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February 06, 2009 09:13 AM UTC

Impromptu meetup.

  • by: Laughing Boy

Sxp and I have been trying to get together for a while. Anyone in the vicinity of Nallen’s tomorrow at 4:30 is invited to come.

It’d be nice to meet more of you all.  


27 thoughts on “Impromptu meetup.

      1. People who attack under anonymity use to wear white sheets.

        They need to be exposed, particularly when they make unsupported claims against Israel.

        Last year one of your favored posters was so paranoid about stating who he was that it was “laughable.”  

            1. I don’t, but since Jason is listed as the owner of the Colorado Pols…and LB claimed to be the same, then the question becomes who is he? He must be a liar if you are correct.

              He’s afraid to acknowledge who is. Jason should consider censoring LB if they are not one and the same. LB commits lible on a daily basis.

              They should consult their attorney who filed the  LLC listing with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in Dec 2008.

              He should also investigate piercing of the corporate veil which applies to singlely held LLC corporations.

              Im not dumb. I don’t hide anonymously like the klan neither.

            2. I think I’ll look into Jason’s background further until LB admits he lied and gives up his own name.

              Thanks for the great suggestion Dabee47!

              Opposition research is a fun skill to practice.

              1. I’m not Jason, or anyone that owns this site.  They probably rue the day I signed up like most everyone else here does.

                But look, I’m just teasing you.  Telling someone they’re paranoid (apparently correctly) is implicitly not like being in the Klan.

                If you want to meet me, let’s hook up and I’ll buy you a beer. No need to launch into a ‘black op’ to scout me.

                1. I’ve been a tough political operative that doesn’t pretend that politics is softball.

                  Ask Judge Nottingham how much money was spent digging into his personal life.

                  Ask Mr. Cheney and the Bushes about the history of KBR (incorporated by Halliburton)which runs the logistics for US forces worldwide about the intelligence community’s ties to politics within the USA.

                  Ask Karl Rove, Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff about “softball” politics. How much do think the opposition researher was paid for the Shafer picture on the boat in the Marrianas?

                  Ask Roberto Gonzales what it took to get hired as a US prosecutor.

                  Others on this board, perhaps you included, fear revealing their true names.

                  I don’t.

                  You all can see me at political functions and my name is still Ray Springfield. I call that honesty.

                  Making unwarranted, libelous  personal attacks isn’t funny.

                    1. You know laughing boy , your patronizing is annoying. I think you should rename yourself Pagliacci as you are a crying clown that tries to pooh pooh racial bigotry, and libel.

                      You lie, too. You stated you ran the place, then when the LLC owner is listed, you deny it.

                      Just state your name and maybe I’ll have some respect for you.

  1. though maybe a little late. I have a white beard and white hair, am wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit with a light purple shirt and purple diamond-pattern tie, and will be carrying a black shoulder-strap faux-leather briefcase (since I don’t know any of you on sight, I’ll rely on you to flag me down).

  2. So we had six Polsters show up: me, Laughing Boy, Pam Bennett, Bondo, Steve Harvey, and a certain former front-pager who’s lately been scarce. LB and I got to discuss a mathy project, and then we all got political, and some learning happened. And then we all ganged up on Laughing Boy and turned him all Democrat through sheer force of blows rained upon him.

    Or at least that’s how I remember it. 🙂

      1. I’m now totally convinced that the Austrian Economic liberalism in the Hayek mold is the way to go.

        Thanks, leftie freaks!

        Honestly, it was really a treat to hang out.  Thanks for running down there, everyone.

    1. I would have blown off my daughter (who was waiting for me to get home to read her her bed time story) and stayed for the big event! I mean, I can always have another kid, but how often does one get the chance to see LB convert to Truth, Justice, and the (Un-?)American Way?!

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