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September 16, 2016 08:16 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Sorry for this morning’s outage. We continue to battle against the digital hordes.


23 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Casper Stockham picks up key new endorsement in his race against incumbent CD-1 Congresswoman Diana "won't debate me because of her white privilege" DeGette…

    None other than failed statehouse candidate and white supremacist website hanger on Nate Marshall. 

  2. Little pucker time in Clinton town.

    Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Voters Drifting Toward Third Party

    With Mrs. Clinton enduring one of the rockiest stretches of her second bid for the presidency, her campaign and affiliated Democratic groups are shifting their focus to those voters, many of them millennials, who recoil at Mr. Trump, her Republican opponent, but now favor the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, or the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

    Bernie Sanders also offers some advice:

    Sanders: Clinton needs to 'get away from all of this personality stuff' with Trump

    Heading into the first debate in 10 days, Sanders told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that nobody would question her intelligence or knowledge of the issues.

    "I think what she has got to do is contrast, get away from all of this personality stuff, which media focuses on every single day. And start talking about the real issues. The American people do not agree with Trump," Sanders said, suggesting a few questions, including, "Mr. Trump, do you really think that billionaires need a massive tax break? Mr. Trump, do you really think that when the entire scientific community tells us that climate change is real and a threat to the entire planet, that you think it's a hoax? What's your scientific basis for that? Mr. Trump, tell me what you're going to do? You want to abolish the Affordable Care Act for 20 million in this country off health care. How many are going to die, how many are going to become much sicker? What's your view on taking on the drug companies? You go issue by issue and I think you expose him for the fraud that he is."


    1. yes We all know the personality stuff. The Fors and Agins on that front are set.

      The persuadables who might think he says lots of awful stuff but would make America great again, stronger, safer and more prosperous with better jobs are the ones who need to be convinced that no…  if you're accepting his flaws for those reasons you're not going to get any of that stuff.

      We all know what Trump is, lov himor hate him. Now young people, especially minority young people, need to hear why HRC's policies are going to be great for them and Trump's policies, not just the fact that he's an ass hole, are going to be terrible for them.They need to be convinced that they should desperately want to elect HRC instead. Enough to get off social media and off their asses to vote.

    2. Some Clinton supporters expressed frustration that an interview Mr. Gore gave last month to a liberal website warning about the perils of straying from the major party candidates did not draw more attention.

      So there's the link everyone! I'm bringing it your attention on behalf of those frustrated Clinton supporters.

    3. I can understand why Millenials would drift toward Stein. The Green Party is generally to the left of the Democrats. But why they would consider the Libs as an alternative to Clinton baffles me. Do they not understand that the libs are their worst enemies when it comes to things like speech codes, Affirmative Action, environmentalism and any other areas that require regulation and laws? Are they confusing liberalism with libertarianism? Someone help me out here.

      1. Don't know. I don't know how much they can be thinking about the issues to go from Bernie to a Libertarian. Obviously libertarianism is pretty much the polar opposite of Bernie's democratic socialism.

        As for Stein, that's like supporting your favorite doctor, teacher, den mother or room mother for Prez. She may be a very nice lady with some nice ideas (and some flaky ones) but with absolutely nothing approaching a single serious qualification for the job.The green party as a whole is strictly an issue raising party with large areas in which the leader of the free world will have to engage in which it has no particular interest or knowledge.

  3. Bill Clinton gets off a good one against Trump 🙂

    Bill Clinton only needed one sentence to deftly explain why wife Hillary would be a better presidential choice than GOP nominee Donald Trump.

    On Thursday night’s “Daily Show,” Clinton skewered The Donald by pointing out the difference between his supporters and Hillary’s.

    “Most of her strongest supporters have either worked for her or done business with him,” he quipped.

    1. Ha, at least I picked a safer hospital to treat my broken elbow. No big linky posts from me for awhile. try to contain your disappointment. typing one handed will slow me down considerably.

      1. How did you manage to break your elbow? Take your calcium and vitamin D and get better soon. Oh and chocolate; rich in magnesium to process the calcium.

        See? Chocolate is good for you.


          1. Get well soon, mama. I can't remember how many purple lumps those damned things have put on my shins. I am, you will note, happy to imply nefarious intent upon those cold pieces of steel rather than impugn my own gracefulness…wink.

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