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August 01, 2016 07:13 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

–Steven Biko


21 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Good morning, Polsters. 

    As this story about the Putin/Trump bromance and all the associated details unfolds, I am sensing a much larger picture of sedition going on here. Gen. Michael Hayden appeared on CBS this AM. Like his politics or not, there are few analysts that compare with him for candor and insight.

    There seems to be a very shady and long-standing relationship involving Paul Manafort and Victor Yanukovych. I also wonder if Julian Assange is somehow involved.

    This is gonna get interesting.

    follow up. …watch this (these)…

    …very enlightening….

  2. So watching Trumps latest foilble, I was wondering what would happen if he did or said something so reprehensible that he lost support of the Republican party. Does the Dumpster still have the right to run? Can the Republicans put up someone else? I know there are issues about the ballot and all but aside from the name on ballot logistics, what could possibly happen?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. Even if there is a mechanism for such a thing I don't think it's a real possibility. He's their ignorant narcissistic sociopath now and they're stuck with him. Hope he takes the whole  21st century GOP down with him. 

    2. I don't think Republicans can recant their endorsement at this late date; the convention's already over. If they paid him off, they might be able to get him to withdraw and then the RNC could appoint a replacement, but that's probably the only way he's leaving – with a wad of cash in hand.

    3. "If he did or said something so reprehensible that he lost support of the Republican party." What could that possibly be? Disparage US prisoners of war? Did that and got the nomination.  Accuse a federal judge of bias based on his Mexican heritage?  Did that and got the nomination. Make several blatantly sexist and misogynistic statements? Did that and was rewarded with an exclusive, fawning interview from one of the women he insulted.  Promise to ban a group of people from the country based on their religion (in direct violation of the Constitution the Republicans claim to hold sacred)? Got the nomination. Repeatedly demonstrate his complete ignorance and incompetence on all matters of domestic and foreign policy? All he gets are cheers.

      Trump is correct. He could murder someone and still have the support of the majority of the Republican party. To paraphrase Edwin Edwards, the only way that Trump loses the support of the Republican party is if he is caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. And to be clear, in either case, the companion would have to be a minor. If it were an adult, Trump can probably get away with it.

    1. They can (and do) always say the IAVA is a liberal tool but can't say that about the VFW or Gold Star families, even to fellow Republicans. Over? From your lips to the heats and minds of all decent human beings with the vote.

  3. This is completely off topic and not political.  I hope you will excuses a true blue old man this post.


    Forty years today ago my family and I woke up at a KOA in Ft Collins. 

    We had spent the day before driving from Grand Lake, over Trail Ridge and into Estes Park.  It was, as they say, “raining cats and dogs”.

    We were pulling a small camper trailer and I was dead tired from the drive.  We stopped for gas and were told that there might be places to pull over for the night down the canyon toward Loveland. So off we went.

    As I drove down the Big Thompson, I was struck by two things.  One was the beauty of the canyon and the other was that there wasn’t a single place to pull the truck/trailer over, even to spend the night.  Every wide spot in the road was filled. Resignedly I soldiered on to Loveland and finding that they didn’t have a KOA there, we drove on to Ft Collins.

    Later on that next morning, we bought a newspaper and realized what a fortuitous series of circumstances had kept us safe.  As I read the list of the victims today, it struck me that my family’s names could have easily been there. 

    My heart goes out to the victims and their families. As a grief counselor, I know how hard anniversaries can be.  May the Peace of God be with you today.

    I was here because from childhood visits with my Mom and Dad, I had learned to love Colorado.  I was in the process of trying to arrange a transfer from El Paso, Texas in my job with Mountain Bell.

    The next day, Monday, I interviewed with my prospective new manager and got the job. We checked out the rental market and the schools.  Then we headed back to El Paso.

    We moved here 2 months later and I think I’ve been a good citizen and tried to give back to the community.  I’ve certainly spent many happy times enjoying our beautiful state.

    None of you know me, but I have lurked and learned from many of you for many years and I see you as “friends”.

    I just wanted to share this with you.


    1. Thank you for sharing. How remiss of us to be so caught up in our political discussion to fail to mark the anniversary of that awful day well within living memory. I didn't live in Colorado then but hope some of our polsters will add their remembrances.

    2. My wife and I had been camping in and around RMNP for several weeks. Tiring of the rain and driving back to the Midwest without any news we were shocked when our KC Star arrived the next day and grateful that we had left when we had, perhaps 6-10 hours from being victims 

    3. Thank you, SamCat. That was a very moving and thought provoking post. It is well to remember each day, as early in the day as possible, that each time I see you, might be the last time I see you. 

      I am one of those fortunate souls for whom life has been kind, even gentle. Tragedy has been a stranger to me to this point in my life, and I continue to strive to be worthy of all the love and blessings I have enjoyed so far.  Perhaps one of the reasons you could not find a place to park was so you could eventually write for us those profound and touching words.

      It is the fondest hope of every writer that our words should affect our reader… I know yours have touched me.That you have learned something from the madness arrayed in front of you daily on these pages is the highest complement I know.

       Thanks again.

    4. I remember it vividly. I wasn't quite 11 when it happened (my birthday's about 2 weeks away). It was only last year that I learned that an acquaintance from political circles lost her entire family that awful night. If you post here, I'm thinking about you today, Julie.

      1. That was the summer I moved to Summit county from Grand Jct. so we were glued to the reports about it  . It was a very juicy monsoon that year, as memory serves. We lived below the dam in "Trailerthorne", as we lovingly called it, and I recall great concern about the Dillon reservoir overflow.

  4. Mike Pence: defends Trump's attacks on the Khan parents, blames Clinton and Obama for Captain Khan's death. When Captain Khan died in 2004,  HRC was a junior US Senator, BHO was still an Illinois State senator,  and George Bush's Iraq war of choice was in full swing. Somehow, Pence omits this factual information.

    -factchecked by teacherken on Kos

    1. Somehow, Pence omits this factual information.  

      The suspension of disbelief has already completely captured the mind and soul of the Indiana governor. Otherwise, how could he have even considered the act of desperation he chose when he signed up to be Trumps' sidekick?

      I'm beginning to wonder if Trump will get 15% by November. Is the Republican party headed for minor party status?

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