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January 08, 2009 04:31 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

–Thomas Jefferson


52 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Well we’re now on day 2 of no internet connectivity at work. All we got from Qwest yesterday when we lost our connection yesterday morning was that “they made a mistake” and it would be fixed by 11:00pm yesterday.

    The way our company works, with no internet, we’re dead. Not only that, but customers, potential customers, etc – they all communicate with us by email. So they’re now all assuming that we’re just not answering them as we can’t get the email to respond to it.

    When you have inept management at a monopoly like Qwest, it harms many many other companies. And as the state grants that monopoly, I’d like to see the state step up and insist on competent management at Qwest.

    1. this is an example of why I keep an account on Yahoo.  They will also let me download my POP 3 account into Yahoo Mail.

      Been a lifesaver a few times.  

    2. Well we talked to a number of people way high up at Qwest and the end result was that they’ll get right on it… tomorrow.

      Sent everyone in sales home where they all have internet connections. Still no email, but they do have access to SFDC which we live on.

      At work on the dev side we got an amazing amount done with zero interruptions. So that was productive.

      But on the negative side, we have ignored all incoming emails, both for sales and customers. And for support, unlike Qwest, we work very hard to resolve all questions within 2 hours – not 3 days.

      I’d love to know what the CEO at Qwest would do if their internet dropped and his IT department jerked him around for 3+ days.

  2. Thank you, God. I couldn’t take another day of 85mph gusts.

    Pretty out, too. It’s already warm and it’s not even 8:00 a.m. Hurray!

    1. Gusts or continuous, it’s annoying above a cooling breeze.  

      Reminds me of a Ray Bradbury (IIRC) story about landing on Mars and the first line was “Outside, the wind was rising.”  The rest of the story was a masterpiece of fear of the humans, while the Martians used the wind to sail for pleasure. The wind died down and then the story ended with the same line as the first…….

      1. I can actually understand what they mean by “cabin fever” after yesterday. I’ve lived here 17 years and have never seen wind like what we experience up here. It makes you kind of batty after awhile, hearing the house creaking and being battered nonstop. I don’t know how people in hurricanes live through it. They are obviously made of tougher stuff than most. 🙂

        1. according to Channel 9 last night.

          that has to be a record.  I am going to climb it in a few weeks, so I hope the wind is gone by then, but its always bad up there.

        2. Urban legend has it that crime goes up during those 3-4 day hot dry winds.

          I’m not so sure, but my experience is feeling a little off kilter during those winds. Just sort of a sapping of energy and being on edge. No scientific explanation, I’m sure.

          I can see where someone will go over the edge of appropriate behavior.  

    1. Yesterday was definitely tough. I have a feeling today will be the toughest day. Still going cold turkey, and I actually think I’m going to make it.

      That being said, I would kill for a F&^%ing cigarette.

          1. You can do it, you know; and you will.  It will be too embarrassing if you don’t, we will all deride you, so in order to avoid public scorn and obloquy, you must avoid cigarettes!  

                  1. When all the reporters knew he hadn’t quit.

                    No biggie.  Obviously that’s a pretty stressful environment to stay on the wagon.  Just being snarky.

                    I say let him smoke in the oval office if he wants.

                    1. I wonder sometimes if George W. Bush might have been a good President if he’d have openly drank once in a while. Certainly I never understood the whole “I’d rather have a beer with Bush” thing, considering he claimed to be a teetotaler.

                      I agree he should be able to smoke (and drink) if he wants. I expect the President to be smart and work hard, but I don’t see any reason he should act like a Puritan.

        1. Not that the current crop of “journalists” are much above that measure.

          Come on, Joe’s an idiot.  How many times did he say something that was illogical or a non sequitur?

          I hope he doesn’t earn more than $250K or his taxes – if he pays them – might go up.

          1. He may be simple, but he’s not stupid.  That’s the point.  He didn’t follow Obama around, he was on his front lawn playing football and called out Obama on the fact that his taxes would go up if he made more than $250k/yr.

            For that, his financial records were illegally accessed and leaked by a max Obama donor State Employee, and he continues to be taunted at every turn.  For what?  He’s not accountable to you.  He’s not an elected official.

            You don’t have to be a genius to realize that Obama’s tax “break” gives money back to non-net-tax payers, paid for by people that really aren’t that rich.

            He also joined many of us by saying how embarrassed he was at McCain’s campaign.

                  1. Thanks.

                    Joe is simple AND stupid. He could not sort out simple facts like he will never make $250K as an unlicensed plumber’s assistant.  And he shouldn’t speak up when he owed back taxes.

                    Flash to Joe: Get a license.  Take some business classes.  Make a decent $50K-$75K living with an assistant.  If you get really, really busy, sub out some of your work.  Things get better, open Joe’s Mega Plumbing Service.  Now, and only now, might you make $250K.  And that will only happen LONG after Obama is out of office.  Don’t think your trade is interstellar when you are in the septic tank.

                    Joe is simple AND stupid.  

            1. .

              I didn’t realize that Jared and his party caucus had voted to repeal term limits for committee chairs.

              This way, the most senior, wisest Representatives can make the major decisions without having to trouble the less knowledgeable, less experienced members.  

              This should help undo the gridlock and get things moving again.  So what if the “representative” part of representative government suffers;

              folks like Congressman Rangell have our best interests at heart.


            2. he’d know when to keep his trap shut.

              Look, McCain and the media gave him a soap box and he just loves the attention. Unfortunately, people started asking him questions that require some knowledge to answer. Rather than defer, he just spewed. In my mind that’s simple and stupid.

              Now, somebody wants to make a buck by leveraging Joe’s 15 minutes. If it’s carefully scripted, he’ll come off OK (and be ready for the 2012 campaign). Otherwise, he’ll sound like any other bubble head.  

            3. since that’s just wrong. Everybody pays taxes, and if you’re poor, you pay a much higher percentage than if you’re rich. Sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes (as much as I like them), FICA taxes, Moe’s Special FICA tax, they’re all regressive taxes.

              That’s precisely why right-wingers only count income tax as a “real” tax. Because it’s the only progressive tax we have.

  3. .

    Tie-in to Colorado Politics ?  Just as weak as the Joe-the-Plumber stuff above.  

    Somalis have it pretty bad, most of them.  Meles Zenawi, invading 2 years ago from Ethiopia, didn’t do much to improve the lives of Somali poor.  Pulling his troops out now won’t make much difference, either.  

    Some folks think that he CIA put him up to it.  If so, it would have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 Million to pay for this intervention.  

    Would that money have been better-spent on developing local leaders who could provide security and stability to their local communities ?  

    You might find this incredible – I myself have trouble with the accusations of ships dumping toxic wastes on shore –

    but Somalis, some of them, see the Pirates as striking back on their behalf at the powerful nations of the Earth who are despoiling their vast marine resources.  



      1. but dumping nuclear wastes?  Gimme an effin’ break.  Outta the zillions of square miles of deep international waters said ships said, “Let’s go to Somalia?”  Riiiiiiiiiight.

        Any ships dumping nuclear waste, I’m sure, came for the likes of North Korea.  I’m not sure sure even NK would bother to sail to the horn of Africa.

    1. because European and other ships dumped nuculear waste in waters near Somalia, then pirating is OK.  

      A Somali pirate ship isn’t the Rainbow Warrior.  They’re in it for the money just like everyone else.  Sheesh.  

  4. Obama’s going to appear in Spider-Man. He’s a comic book collector and fan, so this is probably even better to him than winning the White House.  🙂

    That last panel made my day.

    1. It always “cracks me up” when, at the end of these recruit our kids ads (so that many of them come home in body bags or unable to live a normal life….ever), it says “paid for by the U.S. Marines! I call bullshit. Those ads are paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

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