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August 24, 2016 09:46 AM UTC

Sorry, Darryl Glenn: You're Still Darryl Glenn

  • by: Colorado Pols
Darryl Glenn (you can see him if you squint)
Darryl Glenn (you can see him if you squint)

On Tuesday we wrote about a pretty (unintentionally) sad moment for Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn, in which he told an audience at Colorado Christian University that his mother received an email from the campaign of Sen. Michael Bennet indicating that Glenn was within single digits of Bennet. This is almost certainly not accurate — polls show Bennet is closer to a 20-point lead than a 10-point lead — and was another telling moment for a Senate candidate who is nowhere near being ready to contend in a statewide race. But that wasn’t the worst part of Glenn’s day. Late Tuesday afternoon, John Frank of the Denver Post tweeted about an astonishingly-meatheaded encounter with Glenn:

Glenn is probably still mad at the Denver Post for having the audacity to let reporter Joey Bunch do his job and look deeper into Glenn’s weird accounts of a domestic incident when he was 18 years old. At the time, some of Glenn’s supporters bellyached about the Post story as some sort of witch hunt, which was a silly if predictable response. But Glenn has apparently decided to channel his inner-Donald Trump and start blacklisting media outlets he deems unfavorable. This is absolutely idiotic.

Glenn is a proud man who doesn’t take kindly to even the slightest of, er, slights, but his ego is blinding him to his political reality. Glenn’s campaign doesn’t have the money to do any serious advertising on television, which means his only hope of generating attention is through earned media. Stiff-arming the Denver Post may soothe Glenn’s ego, but it only hurts his chances of winning the Senate race in Colorado.

Trump has used a strategy heavy on earned media to scrap his way to the Republican Presidential nomination, and his media “blacklist” doesn’t prevent these outlets from covering him. Trump, however, has long been a household name from his numerous reality TV appearances, and now that he is the Republican nominee for President, media outlets have no choice but to report on his campaign. Darryl Glenn is just, well, Darryl Glenn.


4 thoughts on “Sorry, Darryl Glenn: You’re Still Darryl Glenn

  1. I wonder if he will change his mind in the next 11 weeks?

    I guess if you see the world as a Manichean struggle between right and wrong, with you on the side of the right, not cooperating with opponents makes some sort of sense. That helps clarify his early comments about not wanting to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats. And if a newspaper tells a story about you that isn't what you recall, then obviously that is an attack by the liberal press. And if you don't like what the leadership of your party is doing, then obviously, they are not to be trusted, either, and you should not vote for the current Senate Majority leader.

    All those choices come with a price. How large a defeat will it be? And will the combo of Trump and Glenn be enough of a drag to undercut US Representatives and state legislators?

      1. The no humans involved text editing has really gone to the dogs.

        Nonsensical but properly spelled words.

        Just this past Sunday several regional novels were briefly reviewed under the headline… Regional Nonfiction.

        I've given up being aggravated by the almost daily improper use of "an" instead of "a", apparently to even out the edges of columns.

        Immigrants used to be advised to read the newspaper every day to help them learn proper English. I think the Denver Post should now come with a prominently posted warning…

        Do not use as an English language learning aid.  Will only cause error and confusion.

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