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January 20, 2009 01:56 AM UTC

Another Republican To Watch In CD-4?

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports:

Fort Collins City Council member Diggs Brown is trying to mount a congressional campaign even though he is thousands of miles away from the district and can’t talk to voters for 10 months.

“When I return to Colorado later this year, I will make a final decision on whether to run or not,” Brown said in an e-mail interview with the Coloradoan.

“So much can happen between then and now. However, I continue to receive encouraging e-mails from back home, and while I have been in contact with people, my availability is going to be sporadic and unpredictable in the very near future, as you know.”

Brown, a major in the Colorado National Guard, was called to active duty late last year for a Special Forces mission in Africa. He still is a member of the council until the April election but is not involved in city business.

The details of the Special Forces mission haven’t been made public.

He can’t engage in political activity while on active duty, so a group of Northern Colorado Republicans has created a “Draft Diggs” movement to build momentum until his military assignment ends in November.

We don’t claim to know much about this guy (yet), but it appears he could kill you several different ways before you knew what was going on. That definitely counts for something.


8 thoughts on “Another Republican To Watch In CD-4?

    1. .

      in some other context.  

      Are you maybe expecting Mike Coffman to move to Fort Collins and vie for CD-4 ?  



      Reading this is not worth the time it will take; I posted it, but that doesn’t mean you have to read it.  

      Diggs serves in the same Company, I think its Charlie, 5/19 SF, from whence came the USA’s first casualty in the battle in Afghanistan, back in ? November 2001 ?

      Living in the Springs, we had not yet had any funerals locally for combat losses.  Of course we’ve had hundreds since.  So when I subsequently attended the first for a soldier from a family I knew, I had my old unit on my mind.  I’d served in Bravo Company 5/19 SF, which drilled right next to the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo in the 1970’s.  

      As Bob Ewegen can tell you, or not, many folks joined the Guard in the early 1970’s and late 60’s to avoid conscription.  

      There were two distinct types of Guardsmen in the unit:

      active duty vets, many of whom had served in Southeast Asia in really tough circumstances; and

      guys who had never been on active duty except for training.  

      Everyone knew which type every other guy in the unit was, but we all got along well.  

      I was sort of on neutral ground, having joined the active Army during the war, but never having been sent over there.  


      That National Guard no longer exists.  

      Diggs’ unit sees every bit as much combat as any active duty military unit, and far more than active duty naval or air force units.  

      But when the active duty comes home to refit and rest and train, his unit goes to work in the civilian world.  


      I don’t mean to say that military or air force service should be a required qualification for elective office, but I do remember when such service was openly disrespected.  I distinctly recall being refused service at a Winchell’s Donuts at Circle & Platte while in an Army uniform in the 70’s, and it was clearly because of the uniform.  Far worse things happened to buddies of mine.

      It warms the cockles of my heart to see soldiers and Marines celebrated and appreciated today.  


      So why won’t the highly military-dependent / pro-war CD-5 elect a vet ?  

      I believe Hefly actively avoided the Draft (please correct me on this if its wrong,) and I think Lamborn is younger than me and too young to have been in the draft lottery.  

      There have been at least 4 outstanding vet candidates in the last 2 election cycles, Rayburn, Rivera, Fawcett and Bidlack, and possibly Anderson.

      I think folks here like having the military contribute to the economy,

      but I don’t think the locals actually like or appreciate individuals in the military or vets.

      Familiarity, contempt, and all that.  

      I don’t understand it, but I learned about that attitude in High School, where guys resented the USAFA Zoomies for dating the cutest girls in the class (like Bentley, who I think married someone from my class.)  

      So, Bravo! to CD-6, and in two years to CD-4 for electing vets.  


      and in answer to the guy who can’t make up his mind what kind of Chili to eat, red or green,

      SF guys don’t fight fair.  They’re conditioned to go around the rules and conventions.  

      Rambo, portrayed on the screen by a draft dodger, is a caricature of a Ranger, not a Green Beret.  

      A better caricature of the SF mindset is the Kevin Spacey character in the movie, “The Usual Suspects.”  If you never see them coming, how can you defend against them ?


    2. That mean’s Coffman can deliver a well-polished press release while Diggs kicks his ass.

      Coffman’s background in Public Affairs is one of the best jobs to have in the military and then transition to Politics – but only to get elected.

      Diggs can get a lot of publicity from his time in SF as an operator fighting the war on terror, but it won’t help in too much after the novelty has worn off.

      However, SF guys learn to get things done with what they have or what they can steal. PAO’s have to parrot the official line to whoever’s listening, and really can’t freelance past that.

      If Diggs can get elected, he might be the thing the Repubs need to jump-start their Party. There was a time when they had a large core of Vets in their Party, and they actually gave a shit about them.

        1. but his last couple of gigs, including his last deployment to The Suck was as a PAO.

          He may have been commissioned as a Gun Bunny, but that’s not been his job lately.

  1. with Lucero. If Diggs runs, neither will be able to win.(Unless of course one is obviously the front-runner or it is just the two of them in a primary which I doubt.

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