Radio host shows Gardner’s vote for Pence won’t count, but fails to find out if Gardner will still vote for Pence

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Sorry, you can't just vote for the veep for President.

Sorry, you can’t just vote for the veep for President.

“Unhappy with Trump? Want to Write In Pence? It Doesn’t Work That Way.”

That’s the title of a story by Colorado Public Radio’s Ryan Warner, who did a nice job fact checking U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner Monday, reporting that if Gardner writes in the name of Mike Pence as his pick for president, as he promised Sunday, his presidential vote won’t be counted at all.

Warner interiewed Suzanne Staiert, Colorado’s deputy Secretary of State, who said on air that as long as Trump is on the ballot, Gardner’s vote for Pence wouldn’t matter.

Warner : And if someone says they’re going to write-in Mike Pence?

Stairt: “They won’t be counted. It’ll just count as an undervote essentially unless the Republican Party makes some sort of change.”

During the interview, Staiert said “a write-in candidate would need to file an affidavit 15 days before the election for votes to count.”

But the CPR piece was later corrected to state, “In fact, the affidavit would have to have been filed at least 110 days before the election.”

So Gardner has settled on Pence waaaay too late. Or maybe not. Maybe he wants to cast a vote that won’t count?

Omitted from the CPR piece was the question on many listener’s minds: “So who is Gardner going to vote for?”

Warner should bring Gardner on the show to address that question.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    McCain can't write in his friend Lindsey Graham in Arizona either.

    Write-in requirements

    In Arizona, a write-in candidate for the presidency must file a nomination paper in order to have his or her votes tallied. This paper must include the names of a vice presidential candidate and of presidential electors. The requisite paperwork must be filed with the Arizona Secretary of State no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 40th day prior to the general election.[29]

    In fact between the states with no write-in option and those with restrictions including deadlines that have already passed, writing in Pence for Prez isn't an option in most states at this point. Voters would have to choose some smaller party candidate already on the ballot or skip it.

    And, BTW, shouldn't these career pols know how elections work in their states?


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