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February 12, 2009 02:41 AM UTC

Schaffer Pushes "Liquid Liberty"

  • by: Colorado Pols

From the Colorado Independent:

In an attempt to “liberate the world from bland margaritas,” former congressman and failed Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is hawking his wife’s pre-mixed margarita blend, Coyote Gold, dubbed “The Microbrew of Margaritas.” The thing is, Schaffer writes on his Twitter feed, “Coyote Gold isn’t beer. It’s the best margarita there is. No mixing. Just pour and enjoy.”

Not only that, Schaffer describes the family margarita blend in positively patriotic terms: “A stimulus package that works! Capitalism in a bottle. Liquid liberty.”

The “silky, smooth concoction” debuted Friday…

Schaffer, who plasters the Coyote Gold logo (we must admit, that frosty glass and perfect lime wedge have us salivating) behind his Twitter feed, currently sits as chairman of the state Board of Education, as his current bio attests:

Chairman, State Board of Education. Fmr. US Congressman and State Senator. Enjoy Coyote Gold premium margaritas and tell others. A Schaffer business.

No word yet on an upcoming Facebook campaign, or whether or not Coyote Gold will be available for export. But hopefully Schaffer is keeping Pete Coors on a strict ration.

You’re right, Pete Coors doesn’t get any.


23 thoughts on “Schaffer Pushes “Liquid Liberty”

  1. transcends politics. After anesthetizing enough brain cells with the lime-enhanced nectar of the agave, the ideas of Another Skeptic, Libertad, and Laughing Boy would suddenly make perfect sense…, at least until sobriety and full cognitive functioning returned.   🙂

  2. The guys has been pitching this swill for years now!  Not that I can complain, not only am I a supporter, I’m also a user.

    Nothing will compare to the Rio’s Margs…NOTHING!

  3. One, he says pour, no mixing.  So, there is tequila in it?  How good?

    Darn, another question.  Most margarita mixes are crap.  People ooh and ah for a given restaurant’s margaritas.  Almost all use a mix, not from scratch.  I don’t drink any of them because they are all made with high fructose corn syrup.  Now, that’s a traditional source of sweetener, no?  No.

    A margarita made with fresh lime juice, preferably those medium sized Mexican limes, not Persians, and sugar, not HFCS, is a drink equal to any other great one.  

    But the shit normally passed off, no thanks, I’ll pass.…  Although weaker, I like the 1:1:1, more flavors.

    In our family son-in-law Rick has his famous Rickarita.  🙂

    Fourth question, will he use his board position to get Coyote Gold into school cafeterias and teacher lounges?  

    1. with 100% genuine tequila. It’s 37 proof capitalism in a bottle!

      I believe the board of ed is trying to get sweetened drinks OUT of public schools, so probably not on No. 4.

        1. There’s a link in the story to a liquor vendor that ships Coyote Gold nationwide, including to Florida. Treat yourself to the silky, smooth concoction.

          Now, if Bob had only knocked back some Coyote Gold, instead of three or four Red Bulls, before some of those debates …

          1. OK, just kidding.

            But why not make ’em myself?  Always perfect, my choice of ingredients.

            Not to harp on the use of HFCS, but try a Mexican Coke with domestic side by side.  The difference is subtle, but sugar definitely has a crisper, cleaner flavor.  HFCS is more, well, syrupy.  You will notice the difference blindfolded.

            1. Margaritas are easy as hell. Lime juice, Grand Marnier, and any damn tequila is fine.

              A Long Island Iced Tea, that’s hard to make. Any idiot can make a margarita though. So why pay some other idiot’s wife to do it?

  4. though especially during our current crisis, Schaffer should remember it was our great President Franklin D. Roosevelt who pushed for the repeal of prohibition!

      1. From contemporary reports FDR mixed up horrible Martini’s.

        A better Martini:

        5 parts Bombay or Tanquerary Gin

        1 part M&R dry Vermouth

        olives on the side

        Another mixed drink that I like:

        Perfect Manhattan:

        2 parts Rittenhouse Rye

        3/4 part M&R Sweet Vermouth

        1/2 part M&R Dry Vermouth

        dash+ bitters

        1 Maraschino cherry

        1. Unless you prefer different gin-vermouth ratios.  I found an alleged FDR recipe here:

          It’s a standard 2:1, one of many ratios.  The olive juice would make it a “dirty” martini.

          It’s like spaghetti sauce, there is no right or wrong, make it as you like.  Or margaritas.  

        2. “They were not that strong,” FDR’s grandson, Curtis, told The History Channel earlier this year. “He’d throw in a little gin at the end … He’d also put in two or three drops of absinthe, changing the taste of a martini to where many people – and this is recorded – say ‘The president made the worst martinis I’ve ever tasted.'”

          I found this at http://www.moderndrunkardmagaz

          Again, it’s just the gin-vermouth ratio.  To each his own.  I tend to go with FDR, more vermouth.  I know that’s not the norm.

  5. If they don’t have good enough tequila included to mention, then the quality of this is unlikely to be worth the resulting headache after consumption for me.

    Cheap tequila gives me a headache within 15-20 minutes of consumption.  Even a margarita should be mixed with 100% Blue Agave tequila.  You can do this without breaking the bank.

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