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August 29, 2016 08:57 AM UTC

Nice to See Reporters Responding to Baseless Attacks

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Darryl Glenn.
Darryl Glenn.

The days when journalists wouldn’t respond to officials who insult them, lie about them, degrade them, or otherwise slam their professionalism are fading.

Case in point: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryll Glenn’s ridiculous attacks on The Denver Post.

Glenn said last week he would no longer talk to The Post, explaining on KFKA radio that the newspaper had called him a “liar” and journalists there had become “advocates,” which he finds “totally unacceptable.”

Rather than ignore the unsupportable attack, The Post’s Joey Bunch responded on Twitter:

Bunch: I applied facts to his words until he, not I, said his words were not correct.” [here]

The Post’s John Frank then reported over the weekend:

Glenn did not explain why he is blacklisting Colorado’s largest newspaper, but in an interview Thursday with KFKA talk radio, he appeared to link his decision to the Post’s coverage of his conflicting explanations of a 1983 charge for third-degree assault, which was later dropped…

The coverage of the incident did not call him “a liar.” A campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to questions Friday…

Glenn’s decision — which drew criticism from Republicans and Democrats — and other missteps are disturbing to GOP strategists in Colorado, but many still hope he can regain his footing.

The correction of Glenn is good, but I’d like to see journalist call out officials whenever they attack the press, even if they do so in sweeping terms, like leveling bogus accusations of “liberal media bias.”

This year, GOP Senate President Bill Cadman did so and slid by. U.S. Senator Cory Gardner did it a few times in recent years, with no response from the media.

Glenn also appears to have had a Mike-Coffman moment, when he repeated the same line over and over. Local reporters have been good at spotlighting this behavior. (See this video.)

“My press secretary back there will handle all Denver Post questions,” Glenn told Frank four times when questioned.

You recall, Coffman infamously wondered in 2012 whether Obama is an American, and then he offer a sedcripted and unapologitic apology to 9News Kyle Clark five times in a row.


10 thoughts on “Nice to See Reporters Responding to Baseless Attacks

      1. They've "ignored" Wilburn since he doesn't do anything newsworthy.

        They are "ignoring" Glenn because he refuses to talk to them.

        They are "ignoring" Stockham exactly the same way they're ignoring Vic Meyers and Misty Plowright.

        This is stupid.

  1. I don't understand why Republicans feel the need to complain about "the media" not telling their story the way they want it to be heard when it's stupid-simple for ANYONE with an internet connection to share their story with millions of people.

    Is "the media" not sharing your story? Start a blog.

    Is "the media" not showing your public events? Live stream them.

    Is "the media" twisting your words? Record a podcast.

    If "the media" is as biased as Republicans claim, then it'll show.

    1. A significant portion of the electorate does not read blogs, live stream, or listen to podcasts. In fact, it would be interesting to know which is the smaller subset: a) those that read blogs or listen to podcasts or b) readers of the Post.

      I agree that Republicans are off-base complaining about the "liberal media," but there is a point to be made that the only way that Glenn can get his name in the paper is by saying something controversial or inflammatory. The fourth estate is dying and reasoned political discourse has to find someone else to inhabit. 

      1. Early, I seem to recall that you're a teacher. Correct? If not, no matter. Anyway,  I find that today's youth get almost none of their news from print media. It's all social media, blogs, websites, and TV. Scary, I know, because the quality control, as in editors and fact checkers, isn't there.


      2. Meh. Weak excuse. I wonder if there was more respect for the media 25 years ago when the public did not have decent alternatives to mainstream media. Now that there are alternatives, Republicans are more comfortable calling them liars and acting like assholes because there are alternatives.

  2. I think the larger issue with Glenn is that he had never before dealt with a press that was not supportive. From El Paso he had the Gazette to help him and the Colorado Springs Independent which, because of small readership, can be ignored 

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