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July 25, 2016 07:34 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

–Elbert Hubbard


44 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. I worked a bit for beth, so I'm biased, but

      She has been a legislator, denver manager of safety and an ada, thus has made law, been in charge of running law enforcement and done in line duty.

      The things I care about are juvenile justice issues.  Her record here is outstanding.  Prosecutors used to have sole discretion to charge juveniles as adults.  As a state rep beth channged the law so there is now a hearing before a judge and the juvenile is represented. 

      Beth supports juvenile diversion programs to give kids a second chance .

        1. Yes, it's quite the reward to be placed in charge, honorarily mind you, of tilting at windmills in places Democrats will never hope to win wink

          1. And probably tilting windmills with a greatly shortened lance … what sort of resources do you suppose will be available for Alabama, West Virginia, Kansas and Oklahoma?

    1. I can understand your feelings but honorary, meaning without any real role of any kind, is just a kinder gentler way of throwing her under the bus. But you are right that it would have been better not to offer her even this fig leaf.

      1. I've heard that DWS is "difficult" at times; this kind of meaningless sop might have been necessary to keep her from essentially taking her ball and going home in a way that injured Democrats.

        BTW, "honorary chair" apparently means she's not really in charge, even of the 50-state strategy program within the campaign. (DWS isn't a 50-state strategy person anyway; if Hillary means to have a 50-state strategy, DWS isn't someone to put in charge of it.)

  1. I enjoy civil disagreements. It's one of the things that keeps me coming back to this site. Yeah there are a few flame-out shout-fests but there's still the occasional arguments that are worth reading. The argument in the comments about the TPP in the Tim Caine post is worth reading.

    I also wanted to call out certain people for their conduct in the discussion I started in the 7/11 open thread about the Castile shooting. Thank you Bluecat, Pseudonym, mamajama55, exlurker19, Phoenix Rising and Diogenesdemar for the discussion.

    1. Thanks chickenheed! V is a contrarian and a curmudgeon, but answering some of his extreme contentions spurs me to get educated about some topics, and hopefully, pass what I learned on. It also adds to the diary queue, which is getting longer as the summer days get shorter.

        1. News flash: Mickey Mouse is a fictional cartoon character. His creator, Walt Disney, had some fascist tendencies, as I documented. Sentimentality about our national mousey icon should not be used to sway people to allow the TPP's intellectual property rights extensions to pass.

          1. Let's just hope Steve House didn't simply give Moddy AC's password. Coincidence they both posted after a long layoff (pun intended 🙂 within a few minutes of each other?

  2. Fox News' role in the rise and reinforcement of Tea Party/Repub-Cons/Herr Drumpf being quite clear after all these years makes one wonder how the culture of sexual favors, harassment, and cover up that Roger Ailes and other Fox Executives constructed affect the channel and its (other) primary goal of electing Republicans?

    TELTER: You’re saying, Gabe, this is going to spread quite a bit further?

    SHERMAN: Yes, people I talked to inside the company feel that the only way to change the FOX News culture is to move out all the executives that Ailes had elevated into positions of power. There was a loyalty test.

    Another thing that I’m hearing is that Bill Shine, Roger Ailes’ deputy, played a role in rallying the women to speak out against Roger Ailes accusers, and lead this counter-narrative to try to say, don’t believe Gretchen Carlson and the allegations. If that is indeed the case, that again—the Murdochs will have to say, this is a guy, these are managers who helped enable and tried to protect Roger Ailes who presided over this culture.

    At that point, CNN’s Dylan Byers and Bill Carter noted that getting rid of Ailes’ lieutenants could be catastrophic to the network and to Republican politics.

    BYERS: Look, it’s clear that there’s a culture there and it’s pretty pervasive and that obviously raises some questions for the Murdochs about how far this needs to go, how far the internal reviews need to go.

    But, again, I want to go back to just thinking about this as a business. It’s one thing to get rid of Roger Ailes, and it’s quite a huge and historic thing to get rid of Roger Ailes. These are these executives who sort of keep the ship running, they keep things going on a day to day basis.

    If you’re starting to talk about getting rid of Bill—you know, Bill Shine, Jay Wallace, Michael Clemente, all of those figures, you’re running into a situation where you really have no one who knows how to run this network on a day-to-day basis. That would actually purely from keeping this thing going and I do think FOX News—

    STELTER: Yes.

    BYERS: — at least in the short to, you know, mid-term, is going to be just fine. If you get rid of that entire level or if there are questions around those people, that’s truly catastrophic to the network on how it functions on a day-to-day basis.

    Rupert Murdoch ain't no dummy, but his businesses do seem to operate at the edge of the law around the world.

  3. Watching the Bernie or Buster demonstrations on TV I’m struck by the fact that they're pretty much as predominantly white as the GOP convention attendees. Just younger. Could be a junior league Tea Party demonstration.

    Even if the Bernie Or Busters (who at this point have no right to call themselves that since their vows not to support the President Bernie needs to retain and grow his power actually make them just plain old Bernie Busters) do wind up holding out until the bitter end I don't think that's where we win or lose.  I don't think this is an election that's going to be determined by grumpy old or self righteous young white folks. I think it's gong to be determined by the kind of voters you'll see plenty of when they show the Dem convention floor.

    1. I'll make you the same offer I did after DavidThi also cried all is lost.   I'll bet you $100 Hillary Clinton wins the election No,8   You get the field, Trump and your sainted Jill Scott.  If the elections ends in the House of Representatives or the Supreme Court, the bet is off.   Assassination of a major Party candidate also cancels the bet.  [Not trying to buy trouble but the continuing breakdown of civil society makes this all too likely a prospect.   Pray for the Secret 
      Service to come through]

      Do we have a bet?

  4. Wellington Webb is speaking at the DNC! He still looks strong at 75.

    On superdelegates, WW praised Sanders' contributions to the Democratic party. "Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are our champions! They both deserve our cheers.

    I ask you to cheer for Bernie when he takes the stage, and also for Hillary."

    This really should go without saying.

    Sanders delegate (didn't catch her name)  talking about reforms to the superdelegate system and "serious structural reform".  She stopped short of saying that the rules committee had approved any changes to the superdelegate system.

    I notice that the "ayes" always have it. To my ear, No's are equally loud. But the chair, Ms. Fudge,  always calls it for the ayes. I'll buy Voyager a craft beer if she ever calls it for the No's.

    Now my Bernie peeps are pissing me off, chanting over John Lewis.

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