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July 29, 2016 11:04 AM UTC

Get More Smarter on Friday (July 29)

  • by: Colorado Pols

Get More SmarterWe hate to bring it up, but when you return to work on Monday…it will be August. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


► Democrat Hillary Clinton formally accepted her party’s nomination for President to conclude the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday evening. As the Washington Post reports, Clinton’s acceptance speech was tailored to a much broader audience than Republican nominee Donald Trump’s speech week earlier:

If you already support the former Secretary of State, you loved her speech to the Democratic convention last night. If you’re skeptical of her but trying to convince yourself to get to yes—whether because you backed Bernie Sanders or you’re uncomfortable with Donald Trump—there was plenty for you.

Trump’s acceptance speech in Cleveland was all about shoring up his base. He could have given it last summer. Clinton’s speech here was about winning the general election. That will require shoring up recalcitrant Bernie Sanders boosters, making gains with independents and running up the score with women.

In an attempt to accomplish all three aims, Clinton carefully threaded the needle on issues big and small.

Trump responded to Clinton’s speech by Tweeting a bunch of angry stuff. He is still mashing away at the Twitter this morning.

Oh, and Trump publicly criticized retired four-star General John Allen because he supports Clinton.


► Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper was his familiar former-businessman self in his prime time address at the DNC on Thursday. As the Denver Post reports:

Using his own life as a foil, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday blasted the business record of Republican Donald Trump — mocking the former star of The Apprentice for his famous catchphrase.

“Now I’ve never hosted a reality TV show, but I know the true mark of a successful businessman is not the number of times you say ‘you’re fired,’ ” Hickenlooper said, riffing off an attack that’s been used all week at the Democratic National Convention. “It’s the number times you say ‘you’re hired.’ ”

Hickenlooper wrapped up his remarks a few hours before Clinton took the stage to accept the Presidential nomination.


Donald Trump is in Colorado today for a fundraiser and public event in Colorado Springs as well as a gathering in Denver. For more information on how you can try to get a glimpse of The Great Orange Hope, check out this guide from Denver7. As the Colorado Springs Independent reports, not everybody in the Republican stronghold of Colorado Springs is pleased that Trump is coming to town.

Oh, and sorry, kids: No field trip for you!


Get even more smarter after the jump…


► Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh is stepping down to return to private practice. From the Denver Business Journal:

Walsh — a U.S. Department of Justice official — is the top federal prosecutor in Colorado. He has served longer as Colorado U.S. attorney than anyone since the 1980s, according to his staff.

He plans to leave office Aug. 10. Bob Troyer, first assistant U.S. attorney on Walsh’s staff, will become the acting U.S. attorney on Walsh’s departure.

Walsh has served as U.S. Attorney for Colorado since August 2010. The next President will appoint a new U.S. Attorney in Colorado — or recommend that Bob Troyer keep the job — and the U.S. Senate will theoretically approve the appointment before the end of this decade.


► Donald Trump’s Campaign Director in Colorado is dismissing anti-Trump RNC delegates from our state, calling them “Insignificant going forward.”


► State Sen. Laura Waters Woods (R-Arvada) is not on the Trump “naughty list” and will apparently get some sort of special recognition from His Hairness for being an early supporter.


► Supporters of Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn are lashing out at the Denver Post for, you know, reporting the news and stuff. Glenn and his backers are mad that Post reporter Joey Bunch had the audacity to question Glenn’s claims that he was not involved in a 1983 assault charge — Glenn actually said at one point that it might have been “some other Darryl Glenn” who allegedly assaulted his father (now deceased) as detailed in an archived police report.

As we’ve said repeatedly here on Colorado Pols, this is only a story because Glenn made it into one with his absurd initial responses to a fairly obvious question.


► Kudos to the Aurora Sentinel for not letting Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) re-write his own history as a staunch opponent of Donald Trump:

Coffman originally endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for the GOP presidential nomination and has not publicly endorsed Trump, though a Coffman campaign spokeswoman in February told the Colorado Statesman — when asked if the congressman would support the GOP nominee over Clinton or Bernie Sanders — that “the answer is obviously yes.”


“Trumpkin” may or may not be an offensive term.


► Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York), likely the next Senate Majority Leader if Democrats win back the U.S. Senate in 2016, believes that a new era of lasting Democratic majorities is on the horizon.


► TABOR daddy Doug Bruce will be back roaming the slums of Colorado in September. As the Denver Post reports, a parole board granted Bruce early release from prison, where the former lawmaker was serving time (again) for violating terms of his probation. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Bruce conned convinced the parole board that he took full responsibility for his actions and was genuinely remorseful.



► If you didn’t get your super-secret invitation to the super-secret Koch Brothers “donor retreat” at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, maybe you can sneak in alongside Sen. Cory Gardner.


► The City of Boulder appears to have reached a contract agreement with the 400-member Boulder Municipal Employees Association.



► Executives from the soon-to-be-defunct Sports Authority may not have such great seats for Denver Broncos’ games anymore, but there are still (sadly) plenty of perks remaining for driving a company into the ground:

Once an operator of 460 athletic-gear outlets, Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy protection and began going-out-of-business sales in an effort to pay its debts. As the liquidation entered its final weeks, Sports Authority unveiled plans for bonuses to four top executives, people the company doesn’t want to name…

…The bonus money is needed to encourage the executives to do their best in the company’s final days, according to Sports Authority’s lawyers. Confidentiality is appropriate to protect morale, and prevent competitors from using the pay data to lure Sports Authority’s leaders away, the company contends.

Do a good job and finishing closing this company and we’ll award you with millions of dollars!


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20 thoughts on “Get More Smarter on Friday (July 29)

  1. Liar Trump is at the Wings over the Rockies tonight. Steer clear of Quebec St if you're heading home from work. 

    #JillNotHill #NeverHillary #NeverTrump #WeArentSheep #DemExit

    1. Thank you for the traffic report, D.P.

      But will it be as accurate as your political prognostications? I seem to recall you predicting in the fall of 2014 that the Dems would retain the U.S. Senate and retake the House. 

  2. Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter ID Provision

    “In holding that the legislature did not enact the challenged provisions with discriminatory intent, the court seems to have missed the forest in carefully surveying the many trees,” the Fourth Circuit panel said of the district court ruling that upheld the law passed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly. “This failure of perspective led the court to ignore critical facts bearing on legislative intent, including the inextricable link between race and politics in North Carolina.”

    The appeals court added later, “Faced with this record, we can only conclude that the North Carolina General Assembly enacted the challenged provisions of the law with discriminatory intent.”

  3. "Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh is stepping down"

    Since federal non-prosecution of Colorado medical marijuana is strictly speaking something that happens only based upon the policy pronouncement of the Colorado U.S. Attorney, this resignation has the potential (however small) to lead to significant changes in federal involvement in the Colorado marijuana industry.

    1. Doesn't the U.S. Attorney take directions and orders from his or her superior, in this case, Loretta Lynch? Short of President Drumpf appointing Governor Donuts to be A.G. – and Drumpf's son in law would probably veto that appointment – there probably won't be any enforcement of the federal law re:  weed in CO anytime soon.

      1. U.S. Attorneys do report to the Attorney General, but have a lot of autonomy, and a lot of the stance for Colorado was worked out at the U.S. Attorney level, rather than as a matter of national policy, partially for political reasons, and partially because the state by state issues are distinct.

  4. Gotta appreciate the thought of Trump having his event in "a 1938 facility with 1938 infrastructure," I wonder if his Art Deco convention backdrop is traveling with him, or at least the humble TRUMP sign that was its centerpiece.

    Space for 3500 … I guess we can find out if Trump is able to bring out more than half capacity on Friday evening instead of a Friday morning at the Western Conservative Summit.

  5. Has anyone shared the latest polling numbers with Andy Carnegie? These were taken before Granny's speech last night so they wouldn't reflect her bounce but according to Real Clear Politics:

    Missouri Post-Dispatch has HRC up by one point in a four-way: HRC 41, Drumpf 40, Johnson 9, and Stein 1

    Pennsylvania one-on-one, HRC leads Drumpf by 9% (50% to 41%). In a four way, she still leads him by 9% (46% to 37% to 5% to 3%). In this case, Jill Stein is completely irrelevant.

    Oregon is close:  HRC is at 43% and Drumpf at 40% w/ Johnson at 6% and Stein at 3%.



  6. Do you think this was plagiarism:

    One Candidate says: This isn't about Black America or White America or Hispanic America or Asian America, this is about the United States of America

    Another says: This isn't about Black America or White America or Brown America, this is about the United States or America.

    One was Barak Obama at either the 2004 or 2008 Democratic National Convention and played before his speech on Wednesday night.

    The other is Darryl Glenn at the 2016 Colorado Republican Commercial and playing on your TV now in the form of a campaign commercial.

    Me thinks there is a problem here.  Hopefully someone in the Colorado press will pick this up and run with it.  Can you say Mrs. Trump?  Can you say Scott McInnis?


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