their collective bodies.

                    1. So you're going to deflect to "crooked Clintons" in order to evade the question: What makes you think Trump will keep his promises to his base, when he has not kept promises to his wives, his subcontractors, his investors, or the "Buy American" patriotic public?

                      My prediction: your mofo will be impeached before spring 2017. Not that Pence will be much better. But at least we can keep Pence up to date on the status of our ovaries and sperm, since "every egg is sacred".

                  2. I don't trust any politician to keep their promises, Trump included. I'd be surprised if Trump does half of what he said he'd do. Clinton lied during the campaign and so did Trump.

                    Remember, "Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES!"  kiss

                    Or how about, "I did not have sex with that woman!"

                    Then theres, "Well I am not a crook!"

                    And the ever popular: "We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves"  (quite a whopper there)

                    In your posts you keep rehashing a litany of well worn issues. Save your keystrokes, because the same content was aired ad finitum in Clinton's media ads which ran 5 to 1 over Trumps. Ditto for the Joy Reid video, a rehash of Clinton talking points. 

                    News flash:  The election was on Nov. 8, it's now Nov. 13. It's pointless to continue replaying the content of Clinton political ads except perhaps to analyze why they were so ineffective.

                    Hey listen, I feel your pain, because I've felt it. I do know where you're at, because I've been in your shoes. In 1972 I worked for George McGovern and ran as a delegate for him to the DNC. The first time I ever voted at 21 years old I walked into that voting booth and my name was on the ballot, and I revisit what I felt at that time every time I vote.

                    McGovern got crushed, and I was angry, resentful, frustrated – every emotion I'm now witnessing from Clinton supporters whether in these forums or in the streets. But as I've learned at these meetings I attend in church basements and other places, its OK to plan, just don't plan the outcome.

                    I thought Secretary Clinton was most gracious in her concession speech and magnificent in her appeal to the bright young women who worked so hard on her behalf to never give up, that someday, sooner than later,  we will have a woman shatter that last glass ceiling.

                    I never thought that I would see a black person elected president of the United States in my lifetime, but because of that I now know anything is possible. Even though I am now in the September of my years, I'm confident I will see a Madam President in the Oval Office before I leave the planet.


                  3. Question:   Where are all the railcars for the RTD FasTracks system made?

                    Answer:  South Korea

                    When I asked RTD Board Chair Tom Tobiassen why they weren't being made in the U.S., he claimed there were no American rail car manufacturers that could make them. That answer is suspect in itself (and I'm going to research to see if that's true), but assuming he told the truth, that's a sad indictment on the demise of our industrial base.

                    Apparently we have so depleted our industrial base, shipping factories and jobs overseas, that we can't even make a rail car for an American transportation system being funded by American taxpayers.

                    Un-fucking believable.


    2. I didn't think it was a 'thing' in my hometown … until it was. It reared its ugly head and came from people I would have never suspected. Using the word ‘nigger’ openly is now commonplace . 

      1. I hear it all the time in rap music, from black comedians, and when some young black males greet other young black males.

        I've never understood how this word could be so offensive when non-blacks utter it, but it is fine if blacks use it.  Isn't that incredibly racist in itself?

        1. Did you grow up in the segregated south? 

          I did. I am an old white man. I haven't forgotten.

          It is an offensive and perjorative term that has no place in a white persons' vocabulary, outside of academic discussion. If a black person chooses to use the term, it is their prerogative… much like if someone like you were to use the term "idiot" in front of your peers.

          1. My grandmother (dad's mom) grew up in the segregated south. Her county in Alabama still had segregated cemeteries until the 1960s. How screwed up is that? Couldn't even associate dead bodies of different skin colors when everyone's skin is decaying away.

            Anyway, Granny was the first resentful, fearful, white racist I knew. She lived with us for awhile and helped take care of us kids, and I vividly remember her grievances against my hyper-involved volunteering community activist liberal parents. She would mutter, while cooking or doing household chores, "Maybe ef ah was black, y'all'd pay more 'tention to me."

            Probably, we did take her for granted, and should have all paid more attention to her. I know I loved her – learned everything I know about the domestic arts from her.  But now, when I hear a student slyly praise the Klan, or claim that Trump will make everything "great" (for whom?) I hear echoes of my granny:

            "Maybe ef ah was black, y'all'd pay more 'tention to me."

            1. I'm guessing your grandmother was a Democrat.

              You are right, though, those practices were incredibly despicable.

              It is disturbing that students today think there is anything praiseworthy of the KKK.  It shows an alarming lack of knowledge of U.S. history on their part.  (I do not blame you for that.)  Maybe you could clue them in on the Klan's wretched history here in Colorado in the 1920's.

              Kids nowadays cannot believe that TV was once black and white, there were only three channels, and we actually had to get up and change the channel ourselves!

          2. It is an offensive term in anyone's vocabulary, Duke.  Since when does one group of people get to use a disgusting term that no one else can?

            Isn’t that the very definition of racism?

  4. Apparently, Trump will appoint a climate change denier who works for a think tank funded by Exxon-Mobil  to dismantle the EPA.  There is already talk of dismantling Dood-Frank and neutering the Consumer Protection Bureau.  Wall Street already climaxed last week thinking of all their wishes coming true, including privatizing Social Security.

    I really liked Pols' quote yesterday from Dante, "The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis."  Unfortunately, I can't think of a thing I can do to stop this calamity.


    1. Trump is talking about reinstating Glass-Steagall, the bill Nancy Pelosi et al were paid off by the big banks to get rid of.  Wall Street big banks actually want to keep Dodd-Frank because it cuts down on competition.

    1. Well, I am sure America feels better now that the Hollywood set has weighed in… even if they are in NYC.  I don't think most of the country looks to the Entertainment World for political or moral perspectives.

      I have to admit, though, the second clip was pretty funny… and ironic in its reality.

  5. Here's a graphic guaranteed to raise your blood pressure:

    But before you blame the "lazy millenials" or summarily dismiss the people marching in the streets as "non-voters", please consider that voter suppression was real. In Ohio, Texas, North Carolina. In Wisconsin alone, over 300,000 voters found that they didn't have the "right ID to vote". In North Carolina, early voting locations and timeshad been reduced from 16 to one for the entire county,  specifically targeting African American voters.

    Thanks to Angela Giron and other Democrats in 2013, Colorado has a very  accessible and successful all-mail ballot election system. Most other states still have a hodge-podge of methods, all of which are vulnerable to partisan tinkering. So yeah, voter turnout was abysmal. But how many votes were deliberately suppressed?




    1. The attempt by losers to delegitimize the victor continues.

      Graphic by MSLSD.  

      Voter suppression was the problem?

      How about your candidate sucked.

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