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January 19, 2009 04:17 PM UTC

MLK Day Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


35 thoughts on “MLK Day Open Thread

  1. About time y’all post a quote I can get behind. On this day, I add a quote from another great man that the establishment deems too radical (i.e. correct) to give a day to:

    “I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.”

    The Late Great ElHajj Malik El-Shabazz

      1. Which cabinet departments are not full of incompetence and at least a little purposeful calamity?  And why stop at the national level?  By that broad stance all gov’t workers but firemen are spending more time watching Jerry.

            1. Firemen get a bad rap for not being busy.  They constantly get called out, which I didn’t know before I did some work with some officials from Denver Fire and spent time in the firehouses.

                1. Maybe some background.  I’m on the law enforcement side of things, and they have a constant rivalry with the firemen, talking about how much free time the firemen have.

  2. As we move to a hopeful future, Dr. King would surely be proud that almost 70 million Americans fought their way through the obfuscations, the smears, the accusations, the smoke and mirrors, and the outright lies, to use common sense and cast a vote for the more qualified candidate.

    Perhaps the best way to remember the soon to be former administration’s contributions would be to read “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein.  

    1. Today is the anniversary of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. And tomorrow we see a giant step forward in the realization of that dream.

      This is a great country – because while we fall far short of our ideals, we keep striving to reach them. And in that effort, we move forward.

  3. that they too can grow up to be President regardless of race, ethnicity or creed, it won’t be a pretty lie.  If not only a black guy but a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama can become president while we’re at war with terrorists based in Muslim countries and after eight years of fear and hate mongering by the criminal regime in power, then anything really IS possible. This IS a great country. We CAN still right the ship of state. Happy Martin Luther King Day!  

  4. we had our first ever MLK parade. Pretty cool. About 30 of us walked down the avenue about 5 blocks to the courthouse where there were readings by some schoolkids and singing. By the time we got to the courthouse 20 or so bystanders had joined the parade and then another 30 or so joined us at the courthouse as folks heard the PA.

    And, Sankore, if you say there aren’t many black folks here you will be absolutely right. But, that doesn’t prevent us from revering the man.

  5. I watched the Obamas on TV doing service and decided I could too.  So I called some neighbors and pretty soon had a back seat full of canned and dried foods for the local food bank.  One problem – it wasn’t open today in honor of MLK.  Other problem is I have to work the rest of the week and not sure when I will be able to get it there.  But rest assured, I will do so.  I think the idea that we can all do things to be part of the solution is something really important.  Yes, there is a role for government, but also for the individual.

  6. The arrogance of his thinking certainly has made the country look like an ass to the rest of the world, and put the whoop-ass on the economy with a world of hurt on many people.

    1. the swearing-in is at 12ET.

      Funny, there was just a commercial here (in CA) talking about coverage starting 4am PT.  Yeah…I’ll definitely be up for that…  🙂

  7. from FOX News (so you know it’a accurate).

    Columbus police have arrested a man they say was responsible for a Web site where customers could post reviews of prostitutes.

    Police say he also helped organize a $10-a-ticket raffle that offered an evening with a prostitute.

    The 46-year-old McFadden was arrested Wednesday and faces numerous charges, including compelling prostitution involving a minor.

    McFadden formerly served as director of the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives office under Gov. Ted Strickland.

  8. .

    This is a bit of a stretch, but I could be right.  

    Last night, Miss Ethiopia 2009 was crowned.…  

    So what.

    Well, the winner was from the Nuer ethnic group, a black African tribe that predominates in southeastern Sudan.  

    Some of the majority “highland” Ethiopians claim to descend from the lost tribes of Israel, and are very aware of their “Caucasian” facial features, wavy hair and copper skin tone.  

    Wherever I look around the world, it seems that the closer two neighboring people seem to be related, the stronger the hatred that separates them.  Korea-Japan.  Pakistani Punjab- Indo Punjab.  Bosnians-Serbs.  

    Please overlook the sweeping generalizations.

    So, naturally, the “superior” highlander Ethiopians have treated the Gumuz and the Nuer and anyone else with very dark skin and Africoid (I mean this as a respectful replacement for Negroid) features who came from Sudan to the West as less than human for hundreds of years.  Until just 40 or so years ago, the blacks from Sudan were bought and sold as chattel property in Ethiopia and elsewhere throughout the Arab world.

    So its pretty big news, I think, for this girl to win.  

    I may once again be reading too much into this, but maybe Ethiopia is trying to get beyond the strictures of institutional racism, and has been inspired by the way America has embraced Obama.


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