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February 20, 2009 12:50 AM UTC

Republicans May Oust Marostica from JBC Post

  • by: Colorado Pols

Proving, once again, that if you can do something wrong, you can do something even wronger, the Republican leadership at the state capitol is apparently seriously discussing ousting Rep. Don Marostica from his seat on the Joint Budget Committee.

Marostica’s crime? That he dared try to actually fix some of the problems with the state. Marostica has been critical of fellow Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Josh Penry, who have approached this legislative session with an eye on throwing wrenches into anything that moves.

Because he’s on the JBC, Marostica understands better than most the financial crisis facing Colorado, and he’s broken away from hard-liners like Penry in an effort to actually legislate instead of play games of political posturing.

If Republicans actually oust Marostica, it will show, once again, that hard-line, right-wing thinking is more important than actual leadership that solves problems – the kinds of problems that Colorado voters want solved.

Sorry all you Republican voters out there. Maybe 2012 will be a better year, because 2010 is looking like a lost cause.



31 thoughts on “Republicans May Oust Marostica from JBC Post

  1. Who would they replace Don with, in order to be able to get things done on the committee. He and Al are not only respected, but they get things done despite disagreements with their own party and the Democrats.

    Well done, Don, for sticking to your guns and doing what’s right for the state. When the right comes after you in 2010, you can expect a check from this progressive Democrat.

  2. are meeting with Rep. Marostica and they are going to tell him to either withdraw support for the bill or forfeit his seat on the JBC.  We should all call the capitol within the hour and offer our support to Rep. Marostica.

  3. Understands business principles and can translate them into sound governmental ideas.

    If my fellow republicans oust him, we will be accepting our minority status and confirming that ideology is more important than governing.

    1. They’re bullying their own member by threatening his prime committee slot. IIRC, they can shuffle committee posts at any time if they want.

      Whatever they do, it probably won’t make Don back off of the bill, and it probably will further entrench them as obstructionists (as if they hadn’t been so already).

      1. I was trying to think of a tactful way of phrasing it. I wasn’t aware that the parties could shuffle appointments like that; seems like it’s too easy to create chaos (won’t a new member have to be brought up to speed if they do replace him? Won’t that drag down the work of the Lege? Not that the ‘pubs care…)

        1. If Rep. Marostica is replaced, unless the Republican leadership replaces him with a legislator who has budget experience, the new Republican will not have a clue what is going on. I say that not because the new member isn’t intelligent but because the budget bill, known as the Long Bill, is very complex and it takes a long time to understand it. The new member wouldn’t know anything until next year.

    2. chooses who sits on JBC from each party – it’s up to the Rs to say which member of the House represents them on the committee.

      This happened once before in recent memory, when a member of the JBC (I think it was Gayle Berry) voted with the committee members rather than with the caucus on the long bill. She got replaced, if I remember correctly, by John Witwer.

    1. Marostica is at least trying to fix the fiscal mess that Colorado is in. The rest of the Republicans are just taking their ball and going home, and thinking, somehow, that this will make them look better in 2010.

      1. Don’s not the only one pushing to eliminate state funding requirements for higher education. His argument, while I don’t agree with it, is that we’re already drowning public higher education in a bathtub, we’re just doing it slowly. He wants to pull the bandage off as fast as possible, let CU, CSU and the others set tuition as necessary, and try to fix some of the current budget problems.

        Now, if we didn’t have so many spending limits and requirements (hey, like the 6%!) maybe we could have vibrant public higher ed.

        1. He does deserve some credit for attempting to repeal A-B, but it would be hard for anyone sitting on the JBC not to realize that is crazy.  

          So, increasing tuition as needed is worse than doubling it all at once?  Don’t tell the kids writing checks to cover Penley’s “severance” that.

          1. I’d like to see us increase the size of the pie so that Higher Ed, Healthcare and Public Ed aren’t cannibalizing one another for funds.

            Like Pols said though, at least he’s trying and starting a conversation about what we could do.

  4. looks like the same thing CA repubs did to their leader in the  state senate.  He supported the compromise budget and they ousted him as minority leader (literally) in the middle of the night two days ago.  No JBC, but he was one of the “Big 5” that negotiated the budget…

    1. …does not mean he is a tool. A principled conservative who is trying to do what they think is best for the state is going to disagree with you and me quite a bit. That’s part of what makes them valuable – that different point of view.

      1. The fact he’s done something you agree with does not make him not a tool. As for the rest of your sanctimonious tripe, talk to some Loveland Democrats before sermonizing again on the topic.  

  5. Apparently, the Republican Crime Family will let Rep. Don Marostica keep his spot on the JBC, but only if he apologizes to the caucus godfathers — Caldara, Andrews, and Hillman.

    If there was any doubt as to who is making decisions for the GOP in the legislature, then this should clear things up.

    1. …then he should apologize and then continue with his legislative work as planned.  After all, calling someone a “loser” isn’t nice.  I know; I’ve done it.

  6. About losers and has-beens, but he definitely should not have said that on the record.  The Republican party has moved in a direction that will continue to make them losers, and Marostica is one of the fews visionaries who sees possibilities for something else.  But he will be punished for his vision. There is no way to replace him on the JBC at this point.  His apology will be accepted and things will move on.  But, I am curious to see if he will stay on the JBC next year.  

  7. Between the whole horrible Vagina Degette episode, the freak show of a rally on the West Steps with swastika guy showing up in addition to some really mean people ( did you read some of their signs? I have been to a rally or two in my life but have never seen so much mean spiritedness like what we saw Tuesday), and now this whole episode. I mean, come on! They put the “funk” in dysfunctional. And NOW it turns out that WADHAMS is the puppetmaster of the State Capitol R’s.  Why not just talk to Marostica in May’s office? Why take him over there get chewed out by Darth Vader himself?

    I admire Marostica’s spirit and his feistiness.  That being said, there is a small but growing cadre of forward thinking R’s who see the writing on the wall and realize that the old ways aren’t going to cut it anymore.

    1. The wingnuts had 2 bad episodes and on the thinking Republicans side Marcostica spoke honestly and while people got upset, he kept his seat on the JBC.

      I’d say that’s 3 points for a GOP that can become competitive again and that is interested in actually governing.

      1. For the losers and has beens of the Party of No perhaps.

        That’s not going to please Mike May, to say nothing of how Mark Hillman or Jon Caldara will react. But the rest of you, that is Republicans who might actually prefer to be seen collectively as something more than the simpleton “Party of No,” should find this an encouraging moment.

        Face it Dave, they run the Colorado Republican Party; Wadhams = Has been, Caldara = Loser, Andrews = Has been, Penry = Loser. See a pattern here? These clowns set the strategy, which for them, is more meaningful than the policy.

        Marositca’s leash is shorter than you think as proven by his forced apology to the losers and has beens of the Party of No.

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