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August 20, 2016 07:29 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We suffer more from imagination than from reality.”



56 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

      1. Too late, Duke. Those Trump statues will be forever in the public consciousness now. Just as I can't see Sarah Palin without thinking of Tina Fey and "I can see Russia from my house", just as I can't see Trump speak without noticing the size of his hands, artists have done their job in fixing this image of Trump into  American minds.

        It is definitely a "Yucch!", and I suppose it's a violation of Trump's privacy and of some kind of libel laws, although I can't see Trump suing. What would he say? "Mine's bigger than that"?

          1. That's the standard for defamation but not privacy.

            As for any claim of invasion of privacy, the man is a virtual exhibitionist. He's told us way more than we care to hear about his sexual prowess, the purported size of his junk (he said "it's large and beautiful" in response to Rubio's comment about his hand size), and all the twisted fantasies that go through his head. About the only thing he's kept to himself are his tax returns.

          1. Or threaten to sue as he does with his smaller contractors. His lawyers will admit to a contractor to whom they're offering only half or less of the agreed amount that the contractor would probably win the suit….. eventually.… but go bankrupt in the process. The contractor, who has bills and people to pay now, not years from now, gives in but now the offer is more like a third and takes a fraction of the agreed amount, sometimes suffering failure anyway. 

            Of course his most preferred business model just calls for bankruptcy so you can pay everyone, large or small, pennies on the dollar. 

            Trump's business model is a three legged stool: screwing, suing and fraud.

            And daveb's newest strategy may be posting disgusting images until CoPol gives in and expands the damn Line. That would be Johnson at .00001%  (Trump and HRC would both be dead or in comas in this scenario at a point too late to come up with new candidates… say with the polls closed and the counting commenced) and Stein at 0%.

            1. But don't under-estimate the ability of even a dead candidate to win an election. Remember the late Governor and Senator-elect Mel Carnahan defeated John Ashcroft in 2000 Senate race in Missouri?

              But your point is well-taken. Johnson has such a small theoretical chance of being elected, it's pretty close to zero.

          2. Yeah, he could sue, but any judge worth his gavel knows libel law and would toss the suit out for the nuisance it is. Also, it would have to be filed in small claims court. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll go to my room now.

        1. Just guessing because I have no direct personal knowledge, but Trump might be able to win a claim that he actually has testicles (these statues are titled "The Emperor has no Balls").

    1. If you are updating the Big Line, you might re-consider your judgment on Districts 1 & 2. 5% for the minority candidates seems generous.

      To help recalculate, I went to the National Weather Service for lightning strike data. They say

      Odds of being struck in a given year (estimated total deaths + injuries)   1/960,000

      Odds of being struck in your lifetime (Est. 80 years)    1/12,000

      If many of those reading here don't know their names and couldn't identify the candidates among a choice of 6 in a line-up, the challengers' chance of winning is way below 5%.


  1. A party that claims to hate "big government" is supporting a presidential candidate who says every day how he will single-handedly fix all the things when he becomes President.

    1. They want a government big enough to torture people, big enough to exert control over a woman's uterus, big enough to engage in warrantless wiretapping, big enough to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, by deciding whether they can get married, which bathroom they can use, and big enough to decide whether someone can join the military, and what jobs they may hold within the military. The Republicans love big government!

  2. Hey Alva,your site says I am a spammer


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    1. Yeah I get that sort of thing regularly . . . 

      . . . thank god no one's yet invented a spambot that can master Alva's cunning addition test of 9 plus 3 ???

      What I don't regularly get is the "your comment is awaiting moderation" that BC often gets.  I always thought that was Alva's WordPress special torment for kitties, until I got that today on a post (a comment and link to a NYT article on Drumpf's yuuuge debt)  I entered here nearly three hours ago . . . 

      Hey WordPress, your junk is smaller than Drumpf's.  Go screw yourself.  Moderate the fuck outta' this comment, with your POS platform!

        1. It just seems to pick one of us out once in a while and force us to prove we're not a robot.  Seems to happen in bunches then not again for a long time. It's not a black helicopter thing. Lots of people here caucused for Bernie, disagree about 69 and plenty of other stuff and some of us are just obnoxious as hell but we don't get blocked on purpose.

          1. Some posters here appear to be snark-detecting challenged. So for the record, I am not actually suggesting that Alva knows my thoughts and thus purposefully tries to block me with high level math. 

            1. I am not actually suggesting that Alva knows my thoughts and thus purposefully tries to block me with high level math.   

              Oh?…Are you so sure? Maybe there is software…doubtful Alva could afford it though, I guess. I haven't been paying my dues (tithe to you, Fluffy) lately.

        2. Also, and this happened to me a few days ago, you might get message that your comment is being held up for moderation and it just drops off the face of the earth. You post another comment and it's fine. Once again…. just a glitch.

    1. I saw that this morning and it made me happy. I save bits of news for Karen to read and discuss over dinner and I always ask her what the best and worst things were and which made her giggle and/or grouse. We decided this one gets the  prize for bestest and the giggle of the day

  3. What a day reading the New York Times!

    A Times investigation into the financial maze of Donald J. Trump’s real estate holdings in the United States reveals that companies he owns have at least $650 million in debt.

    That is nearly twice the amount apparent in his federal election filing.

    The federal judge’s ruling ensures that the issue of the private email server will continue to dog Hillary Clinton’s campaign until the eve of the election.



  4. Trump's Colorado campaign director Patrick Davies interviewed by Kyle Clark.


    Patrick Davies is a conman equal to Trump himself. He bilked a Texas tycoon of $3 million in a largely fraudulent PAC called "Vote2reducedebt", ultimately paying himself and his friends over $400,000 for nonexistent campaign services. He also worked closely with one of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal operatives.

    Kyle Clark tried to pin Davis down about Trump’s “Deport Muslims” policy. Davis dodged, weaved, didn’t answer.

    Davies said in the 9news interview that it's "fair game" for Trump to repeat  rumors about HRC's "failing health", which have been spread by Sean Hannity,  debunked by Clinton's doctor, debunked again by Rachel Maddow, and debunked a week earlier by yours truly on Kos.



  5. Why Joy Reid should replace Chris Matthews:

    Matthews excels at asking follow-up questions, which is what a journalist should do. He was able to get Trump to admit to a belief that abortion should be punished as a crime.

    But, as we agree on here, Matthews is also rude, obnoxious, and annoying, tends to talk over and interrupt his guests, and not allow them to answer his questions.

    Reid accomplishes the same journalistic objectives: asking probing initial and follow-up questions, getting at the truth, not letting guests slide by on talking points; however, she manages this with class and grace, seldom raising her voice. For example, here she was yesterday (9/20/16) telling Trump's black spokespastor:

    ‘Even a pastor cannot make things up on this show’



    1. I like both and would like both on. MSNBC has time they use/waste on prison shows.

      If MSNBC makes a decision to give JR a regular show it will be based on ratings. Chris Hays would likely be the loser

      1. I wouldn't miss Matthews who I see as an out of touch dinosaur, obnoxious preference for listening to himself bloviate over letting guests complete a sentence aside, but agree about all those Lock Up shows. What's up with those?  Guess they must be cheap and get ratings.

  6. Really, Jeff…and what, pray tell, is "a dangerous area of the globe"? A number of nations have issued travel warnings to their citizens about travel to the U.S. And not just for Zika.

    Rudy Juliani is the chair of Trumps' security advisory group…what else needs to be said?

  7. In an apparent concession to Bernie Sanders, presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton plans to back the creation of a "public-option insurance plan" under Obamacare and allow Americans at the age of 55 to enroll in Medicare.

    Clinton's campaign announced the subtle platform shift in a statement Saturday, saying the proposals affirm the candidate's "career-long fight to achieve universal health care coverage for Americans." It is the first time she has formally endorsed a public option health care plan since entering the White House race. 

    well…whattaya know?


      1. It’ll be interesting to hear where the money is coming from.  

        Kidnapping ISIS members and holding them for ransom?

        Make the doctors pay for it?

        Sell Nevada to the Chinese?

        lots of options…cheeky


      2. If it goes through, I might jump.  I just got notice that after 3 letters in a row saying that despite my nice little insurance company being bought by Giganto Behemoth Insurance Company nothing was going to change, they are no longer offering insurance on the eastern slope.  Where I live.  Of course.  So I will be looking for my fifth insurance company since the exchange opened here in Colorado. 

        The only problem is that a lot of docs are probably going to boycott Medicare again soon.  That happened a dozen or so years ago and it got ugly very, very quickly for the seniors.

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