Colorado Republicans join Trump in leveling disproven allegation of “widespread” election fraud

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woods-likes-voter-meme-alleging-voter-fraudJohn Sampson, a former Republican state senate candidate who resigned this month from his position as Adams County GOP vice chair, agrees with Donald Trump that Democrats and others in the United States “rig elections and engage in systemic and widespread voter and election fraud.”

Sampson, who made the comments on Facebook Tues., is apparently joined by State Senator Laura Woods (R-Arvada), who liked a Facebook meme last weekend titled, “Breaking News: Fox News Is Reporting Widespread Voter Fraud, Obama Says It’s Dangerous to Report It.”

During her introduction of Trump during a campaign stop in Golden Saturday, Woods said Democrats are trying to rig the election.

Woods: “Hillary Clinton and her team are scheming to steal this election,” said Woods, without citing any evidence, “while we are citizens who believe in a fair political process, and we want our votes to count.”

Woods, who’s battling Democrat Rachel Zenzinger in a key Arvada/Westminster legislative race, said Trump will “lead our country to greatness once again” Woods has stood firmly behind Trump throughout the ups and downs of the mogul’s campaign, saying she’ll likely lose of Trump loses her district.

When he took the stage after Woods, Trump warned Colorado’s election officials, including its county clerks, who run the state’s elections and are mostly Republicans, that they’re being monitored.

““We have a lot of people watching you people that collect the ballots,” said Trump, as quoted in The Denver Post, adding he has “real problems” with Colorado’s mail-in ballot process.

In the wake of Trump’s repeated accusations about rigged elections, multiple media outlets have concluded, based on previous exhaustive studies, that voter fraud is a non-issue in the U.S., incluidng, of course, Colorado.

Asked if his concerns about election fraud extend to Adams County, Sampson told me Friday he doesn’t think Stan Martin, the Republican County Clerk and Recorder there, is perpetrating fraud.

Still, Sampson says there a “potential for fraud” due to problems with mail-in ballots, Diebold voting machines, and ineligible voters.

Another early Trump Supporter in Colorado, congressional candidate George Athanasopoulous, has been outspoken about his concern about voter fraud, echoing the allegations from Trump and Woods.

Sampson on Facebook: When Donald Trump refused to answer Chris Wallace’s question as to whether or not he would accept the results of the election, Clinton, the DNC, and the usual list of suspects (an appropriate description if there was ever one), went apoplectic.

They decried his response, stating that Trump needed to accept the voice of the people, bow to the will of the people, and accept their, repeat THEIR, decision.

Really? Are you sure? If so, then can someone please tell me why the Democrats, Clinton, and the usual list of suspects (again, appropriate), feel the need to rig elections and engage in systemic and widespread voter and election fraud?

I mean, if they truly accepted the will of the people, accepted THEIR votes, then there would be no need to rig elections now, would there? But that is the problem. The DNC, Democrats, Clinton, and the usual list of suspects are abject hypocrites.

They rig elections and engage in systemic and widespread voter and election fraud because they DON’T, repeat DON’T, trust the American voter and don’t think the American voter will vote for them simply based on their positions on the issues. In short, they do not, will not, and never will, accept the will of the American voter nor will they honor the “Everyday American’s” decision. For they believe the great unwashed are too stupid to be trusted.

It’s simply a matter of trust. We’re not trusted, nor respected by The Clintons, The Democrats, The DNC, and The Usual List of Suspects (which includes Wall Street, The Media, Hollywood, and the Pollsters).They arrogantly believe they are “Oh So Superior” to us and we are simply backward children that need to be taken care of.

The only way Socialism and Communism flourish is when elections are corrupted and the will of the people is thwarted. They have to rig elections in order to achieve and remain in power. Left to the will of the people, Socialism and Communism cannot flourish.

Donald Trump hit the nail right on the head when he said the system is rigged. It has been for decades. We’re just finally waking up to that fact. I just hope we didn’t wake up too late and didn’t hit the snooze button one too many times.

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    So far this season, haven't al those charged with election fraud been Republicans? 

    Determined to prove voting fraud exists even if they have to do it themselves. 

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Another potential front in the Republican Civil War:  Trump and supporters versus the Republicans running elections in numerous counties, supervised by Republican Secretaries of State.

    In the minds of those who think elections are rigged: somehow, there is a grand conspiracy able to cause widespread corruption without anyone being willing to abandon it out of respect for Constitutional values, partisan loyalties or the appeal of what would be lucrative books, magazine articles, and speeches. As elections are pretty close to polling results, it would require some form of collusion with multiple corporations doing polls and the newspapers and other media outlets paying for them.

    • Davie says:

      Just like the thousands of military, civil authorities and private citizens and organizations that worked together flawlessly without any leaks to pull off 9/11 and the WTC 7 destruction!

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      I live in Jeffco. Do I need to worry about Faye Griffin stealing the election? Should I start chanting "Lock Her Up!" And is Wayne Williams condoning Griffin's nefarious actions?

  3. Zappatero says:

    Trump told 100+ lies to Coloradans in Colorado the other day. 

    You Professional Lefties need to hammer this shit until the cows come home, 

    You should have a running banner of Repub lies with links and quotes……..instead of that stupid "Big Line". Talk about a waste of pixels……

  4. JeffcoDemo says:

    George Anthanwhateverhisnameis should be more concerned that nobody outside of his close circle of friends knows who he is.   He might set a new level of ineptitude for CD7.

  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Damn straight the system is rigged !!!  How do people think Trump managed to win the nomination? It sure wasn't his business acumen (which is minimal anyway) nor his good looks (orange hair??  really? at age 70??  at least he ain't gone Goth.). 

  6. notaskinnycook says:

    Now if you really want to talk about who's trying to put their thumb on the scale;

  7. I think the oddest (and most ignorance-driven) bit Trump said about the mail-in ballot system here was telling all of his supporters to go to the early voting places, request a NEW ballot (which would void the mail-in ballot), and vote in person because he didn't trust the collection and counting of the mail-in ballots.

    I'm sure some people actually mail in their ballots, but we drop ours off at the secure ballot drop-off right down the road. And once the early voting centers are open, you can drop off your mail-in ballot there IIRC. (I know, for example, that the Larimer drop-off boxes aren't terribly convenient to a lot of people – a single location in each of FoCo, Loveland, and Estes – but you can drop off ballots at the early voting locations and some supermarkets…)

    Why tell his supporters to flood vote centers, which are less convenient (and might generate long lines if done en mass)?

    • BlueCat says:

      To create voter fraud he can then complain about?

      But here's what really doesn't make sense. He tells them somewhat confusingly that the in person vote is the one that is sure to count and they won't be guilty of voter fraud if they already voted by mail because only one of their double votes will count.

      First, if he has so much faith that safeguards in place will protect his voters from committing voter fraud while double voting because those safeguards will result in only one vote counting then isn't he admitting that voter fraud in the form of double voting, both by mail and in person, is not a real problem?

      Second, doesn't he realize he's still urging his voters to commit fraud by attempting to double vote even if the attempt doesn't succeed? He thinks getting caught makes it perfectly OK and will protect them from prosecution?

      WTF is wrong with anyone who could possibly vote for this unprecedented combo charlatan/ignoramus candidate?

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