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October 22, 2016 01:01 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’ll all be over soon.


38 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. Looks like Breitbart conspired with O'Keefe's supposed "source".

      Ha! This story is rich…

      The so-called "DNC Staffer" wasn't a DNC staffer at all. He's a former Occupy Wall Street "organizer" (such as there was) who worked with Breitbart News to promote campaign disruptions against the Cruz and Rubio campaigns in an attempt to bolster Trump. (He was the robot that went around to the Rubio campaigns…)

      Breitbart is both famously pro-Trump and a supporter of O'Keefe's brand of fake journalism. Apparently they found a pseudo-left-winger who was more interested in working on right-wing campaign support of Trump even early on.

  1. Thanks for the credit, but Donald Trump deserves all that.  He has done a beautiful, unbelievable, greatest job ever of destroying the withered remnants of the once respectable Republican Party.  100%, believe me! crying

    1. Exactly. 

      Now the NRA is going to play those damned fools for another 8 years with Hillary.Then another 8 years with Kaine. 

      How long can a Moran stay a Moran?

  2. FEC Extends Election By 7 Months To Give Nation Chance To Better Get To Know Candidates

    "WASHINGTON—In an effort to help voters make an informed decision at the polls, the Federal Election Commission announced Thursday it would be extending the U.S. presidential election by seven months to give Americans the opportunity to better get to know the presidential candidates. “We believe the continuation of this election by just over half a year will provide Americans with the chance to fully acquaint themselves with both the character and policy positions of Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump,” said FEC chairman Matthew S. Petersen, who expressed confidence that the American people would benefit greatly from over 200 extra days of election coverage, rallies, press conferences, and campaign ads. “Our commission has also worked with the CPD to schedule eight more presidential debates and three more town halls, so that there will be no question that every citizen is ready to cast their ballot by the time Election Day comes around on June 8, 2017.” The FEC added that it had not ruled out extending the election by an additional year if any U.S. voters were still undecided."

    1. Wasn't there sometime in the news when he ran for governor about him owning a piece of undeveloped land that had an agricultural easement associated with it? If so, it's something.

      Besides, would you rather she appoint him to Interior, Energy or Education?

      1. He was the mayor of a relatively large city. Can't she give him HUD?

        Or maybe Hillary extends an olive branch to the GOP with a Republican cabinet secretary and nominates the son of the Yuma tractor salesman as Ag Sec. How much damage could he do there? (Even non-Tea Party Repubs support farm subsidies.)

        Then Hick can resign, Donna Lynne can move up and appoint Hick to the Senate seat.


    2. Does anyone have a clue what Hick's qualifications are for Agriculture Secretary?


      He is willing to protect the interests of Con-Agra and Monsanto..

      That would be my guess.

    3. He knows how to grow the next major cash crop of the U.S., – weed. 

      Farmers across the nation will be planting mj in the ditches while the ethanol corn crop grows in the fields.

      1. No one has mentioned that the US Forest Service is part of Department of Agriculture. Would help to have a strong personality as Sec. of Ag. who opposes the special interest takeover of our public lands.  

  3. Called my clerk's office (Arapahoe) on the 20th because I hadn't received ballot. They looked me up and said PO had it scheduled for delivery the 22nd. That's today. Got them both, my husband's and mine. Since it's Saturday I'll drop them off Monday.

  4. False equivalency by the media and the "both sides do it" narrative has driven many of us nuts during this campaign.  Yet, when the Russians hack into Dem emails exposing normal political machinations by the Clinton campaign the media is suddenly mute.  They reluctantly acknowledge that these were emails hacked by the Russians and then proceed to delve into all of the salacious gossip they can find.  ("Did you hear what Donna Brazille called Bernie?!?") 

    Can you imagine what would be found in the Trump campaign's emails?  The media are willing pawns in a one-sided attack by a hostile foreign government attempting to influence our elections.  At the least, they should always point out that the Trump campaign's emails have not been exposed by the Russians and remind us of this one-sided attack.

    1. The media hasn't exactly been mute and you wouldn't be complaining if they were digging into dirt unearthed in the RNC.  If some of the after effects of this whole fiasco is the realization that you'd better behave in a fashion you won't be embarrassed to be made public and party officials had better not behave like hacks in private (if that still exists) if they don't want to look like hacks in public, that will be a bit of a silver lining.

    1. As media companies become even more consolidated and isolated from consumer feedback, these low-powered FM radio stations will become one of the few consumer friendly news sources.

      As an example, when the police militarized Ferguson, Missouri, only the low power campus TV stations were carrying the live stream of the tanks and turret guns rolling down the street. It took 24 hours for mainstream media to catch up.

      This same dynamic is happening now with the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Mainstream media has marginalized the story; Joy Reid interviewed , Democracy Now's Amy Goodman after Goodman's riot charges were dropped. The Dakota Access Pipeline protests, in which 83 people were arrested yesterday, continues to be marginalized by mainstream media.

      Congrats to Duke and the Grand Junction community on the KWSI venture.

      1. Thanks Pcat and mama. We are very excited about our new progressive voice in western Colorado. We are currently set up (transmitter, antenna, production equip., etc.) but not broadcasting until I finish the construction of the studios. We are engaged in finishing drywall and painting. We should be broadcasting regularly within two weeks.

        Our mission is exactly as you suggest. To be a community friendly media source, not controlled by one of the two conglomerates that currently own all the commercial stations in town. Both corporations are dominated by the local business community and are decidedly not consumer friendly.

        I hope, personally, to create a news/interview show. We will be mostly talk radio, with a few musically oriented shows filling in. We will be ferreting out and reporting news not reported by the other guys.

        Incidentally, my son and I are also working on a "home repair" advice show modeled after NPRs' legendary "Car Guys"…

        Damn …this is gonna be fun.

  5. ​​​​​it's official…

    Real clear politics has officially changed Texas from leans Trump to toss up!

    Moddy,  tiime to put your head between your legs and kiss your two right cheeks good bye!

  6. Dakota Access pipeline protests continue, out of the mainstream news cycle. 83 people were arrested yesterday. I have relatives in North Dakota; I'm asking them to call their sheriff and plead for calm and self-control. Protesters are being pepper-sprayed, beaten, Teen girl had deputies (multiple) kneeling on her neck and back, prisoners including children, elders, and bystanders are being strip-searched.

    Please do what you can to call attention to these abuses of the first amendment.

  7. The end is coming up fast…..

    ABC tracking poll has HRC w/ 12% lead nationwide over Trump (50% to 38%).

    Even Karl Rove, the GOP's eternal optimist, today conceded that he doesn't see a Trump win this year. Remember Rove is the guy who maintains that it's still too soon to call Ohio for Obama over Romney because the GOP exit polling data shows a Romney win.

    There was some good news for Trump as he got his biggest newspaper endorsement from the Las Vegas Review Journal today. But it seems Sheldon Adelson acquired the paper earlier this year so take the endorsement for what it's worth. But it's nice to see a large circulation newspaper endorse Trump besides the National Enquirer.



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