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October 10, 2016 03:38 PM UTC

"Radio Silence" from National Republicans on Trump

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Alrighty, then:


As Politico reports, Republicans across the country aren’t sure what to do about Presidential candidate Donald Trump as the Big Orange’s campaign craters:

As Donald Trump’s campaign unravels, the Republican National Committee has gone dark — failing to give GOP vendors guidance on whether to keep working for the nominee or to move resources into down-ballot races, and not even returning calls from party members ahead of a critical late-afternoon meeting about the way forward.

Numerous Republicans on Monday used the same phrase to describe the response of the RNC to their questions: “radio silence.”

The RNC plans to conduct a closed conference call with members on Monday at 5 p.m., but numerous Republicans said they could not get through to the committee all day. And vendors working on Trump Victory, the effort dedicated to winning the White House, still have not yet been given the green light to restart pro-Trump mailings just four weeks until the election. On Saturday, one day after the bombshell tape was released, the committee sent an email to mail vendors asking them to “put a hold/stop on all mail projects.”

The Politico story has been updated to include a response from an RNC spokesperson that national campaign efforts are moving ahead as scheduled, whatever that means. Meanwhile, Republicans are apparently still trying to assess the down ballot damage from Trump’s implosion. Via a separate Politico story, here’s how the concern plays out:

Ben Tulchin, a Democratic pollster, said a 6-point lead for Clinton in national polls would give Democrats a long shot at winning back the House. An 8-point lead would really put the House in play, Tulchin wrote in an email, and a double-digit lead would give Democrats “very good chances of winning back the House.”

While some campaigns and media outlets ran polls over the weekend, it is still early to judge the overall impact. Republican strategists warned Monday that they still need more time to get a full picture of how much damage the Trump tape does to their hopes of protecting Senate and House majorities. A half-dozen pollsters from both parties working on House races say that they don’t expect useful internal polling data to come in until midweek at the earliest.

Adding to their troubles, Republicans are still trying to figure out how to hold on to Trump’s fervent supporters while candidates try to distance themselves from the top of the ticket with just 29 days remaining until Election Day.


14 thoughts on ““Radio Silence” from National Republicans on Trump

  1. Unlike when the GOP essentially abandoned Bob Dole to run a Congressional protection campaign, this time their candidate isn't going to be an understanding participant. Trump will try to burn anyone who doesn't stay with him, and his followers will provide the election anchor that will sink some Republican candidates, especially incumbents.

      1. Yo dude Moderatus: I'm a life long traditional conservative Republican and lifelong registered Republican.  And I have ABSOLUTELY NO DUTY TO SHUT UP AND SUPPORT a corrupt, charlatan, con-man, taxpayer rip-off, artist like Trump. How's that grab ya?  

        1. Apparently modster frowns upon putting your country, your fellow Americans, personal integrity, the free world and all that sort of thing ahead of whatever wing nutty faction has seized control of your party at any given time.

          Is there a part of the pledge or any of the oaths of office you may have missed that asks us to  pledge loyalty  to our chosen political party? Are we supposed to regret having but one life to give for our….. party?surprise


          1. DJT shirked volunteering for military service during the Vietnam War. He took advantage of student deferments and a sketchy medical excuse to avoid even the chance of being drafted.

            Somehow, the whole Trump clan has avoided military or other forms of public service. Grandfather, father, DJT and all of his children have thus far avoided any military commitment, civilian work for the government, full time philanthropic work, or social entrepreneur status.

            And yet, somehow, DJT thinks he understands military service.

            1. The grandfather left Germany during the days of the Kaiser to avoid military service. Then he tried to return – after he was safely passed draft age – by professing that he was always loyal to Wilhelm. 

              Besides, he insists he didn't need to serve in the military during Vietnam. He served his country in other ways – like creating jobs. And opening casinos. And creating jobs.


      2. I frankly expect what we've seen out of every newspaper, conservative and not: a straight-up acknowledgement that the man who won the GOP nomination is antithetical to the principles of this country.

         In the same way, I would hope that Christians of conservative character would ask themselves honestly just what has become of their faith and their leaders that has brought them to support Trump. Hillary Clinton better embodies even the most conservative Christianity than he does – other than the fact that she'd be a female leader, of course.

        1. Aside perhaps from the World Wrestling Federation newsletter, has any significant publication endorsed Trump?

          Guess not

          [I]t’s not just the papers but also writers who are taking a stand. Last month, a member of The Wall Street Journal’s traditionally conservative editorial board endorsed Clinton, calling Trump the candidate of “white supremacists and swastika devotees.”

          America — meet today's Republican Party


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