Trump Refuses to Disown Comment About Violence Against Clinton

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Another day, another chance for Donald Trump to disown a comment that directly calls for violence against Hillary Clinton – and – again he didn’t do it. Instead,  even though he was aware of New Hampshire St. Rep.  Al Baldasaro (R) comments over a month ago, today he responded by denying he knew about Baldasaro’s comments (not true) and he called Baldasaro “a very fine person.” Really?  An elected public official calls for a candidate to be put in front a firing squad and all Mr. Trump can say is he is a very fine person.

Trump simply can’t bring himself to disown people like Baldasaro and others from the extreme right who advocate the most heinous conduct against their fellow Americans. His refusal is reprehensible and it legitimizes those who assert violent behavior.

The Republican Party is dominated and run by radical extremists. They aren’t conservatives. The American voter should take advantage of the general election to retire the Republican Party into history.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Trump getting elected would be a throwback to 1922 when Mussolini and his jack-booted storm trooper thugs marched on Rome. They weren't there to make friends and neither will Trump and HIS thugs. Cliven Bundy family anyone? 

    • Republican 36 says:

      Years ago, when I was managing Republican campaigns anyone who said what Rep, Baldasaro said would have been immediately terminated from any association with the campaign but that is no longer the case in the Republican Party. Today, when this happens they give a wink and a nod to this kind of behavior.  

  2. mamajama55 says:

    There really isn't any penalty or downside for saying these kinds of things. There are only upsides: more viewers and advertising dollars on Fox News. More hits and clicks on Breitbart and the other rightie news sites. More blind, passionate hatred of all Dems and liberals, of the idea of being "politically correct", i.e., objecting to aforesaid violence, crudity, and bigotry.

    So far, the electoral penalty for Trump seems to be minimal (since he probably doesn't want the Presidency anyway), although it may be a profound drag on down-ticket candidates.

    Check out this 5 minute  well-produced video history of how the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump. Vox, does a good job summarizing complex issues graphically.



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