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November 02, 2016 01:18 PM UTC

Morgan Carroll Says "Thank You, Mr. President"

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Denver Post’s Mark Matthews reports on the new TV spot driving the discussion in the red-hot CD-6 race:

Democrat Morgan Carroll is bringing in the big guns for the homestretch of her race against Republican Mike Coffman — President Barack Obama, appearing in an online-only ad for the Colorado state senator.

The spot starts Wednesday and runs through Election Day; in it, Obama says Carroll and other Democrats “can get more done” in Congress on issues ranging from college affordability and “ending the corporate tax breaks that send good Colorado jobs overseas.”

It’s important to remember that by this time in 2014, national Democrats were long gone from the CD-6 race. Not so in 2016–GOP incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman fires back with a from-the-bunker vow to never surrender:

The problem with Coffman’s defiant retort is that President Barack Obama’s approval as of late October stood at 57%–one of the highest ratings he’s had in his eight years as President. The right-wing talk radio set will never accept it, but Obama is actually going to be remembered pretty fondly as presidents go, and that means he’s an invaluable campaign surrogate for Morgan Carroll in the final days of this race.

Obama is going to win votes for Morgan Carroll, right when they’re needed most.


20 thoughts on “Morgan Carroll Says “Thank You, Mr. President”

  1. America isn't even at the point of understanding the damage Obama has done to our nation and standing in the world. Obama will NOT be "fondly remembered."

    1. I've lost count, Fluffy.   How many Nobel Peace Prizes did you win, again?  They are a pretty good index of how statesmen are remembered in the world. Barak won one.

        1. Why does me think "Powerful Pear" is actually "Powerful Pair" and it's referring to our Powerless Duo Fluffy and The Librarian?  When was the last time you saw AC and Powerless on at the same time?

  2. I second the sentiment: THANK YOU, Mr. President! You will be remembered fondly, and will be treated exceptionally kindly by history. Beyond almost all human endurance, you remained classy, poised, focused and cool, while your racist, hate-driven psycho enemies went tapioca all around you for eight long years. And despite their failed determination to render you a “one-term president,” you outmaneuvered them for two terms, bitch-slapping them and eating their lunch routinely throughout. They could never quite pin a scandal on you, no matter how many they attempted to manufacture, and they never conned you into sinking to their despicable, immoral level.

    1. yes

      Fluffy must have missed the Pew poll that gives POTUS significantly positive ratings (over 50%) around the globe and almost identical approval ratings domestically. I'd call him a dim bulb,  but that would be an affront to actual dim bulbs. 

      1. Obama's RCP approval rating is climbing very nicely these days. Pretty sure it's in +7 territory. And of course he's always been internationally admired even when his approval ratings were at their worst here at home, their worst never being anywhere near as bad as GW's were in his last year. He's already thought of fondly and with respect and admiration by majorities here and abroad.

        1. Ronaldus Maximus (a.k.a. Saint Ronnie of Raygun), maybe?

          I've always sensed that among the greatest fears (they have so many) for righties was that President Obama would be a fantastic, unblemished, inspirational, transformational leader (he has been), thus usurping their beloved Reagan — hence their 24/7/365 obstruction and failed attempts to tear him down and destroy him at every turn.

          Mission SO NOT accomplished, pustules!

          1. These are average approval ratings which I take to mean the average over their time in office. GW, for instance, actually left office with a 22% approval rating. Approval ratings at this late stage are what I was looking for.

          2. Found this:

            Interesting that the impeached Bill Clinton left with the highest approval ratings and GW left on a par with Nixon. Obama, despite an eight year hate campaign against him is leaving with quite sold approval.

  3. Competent, dedicated public servant (Carroll) v. sniveling, incompetent crybaby whose sole apparent skill is an ability to work the term "Marine" into any conversation (Li'l Mike). In a sane world, this race would be not just a Carroll blowout but a Carroll shutout.

    But this is not a sane world.

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