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October 09, 2016 06:39 PM UTC

Hillary v. Trump, Round 2 Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols
Round 2!
Round 2!

The second, and for all intents and purposes, last relevant Presidential debate of 2016 takes place in St. Louis, Missouri at 7:00 pm.

At this point in the Presidential race, Democrat Hillary Clinton could get hit by multiple buses and still likely end up defeating Republican Donald Trump after Trump’s terrible, terrible, terrible weekend of stories surrounding his, ahem, views on women. This will likely be the last Presidential debate that takes place with national polls showing Trump to even be within shouting distance of Clinton, so the entertainment factor alone creates plenty of intrigue.

Will Trump actually physically attack Clinton? Will he shed his skin on stage to reveal his true alien life form? We’re about to find out…


22 thoughts on “Hillary v. Trump, Round 2 Open Thread

  1. What are the drinking game cues? Herbal tea is my wimpy liberal beverage tonight.

    I'll go with:

    misogynist (from HRC)

    sexual predator (from both candidates)

    blow job (I predict Trump will go there)


    middle class


    JY NAH (That's Trump for "China")


    Live stream on MSNBC


    Later…several cups of tea later, ISIS mentioned 12 times in Trump’s first 2 minutes, when he was asked about if candidates had a responsibility to be role models.

    1. I went with his favorite words: very bad, terrible, tremendous, email and, lest we forget, BENGHAZI! Good thing I stuck to sparkling water.

    1. Actually , AC had you read the relevant e-mail instead of just parroting what a talking head said this evening you'd know  what she was saying about Lincoln and why. 

  2. Trump's shtick is to say how horrible everything is.   Okay, HOW is he going to fix these problems???  What specific policies did he discuss tonight, or ever during this campaign?  Oh yeah, he's going to make America great again.  When will the Clinton campaign, or heaven forbid, the media hold him accountable for a total lack of policy detail?  Hopefully, the electorate will come to that conclusion themselves.

    1. Well if get you rid of this annoying obstacle called "democracy" you can do it all singlehandedly on the first day in office. That’s the plan Trump heard about from Putin.  What are you, stupid or something?

  3. Fact checks tomorrow will be fairly routine in saying that Trump continues to repeat things already checked and found to be untrue.

    Debate judges will comment on the lower level of interruptions than in the VEEP debate and say both candidates wandered away from the questions' topics.

    Low point was Trump promising a special prosecutor and jail for Clinton. He apparently ignores that there is no existing legislation to allow the President to tell his Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor. NBC site says "A president is not typically authorized to order specific criminal investigations of individuals, let alone a public pledge to investigate a political opponent." My guess would be that such a clear effort to criminalize a political opponent would inflame partisan passions. I would expect the topic would be raised in the confirmation hearing, and unless an AG nominee specifically ruled out acting in such a partisan manner, there would be a filibuster.


    1. Not just low but appalling. Never before has a candidate for US President threatened to put the losing opponent in jail upon election. That's what happens in banana Republics. You lose and you go to jail, flee into exile or worse. That's not what has ever before happened here. 

      Another moment, not nearly as chilling but fully displaying his stunning ignorance of how our system works, came when, after he accused Clinton of supporting specific tax loopholes for her rich friends when she was in the Senate or otherwise in charge for the past 30 years (?) and she pointed out that she had voted to get rid of the very ones to which Trump was referring.

      Without admitting that he had just lied through his teeth about HRC's record (to be fair he probably hadn't bothered to find out how she voted before making the accusation because he's a moron) he instantly changed his tack to … well than you are a failed Senator. He apparently thinks a Senator serving under an opposite party President with veto power should be able to single handedly get anything he or she supports passed.

      Pretty sure he entertains the same delusions about what his powers as President would be, including going after judges whose decisions he doesn't like, putting opponents in jail, changing all sorts of laws by himself and ignoring the Constitution.

      And while he was judged to have done relatively well compared to the low, low bar he set in the first debate, two early scientific, not internet self  selecting, polls say Clinton won and Trump did himself no good with more people saying they had a more negative view of him than those who had a more positive view of him as a result. He needed to gain ground. He didn't.

      The fact that a solid majority thought he did better than expected while losing just shows how low expectations were. Heck, he did better than I expected just because he didn't go completely ape shit. Just close. 

      The end of the long national nightmare is near.

    2. Didn't special prosecutors become fashionable in the early 1970's because a certain Republican president was interfering with and trying to direct the DOJ's decisions made by career prosecutors?

  4. I thought the most notable point was when Trump said he did not talk to his running mate about Syria. What is the over/under on when Pence bails out?

  5. I hated this "debate".

    Very few (6 six!) questions from real people and those that were asked were weak.

    “The last debate could have been rated as MA: mature audiences, per TV parental guidelines. Do you feel you’re models appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth.

    The Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare, it is not affordable. Premiums have gone up. Deductibles have gone up. Copays have gone up. Prescriptions have gone up and the coverage has gone down. What will you do to bring the cost down, and make coverage better?

    [W]hat specific tax provisions will you change to insure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share in taxes.

    [D]o you believe you can be a devoted president to all the people in the United States?

    There are 3.3 Muslims in the United States and I’m one of them. You’ve mentioned working with Muslim nations, but with islamophobia on the rise, how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being a threat to the country after the election is over.

    My question to both of you is, regardless of the current rhetoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?”

    1. True. Nobody emerged covered in glory except Martha who took no prisoners. Maybe the quality of the audience and mailed in questions had to do with these people being undecided at this late date. Not exactly a collection of Einsteins.

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