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January 16, 2009 04:49 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Governors urge action on global warming in the midst of a deep freeze! It’s just a huge disconnect. In fact, what do they want to do? They want to make it colder?”

–Rush Limbaugh


51 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. The news of the week has conflated for me — and I’ve concluded that W has been the bird strike on our national jet engines.  But our people and our country are resilient.  We’ve crash-landed on the river of economic and international disaster, but we’re standing out on the wings, shivering, somewhat injured, shocked but alive.  There have been times I wasn’t sure we’d make it to the next Administration, but – yes, we can!

    1. ….Like our very own AS, doesn’t understand that violent weather, including cold, is part of the global warming equation.

      It’s really, really hard, this objective science stuff…….

        1. I think the difficulty would be how reasonable those people are.  This is speaking just for myself, but I would consider reasonable that people who have differing opinions do not attack criticism with character assassination, nor do they make ridiculous remarks that are not even close to being a decent ad hominem attack, much less a real argument.

          Though I really don’t care for Rush and Hannity, I see them as entertainment figures that people just happen to listen to for reasons far beyond my understanding, rather than being serious people who would like to find solutions to real problems.

              1. Its about choice, real choice & free choice. Like the ability to avoid being forced to join a union.

                After all reasonable people can agree, just like it might be reasonable to consider a delay in the new oil and gas regulations during these trying economic times.

                How is that for co-opting your strategy of changing the subject without showing any disdain.

                ps love the new pro EFCA commercials … paid for with forced union dues! After all reasonable people might agree that with passage of the EFCA if they also had the Right-to-Work.

        2. Sometimes because the listeners themselves are not reasonable, but more often because most people don’t have time to listen to multiple sources of news. So if Rush says something nonsensical, it isn’t always obvious to his listeners.

          1. the listeners themselves are not reasonable

            But more often (always) people have a choice and is that what it is all about.

            As an example, home schoolers don’t do the CSAP.

                1. who protect me and punish my enemies. Should I get a voucher (or tax exemption!) to pay for my personal security force, since I pay taxes but don’t want the police to protect me?

                  1. redstate seemed to pose that his home schooling friends still had to pay some unjust property tax, I only suggested a reasonable thought on his dilemma.

                    Sales taxes pay for cops and they are part of the strategic security apparatus. but don’t sweat it, in @70 hrs until the football gets a new QB.

                    Now if you proposed you wanted a partial sales tax rebate because they (Bush, Ritter, & Hickenlooper) failed to protect you from an illegal alien then you would have a point. Tom Tancredo might also agree with you, however, he is more concerned about the unjust wages and lack of official status that illegal aliens bare as a result of the immigration crimes they committed to access Americas freer market system.

                    I am stunned to catch you fronting for those no bid inside dealing Pinkerton’s & Blackwater’s.

                    1. Public police force = public good

                      If I chose to opt out of one or the other, I shouldn’t expect to get tax dollars back for my choice. It’s that simple. Leave your Blackwater theories and nonsense about immigrants out of it.

                    2. Nor can you can’t get your union shop membership dues back just because you want to opt out … in fact you get terminated for not joining the union.

                      Now get over to AFSCME for your instructions on the weekends EFCA rally.

                    3. Are you trying to demonstrate the benefits of home-schooling again, LT?

                      You know the rest of your garbled sentence is not true.

                      But thanks for confusing apples with oranges with pears.

    1. How about last night’s game?  How about a tribute to  our home town hero, ailing Chauncey Billups, and another ugly/pretty win? Still time to vote for our Chauncey.

      1. beginning of the game. Heard from my barber this morning (Only my hairdresser knows?? …lol)that they won. Great job, and I give a lot of credit to Chauncey who’s proving to be quite the floor General.

        Thanks for the note BlueCat:-)

  2. I got one without much fanfare, presumably because I volunteered with and contributed to the campaign. What do I do with it? Are they hard to get, and would it be worth finding someone to give it to?  

      1. Fly to NYC or Philly and take the train to DC. Go a day early and catch a show in NYC. (sorry, musical theatre: my one gay stereotype I give into!)

        Housing’s a little tougher. One potential would be Craig’s List. They usually have rooms listed there for major events. They are often someone’s guest room so something like that put it’s a place to sleep.

        If you really need a hotel situation, there may still be rooms in Wilmington, DE which is a pretty quick/cheap train ride to DC. There are other out-lying cities connected by rail that could be a possibility.

        Just keep in mind there may be some rail interruptions in the time frame right around the swearing-in itself.

        Best advice: DO NOT RENT A CAR. Driving in DC is maddening on a normal day, it will be an absolute nightmare during the Inauguration. Mass transit there is fairly good (and easy to figure out), and cabs are relatively cheap, rely on those.

          1. West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina ?  That seems a little too far removed.

            How about flying into BWI ? You should be able to get a place in DC or the burbs (somewhere served by metro) with a little looking.  

            Dan is right about the mass transit though. The Metro kicks ass.  Leave the car.

    1. I got one about a week ago, it was a generic “come to the inauguration” thing with lots of gold and stuff, very impressive looking, but it didn’t actually specify any events that I was invited to attend or anything.  I was impressed for about a minute.

      Now, you may have gotten a different one, but the one I got appeared to be a keepsake or souvenir rather than a real invitation.

      1. stand outside and watch the speech and swearing in – I think it might be an invitation for that.  I went to the one for George H.W. Bush and it wasn’t a big deal.  The inaugural balls and after parties are the big deal IMHO, which of course I’ve never been to.

        1. And my wife and I are going to keep it in our scrapbook for our young kids. Along with our TIME magazine commemorative issue on Obama. (I have three magazines in our scrapbook: The Broncos’ first Super Bowl win, 9/11, and now Obama.)

          I’m going to have to change my moniker in a couple more days, now that the Shrub is leaving. He’s the one who referred in a speech about how some see the “half glass full.”

    1. That he wants to learn how to use email after he is out of office. He hasn’t been able to use it for 8 years. So even if Rove is telling the truth, there’s not much chance George would be able to figure out how to read it.

    2. I bolded the two I thought were best. Classic:

      Thanks for committing treason at least six different ways and inspiring me to re-read the Constitution.

      Thanks for being so horrid that even MY relatives decided that they could vote for a black guy after all.

      Thanks for spending so much money that our economy is crashing–exactly what Osama bin Laden wanted.

      Thanks for being so thoroughly appalling that I became politically active.

      Thanks for recognizing that a President who ran as a Christian should definitely use the bully pulpit after 9-11 to remind everyone that Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’. Even when it is hard. Oh, wait, you missed that one.

    1. Looks likely to be confirmed now but with the long holiday weekend and Holder’s confirmation hearings sucking up all the oxygen, they decided to postpone and let the critics stew a bit.

            1. Kyl doesn’t have the votes to keep him from being confirmed, so he’ll get a political pound of flesh.

              Same old politics.

              I have to admit though, Geithner’s tax issues pissed me off.  I’ve been paying self-employment tax for years.  It’s just not that hard.

              Plus, he took the child-care tax credit for sending his kids to sleep-away summer camp.  That’s balls.

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