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“We live in a world of denial, and we don’t know what the truth is anymore.”

–Javier Bardem

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Help me out here, PissAnt. 

    What point is this cartoon trying to make? Please, explain it to me in depth. I am unable to discern any relevant point regarding this election, except this one.

    Bill Clinton was a lecherous bastard and we let him be president, so we should let another lecherous bastard be president…particularly since the first lecherous bastards' wife was responsible for his transgression because she is clearly much too "Hillary", and therefore is unfit to be president.

    If that isn't what you are trying to get at, please tell me… what is your point?

    • exlurker19 says:

      I think the real point is, no Repub is willing to be seen in a Trump T shirt anymore, which is why the shirt is still hanging in the window and still for sale.  The single, sad, solitary Trump yard sign in my conservative neighborhood was taken down after a day, presumably by the couple who put it up, after much flack was received.

    • BlueCat says:

      His reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.  Because Bill has sex scandals we can't elect his wife instead of another guy with sex scandals. Nothing was ever proved against Bill but we have to believe all the allegations against him including rape. On the other hand, because nothing was proved against Trump, obviously it's all lies. 

      One more little problem.  The allegations women are making against Trump exactly match the behavior he himself has bragged about. He himself has claimed to suddenly kiss women, grab their genitals and walk in on beauty contestants while they're changing to "inspect" because he's a celebrity and can do whatever he wants to women. His words from his mouth on audio and video.

      Those are exactly the things that the women are alleging. Why should we believe that the women are lying while, after all those times he's bragged about doing those very same things things to women, he's telling the truth now when he claims, only after those years worth of audio and video emerge, that he never did those things? Hmmm… which seems more credible?

      And when's the last time the big doughy creep, who has stated that he believes that you only have a certain life time supply of energy so using it up on exercise is bad for you, was in any locker room anyway?

      I also wonder which will come first… concrete proof that was coming any minute all those years ago that Obama was born in Kenya or concrete proof that Trump's accusers are all lying.  

    • Andrew Carnegie says:


      There was an attempt to get Bill Clinton, the lecherous bastard who was then President, removed from office. The Dems at the time downplayed the behavior of the lecherous bastard saying it was only sex.  Fast forward, a non-Dem speaks, not behaves, but speaks about behaving in the same way that the Dem lecherous bastard President was proved to have behaved and we are now supposed to be all upset about it.  Ironically, this is all to the benefit of the lecherous bastard's enabling wife.

      • Duke Cox says:

        So, I did understand you.

        That is as big a pile of horseshit as I have seen in recent memory.

        and the fact that he is a classless, shameless cad is NOT the primary reason he should not be president.

        • notaskinnycook says:

          That he's as dumb as a box of rocks and thinks his cabinet and his staff will do all the actual governing for him, while he poses for pictures and travels the world to build his next failed business, is the reason he may be the worst choice ever for the office. Stack that up against a Seven Sisters graduate married to an Ivy Leaguer who was a Rhodes Scholar and former president in his own right, who has taught Con law and I know who I'll choose. 

      • Early Worm says:

        Bullshit to English translator: Republicans vote to impeach a sitting president based on consensual (though creepy) sexual relationship. Fast forward, some Republicans stand behind and support a candidate for president that brags about his sexual assaults, demeans and belittles women on a seemingly daily basis, and brags about his extramarital affairs.  Some, though not all, Republican (apparently including AC) are hypocritical assholes.

        • FrankUnderwood says:

          And also condoned Howard Stern calling his daughter a "nice piece of ass." Let's not leave that one out.

          • Davie says:

            Gee, and here I was worried about having an emotionally stunted, narsissistic, racist, easily baited, short-tempered dictator with his finger on the nuclear button in charge of our nation, running the economy into the ground while trying to profit by peddling influence to his sycophants and foreign lenders that he owes millions to..

            Glad to know thanks to AC that "words matter" to Trump.  

            Since the bombshell video of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women emerged last week, multiple women have come forward accusing Trump of groping and kissing them without consent. Former pageant contestants have also accused the GOP nominee of entering the contestants’ changing rooms when women were undressing.

            Nothing to worry about afterall

      • BlueCat says:

        To review, genius, what Trump speaks about is having committed everything alleged against him.  Donald himself has claimed many times that he kisses women peremptorily, grabs women's genitals and barges into dressing rooms. Those are acts he says he has committed. Not just words. Acts, according to Trump himself. The same acts these women allege. Exactly the same.

        He himself is the best witness these women could have that their allegations are true because what they claim happened to them perfectly matches his claims of what he does to women.  

        Do you get it yet?  Or are you one of those Trumpians who is just too stupid to know any better?

  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    Another day and the GOP worm keeps turning….

    Eric Erickson, the Keeper of the Right-Wing Katra, has an op ed piece in today's N.Y. Times explaining why Trump must be resisted.

    Reince Pribus is facing blow back from major GOP contributors for his refusal to abandon Trump.

    And to demonstrate his amazing STAMINA, Trump is now not only fighting his two-front war against Crooked Hillary and the turncoats in his own party (I'm looking at you, Paul Ryan), but now he's preparing to take on the N.Y. Times in a defamation suit.

    Finally Mike Pence told Matt Lauer that evidence would be revealed in hours discrediting the witnesses who have come forward and accused Herr Drumpf of assaulting them.

  3. Republican 36 says:

    Gov. Pence said on the Today show this morning that Trump will release information today that refutes the allegations made by the four women who have accused him of sexual harassment. Pence is laying his credibility on the line. If the evidence doesn't disprove the allegations, and I'm betting it won't, his credibility will be in tatters.

    Trump's surrogates complain the media is spending too much time on Trump's treatment of women and attitudes towards them but everyday Trump and his surrogates continue to talk about this issue and continue the story.

    Trump and his surrogates also want voters to believe this story isn't important but it is for obvious reasons. Women make up 53% of the voters in the United States. It is important to women and should be for every voter regardless of gender, what a candidate for president thinks about half of the electorate. Does the candidate respect women both in thought, speech and in his/her actions? If a candidate looks at them and treats them as objects, he/she will not look after the best interests of that group of voters, in this case women, because they view and treat them as second class people. We have Mr. Trumps recorded statements that in his heart and in his mind, he views women as objects, especially as sexual objects. We also have four women who have alleged they suffered unwelcome nonconsensual sexual contact initiated by Mr. Trump. This occurred over many decades and confirms his attitude toward women (as nothing more than sexual objects) is long standing and continues to permeate his character even today. His mind set toward women disqualifies him to be President.

    There are more allegations coming.


    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      You make one critical error in your thinking: an assumption that Mike Pence has credibility at all. I haven't lived full time in my home state since I moved to Colorado in the early 1980s, but I continue to follow some of the Hoosier political hijinks. IMHO, Mike Pence is one of the biggest POS hypocrites around. Look at Pence's record; in Congress and as governor; and he is every bit as anti-women as Trump. Pence just doesn't act out personally on his feelings because he is supposed to be a "Christian." 

    • BlueCat says:

      OK. It is now many hours later and Pence said that the evidence would be produced within hours. Jerry Falwell Jr claims that it is e-mail evidence although I don't know how they could have e-mails proving all the allegations by all of the women are false. Be that as it may, nothing breaking so far. I guess it's technically been hours and counting since Trump claimed he would produce evidence that Obama was born in Kenya. Many years worth of them but still hours. Maybe that's the kind of hours Pence meant. And counting. 

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Trump will release information today that refutes the allegations made by the four women who have accused him of sexual harassment.Trump will release information today that refutes the allegations made by the four women who have accused him of sexual harassment.

      It's 11:00pm, and we're still waiting for his defense. So far, crickets. Meanwhile, women have been stepping forward all day saying he mistreated them, too.

      • mamajama55 says:

        I think this is going to snowball like Cosby's accusers snowballed. By the time November 8 is finally here (and it can't come too soon for me), there will be dozens of credible accusers. Probably more video or audio, too. Oh joy.

        Why don't people answer Trump's "Billy did it , too" distraction by pointing to our current President, happily and faithfully married to one woman for almost 25 years?

  4. davebarnes says:


    "The truth is, we should thank the man as we leave him to the dustbin. He’s given the nation a gift. He has fully exposed what’s truly behind the negative views of Hillary Clinton. And he’s made us all reexamine how we think about women.

    The epiphany of Trump’s gift seemed obvious, until you realize it really hasn’t been. But the lesson really is simply this: The overwrought antagonism toward Hillary Clinton is the knuckle-dragger stuff of gender bias, plain and simple."

  5. BlueCat says:


    Here's that proof that none of the allegations are true. Some guy in England remembers from 30 years ago when he was 18 that he saw the airline incident and it didn't happen the way that woman said. That's it. Nothing to back his claim but he swears he has a great memory.

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