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October 27, 2016 06:43 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Hate, emotionalism, and frustration are not policies.”

–Madeleine Albright


28 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Hate, emotionalism, and frustration are the tools being used by Republican Senators to cripple the Supreme Court:

    Senate Republicans have stonewalled President Barack Obama’s nominee to the high court, Merrick Garland, in the hopes that a Republican president would take office in January and appoint a more conservative justice (for 255 days and counting.-ed.). However, as it looks increasingly less likely that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will win, they’ve taken a new approach.

    Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) both suggested recently that Senate Republicans would continue to leave open the vacant Supreme Court seat if Clinton is elected president.

    “There’s certainly long historical precedent for a Supreme Court with fewer justices,” Cruz told reporters on Wednesday.

    McCain argued last week that GOP lawmakers would be “united against any nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up.”

    And some conservative legal scholars have also argued that a court with fewer members would be possible, even though current justices have noted that an eight-member court has made their work “much more difficult.”

    Reid warned that a smaller court would be harmful. 

    “It would turn our Justice system and our democracy on its head,” he wrote in the evening. “The Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves.” 

    Our Esteemed Michael Bennet should start standing up for some core Democratic and democratic principles and explain to voters and citizens what R's are up to in fetishizing the Completely Dead Antonin Scalia and ignoring their sworn duties to advise and consent to President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. 

    Republican love for the Constitution seems to have died along with Scalia's brain and soul.

    Is that politics or policy? Who the fuck knows, but I do know Bennet can earn some respect, from me, at least, if he tried to earn the respect of his BFF's on the other side of the aisle.

    1. It isn't just the Supreme Court. Republicans have been slow walking or blocking other judicial nominees as well. The website outlines the current status:

      Judicial Emergencies Last updated on10/27/2016  Total Emergencies:36.  There were 16 when President Obama was sworn in.

      Total Vacancies:101      Total Nominees Pending:59     — last I read, at least 30 of those had already had hearings and been voted out of committee.

    2. Except that it's just plain false. The Supreme Court has been a 9-member body since 1869. It shall (legal terminology) consist of 9 members BY LAW. And as far as I know, it has since that time never consisted of fewer members for as long a period as the current crisis.

      Republicans are trying to sell yet another "government doesn't work" scam in order to retain some little measure of power (A 4-4 Court is better for them than a 5-4 moderate-liberal Court.) I look forward to their losing control of the Senate and winding up in a terminal power struggle in the House where none of their caucuses is willing to support the other for the Speakership.

      1. Repugs are actually hoping to regain the SCOTUS majority by inaction and default, praying to their unholy spirit that Ginsberg croaks soon or at least retires due to ill health.  Then, they think a 4-3 split will restore their advantage.

    3. The way you manage to turn everything into "It's Bennett's fault" is now so old that, as ridiculous as each individual case may be, it's way more boring than amusing. Zzzzzzzz….

  2. Bipartisanship – OpEd pages love it, timid Democrats yearn for it, Republicans laugh at it:

    Jason Chaffetz is announcing his intention to cripple from the start a president who will be elected by north of 60 million of his fellow citizens. This isn't governing. It's more closely akin to extortion. And Chaffetz isn't alone.

    They aren't going to change. They're going to shuffle Donald Trump off the stage, blame him for himself, and then go right back to the serious work of seriously delegitimizing another Democratic president.

    The Republican party is as committed to subverting the will of the people as it ever was. What Chaffetz does is give the lie preemptively to any of the hogwash we're going to hear about the GOP learning a damn thing from the experiment in terror that it loosed upon the nation over the last two years.

    1. Oh, I think Hillary, if elected, will figure out a way to work things out. Do bear in mind that Chaffetz carries heavy baggage in some circles. He's part of the Utah congressional mafia; with Bishop and Stewart; who want to take our public lands away from us and turn them over, via the states, to big money special interests.

  3. Cruz (as usual) LIES.

    Judiciary Act of 1869: The Supreme Court of the United States shall consist of a Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum.  (28 U.S.C. 1) 

    Credit to this Daily Kos diary by RETIII >

    Legal beagles, fact checks and comments, please.

    1. The fact that a segment of the GOP is even floating this idea is bad enough.

      Considering the dirty tricks the GOP has been indulging in for decades, resulting in a consent decree scheduled to run out in 2017 if Trump's voter harassment scheme doesn't lead to an extension, it's no wonder the judiciary isn't there favorite branch of government.

      1. That's why they've been under a consent decree that limits their ability to do things like using poll watchers as intimidation. It was supposed to end next year, but Trump has pulled out all the stops and the DNC has filed for a contempt of court motion and an extension.

        1. Heard someone on NPR putting it about a million new Spanish speaking citizen/voters. In Texas alone. And that the surge is generally attributed to the desire to vote against Trump.

      1. According to Elliot's post the other day, Mike Coffman is busy propagandizing local Spanish speakers on 96.5 and other stations. His schtick is that Morgan Carroll is bad for Hispanics, but he's their friend.

        I hope Morgan is pounding doors and airwaves with the "Coffman likes Trump" narrative. The young Latinos I know absolutely hate the Trumpster, and anyone associated with him.


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