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February 10, 2009 01:03 AM UTC

El Paso County GOP's New Leadership

  • by: Haners

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Saturday, Feb 7th was a long but rewarding day for the long list of candidates running for the multiple leadership positions within the El Paso County GOP.

The race pitted two slates of candidates against each other; both with legitimate claims to the office they were seeking.  As a recap: (in order of ballot appearance)


Kay Rendleman-Former Reagan staffer and former Chair of the Napa County GOP, and former California campaign operative.  She also managed all three of Kent Lambert’s House District campaigns.

Cami Bremer-American Heart Association fund raiser, former GOP field director and campaign manager for Duncan Bremer’s (father in law) Congressional campaign, and Larry Liston’s 2008 re-election campaign.

George Ross-Long time activist, most recognized as the “guy who wears the Colonel’s uniform (though rumored not to be a Colonel).

Vice Chair

Lois Landgraf-Former party Secretary and Fountain City Councilwoman, ran as a running mate of Kay.

Darryl Glenn-Current Colorado Springs City Councilman (appointed after the “pizzagate” fiasco) and running mate of Cami.


Nancy Meadows-Long time conservative activist and Republican operative and running mate of Kay.

Dan Lanotte-Lamborn volunteer and President of CCM and running mate of Cami.

Aside from that, some 28 women and 35 men ran for 32 bonus member slots (Bonus Members act as a “Board of Directors” and members of the State Committee).

Here are the results from Saturday:


Rendleman: 199

Bremer:  190

Ross:  3

Vice Chair

Landgraf: 187

Glenn:  202


Meadows:  201

Lanotte:  196

Obviously, all of the races were extremely close.

Here are the Bonus Members: (in order of vote totals)


Amy Lathen

Holly Williams

Robin Corran

Kristi Burton

Kay Rendleman (will have to resign to act as Chair)

Robyn Cafasso

Vicky Broerman

Peggy Littleton

Carla Roche

Lois Landgraf

Sarah Anderson

Marla Crane

Lisa Taskerud

Kaye Kerr

Nancy Meadows (will have to resign to act as Secretary)

Sam Schafer


David Williams

Chuck Broerman

Bob Balink

Eli Bremer

Ed Jones

Bentley Rayburn

Nathan Fisk

Dan Nordberg

Buddy Gilmore

Dick McLeod (corrected)

Jacob Chaves

Kenneth Valdez

Greg Garcia

Ryan Parsell

Michael Burton

Reb Williams

Some quick facts:  Women out number men in the Executive Committee make-up (no pun intended), there are two African Americans (Glenn and Jones), three Hispanics (Valdez, Chaves, and Garcia) and six members under the age of 30 (K. Burton, Anderson, D. Williams, Bremer, Chaves, and Parsell).

What are your feelings about these results?

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18 thoughts on “El Paso County GOP’s New Leadership

  1. I agree with Haners that it was a good but long day.  Unfortunately noone realized that Darryl Glenn will have to resign to run for County Commissioner. I wonder if Darryl thought this out? It won’t look good on his resume. Of course that is if the rumors are true and he does plan to run for Wayne Williams seat.    

    1. In fact, I think the two slates appeared to be fairly friendly to each other.  They presented fairly different visions of the party, but it did not appear that the campaign digressed to personal attacks.  That’s a good thing for everyone.  The closeness of the race indicates that neither side is really preferred and both need to get along.  That’s probably a good thing also.

      1. …no drama, no interest.  KIDDING.  But I do wonder why the chair’s “running mate” didn’t win.  I guess I’ll hafta to wait for the Lifetime movie to find out.

        1. Both sides ran a clean campaign. Matter of fact, members of both teams met with each other before the vote and pledged to support each other, regardless of the outcome. Look for Cami Bremer (also a rising star) to play a prominent role in Rendleman’s staff.

  2. He would have to resign? I don’t think it’s a good idea to use a position like this to further one’s ambitions. If he wants to run for Commissioner he should concentrate on that. Using the Republican Party to pad one’s resume will not go in his favor come election time. I thought Darryl was better than that.  

    1. So what’s the big deal?  The name of the game Saturday was unity, and all you want to do is poke holes at someone who won?  Won’t you people ever be happy?

          1. No rules on this. But my guess is that when he files for Commissioner he steps down. Glenn is a good guy and a solid conservative. I got no beef with him sharpening his conservative credentials by taking on this job.

  3. is a rising star and a star that needs to rise.  That may have been the biggest story of the day.  If he decides to run for further office, I’ll support him.  His speech was great and I doubt anyone there was not inspired by him.  My only concern is that if he has to resign (not sure the rules on that), who would take his place?  

        1. He set the stage with the direction each slate wanted to take. As I recall, one was more grassroots and the other was a “return to conservative principles” sort of line. With such close votes and a split ticket, there’s no clear answer.

          1. But Sir Robin is right, I probably should have recapped.

            The Rendleman/Landgraf/Meadows Slate was running as the “Ready to Lead” ticket, reaching out to moderates and Ron Paul supporters.  They said that the party had to return to their grassroot efforts to win in places like HD 17,18, and SD 11.

            The Bremer/Glenn/Lanotte Slate was runnings as the “Vote Forward” ticket, which believed that minority, women, and youth voters needed to be engaged to grow the party, and that new technology needed to be used to reach voters.

            It is interesting to note that once you look at who won what, each slate got 16 of their bonus members elected and the officers are split.  I don’t think the precinct committeepeople rejected or embraced one slate or another, I think they said that they wanted both!

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