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November 02, 2016 07:23 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It is an endless procession of surprises. The expected rarely occurs and never in the expected manner.”

–Vernon A. Walters


28 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. The worm has turned, aka the Comey effect:

    Colorado ballots returned by party Tuesday, November 1, 2016 R+3,283

    Colorado ballots returned by party Wednesday, November 2, 2016 R+4,408

    1. The worm does not turn. Democratic ballots still up by 28k. Polls show Clinton with more support among Dems than Trump has with Repubs and she wins independents. If Trump has to win Colo. he is going to lose. 

      1. Pfft! Facts. The amoral snake-in-the-grass POS liar has no use for your silly little "facts"! There are distortions to be spread! Winners to demoralize! Truths to be twisted into perverse pretzels of illusion! Character to assassinate! Baseless charges, scurrilous innuendo and hate-filled rumors to disseminate! Fear to be capitalized upon! Voters to be disenfranchised! Racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia and bigotry to which to appeal!

        "Facts." Is that really all you have?

      2. Drumpf is going to have to take Florida, two time zones east of us, before he worries his pretty little head about the Centennial State. Given that 28% of Florida Republicans are crossing over and voting for the sane candidate this election will be over before it breaches the Continental Divide. 

        1. Florida is wonderful news, extrapolating into a 48 40 win for the candidate who doesn't grab women's pussies.  With 3.7 million votes already in the screaming yam needs to win by 15 points in final days.  The fat lady is starting to sing–and she is Miss Universe!.

          1. From the equine's oral cavity…

            TargetSmart/William & Mary survey featured on MSNBC

            “[Our survey] is significantly more accurate than exit polls,” TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier told MSNBC Tuesday night. “We all remember in 2000 when the exit polls got it wrong. In this case, because we know exactly the distribution by age, gender and party, we can construct a sample that is perfectly representative of the people who have voted thus far.”

  2. EW,
    I think both of your assumptions about Clinton getting more support among her party and among independents are incorrect, but we will both know more in a week.

  3. Look what happened in North Carolina:

    A new WRAL/SurveyUSA pollshows that Donald Trump is now leading North Carolina by seven points ahead of Hillary Clinton — 51 percent to Clinton’s 44 percent.

    That means that Trump has shockingly flipped his numbers in the state in just one month. Three weeks ago, Clinton was leading Trump by two points in the same poll – 46 percent to 44 percent.

    Trump has now passed the 50 percent threshold, according to the poll, making it unlikely that Clinton will be able to bounce back.

    The poll was conducted after the news that the FBI would revisit the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

    1. Hey, dickhead. You're busted. More bad news for you:

      From the Votemaster today:

      "Not too much to see here, really. That North Carolina poll that puts Donald Trump up by 7 points is at odds with virtually every other poll of the Tar Heel State; we're not buying it."

      You really suck at this disinformation stuff, pal. Got anything else you'd like us to "refudiate," you bald-faced liar and two-bit con artist?

    2. Gee — maybe North Carolina will be close.'s last 10 polls of North Carolina, by date, have a combined score of Clinton +2 — averaging out to a difference of 0.2%. The last two polls are SurveyUSA at Trump +7 and Survey Monkey at Clinton +7. Its estimate of Polls Only is Hillary Clinton 52.2%, Donald Trump 47.8%. Its Polls Plus estimate is Hillary Clinton 48.8% Donald Trump 51.2%.


      1. Don't forget, North Carolina has a strong additional draw for Democrats and disgruntled Republicans this year. Their governor's race is going to bring in an awful lot of people who might not usually vote. McCrory wrecked the state's economy with HB2 and people there are plenty mad about it. There is an angry mob champing at the bit to toss McCrory out of the governor's mansion and there's a fair good chance he'll take Drumph down with him.

        1. Solid point, cookie.   It's ironic a way because The Screaming Yam actually invited Caitlin Jenner to pee in the pot of her choice at Trump tower and she took him up on the offer, albeit in a different Trump building.  Trump is no great Champion of LGBT rights but at least doesn't join the potty patrols organized by his party.   Alas, if there is a Trump administration, Mike Pence will actually run things like Cheney did for his equally dim witted running mate.   And Pence hates LGBT folk almost as an organizing principle and beat North Carolina to the punch in passing a discriminatory law.

          1. He did, V. But, Pence had the common sense to stem the economic tsunami that was building over SB101. He didn't fix it all, but he reined it in enough to keep it from wreaking the havoc HB2 has in NC. We'll know next week just how bad it's going to be for McCrory, but it ain't gonna be good.

              1. laugh There's not much left of it, Michael, but you just made my day- and my tomorrow. I'm going to be watching NC as closely as POTUS and our own fair state to see if McCrory really does get what's coming to him. I'm hoping the wave of potty nonsense is over, but if any other state's legislature is pondering similar, McCrory's (hoped for) fate may make them reconsider.


        1. Ah, sorry.

          I hope 3 things for the Cleveland team. 1) that they change their logo, 2) that they then win it all, 3) that they are able to retain their team 

          1. Agree about the logo. There is no way that particular logo can be considered not offensive. It's a far cry from the dignified handsome Blackhawks logo or the logo of  Littleton school district (but in Centennial) Arapahoe High, that school having a respectful relationship with the tribe. The Indians stupid looking grinning Indian has to go before I ever wish the team any luck.

            As for the Cubs….  what a team! White Sox fans like me who have despised the Cubs all our lives are very uncharacteristically thrilled for our Cubbie fan friends and for this great team full of great guys. If this heralds an historic detente between Sox and Cubs fans in Chicago and beyond that will be about as big a deal as the end of the rift between the Catholic Church and the Protestants!

            Really hard, even for Sox fans, not to love this team. Not because they finally won but because they really are such a great group of guys. And who in Colorado doesn't love seeing Dex Fowler become a world Series winner? Hated to see him go, so happy for him now.

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