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July 19, 2016 03:57 PM UTC

Never Trump Protestors Plan Final Display of Resistance

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE (5:10 pm): No big surprise, but last gasp attempt failed to, uh, gasp?


UPDATE (4:23 pm): Colorado announces 31 votes for Ted Cruz, 4 votes for Donald Trump, and two abstentions. Colorado announcement is booed by the rest of the crowd.


UPDATE (3:52 pm): Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the “Permanent Chair” of the RNC, just kicked off the official nominating process for Republican candidates for President and Vice President. Watch the live feed here.

As Politico reports, delegates at the Republican National Convention who are supportive of the #NeverTrump and “Free the Delegates” movements are planning one last hail mary revolt this evening:

“We’re still furious,” said Regina Thomson, a Colorado delegate who helped lead the “Free the Delegates” movement in support of the conscience vote. “Look how many hundreds of people took time off work, spent thousands of dollars to be here … their vote meant nothing from beginning to end. They’re angry and they should be.”…

…Invoking a conscience vote could spark a return to the convention floor chaos that marred the opening of the GOP convention Monday. The roll call, set to begin at 5:30 p.m., typically starts with Alabama and proceeds alphabetically through the 56 states and territories. The chair of each delegation – typically the governor or state party chair – announces to the convention how many votes its delegates cast for Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and other candidates. But anti-Trump delegates may challenge those counts and force their states to poll their members. Under the rules, the chairman of the delegation is required to count the votes. But a new provision in the rules adopted this week requires that only the bound vote be counted by the convention secretary, Vermont delegate Susie Hudson.

Anti-Trump forces and their allies are also expecting Republican Party leaders and the Trump campaign to work to prevent any tactics they have at their disposal. One option they’re watching out for: skipping the roll call vote altogether. If delegates suspend the rules – which requires a roll call vote – then moves to declare a nominee “by acclimation,” it’s possible the convention could nominate Trump without going through the motion of a state-by-state roll call, preventing the possibility of a public spectacle.

The state-by-state roll call vote is scheduled for 5:30 pm (EST). We’ll keep you updated here at Colorado Pols as the chaos in Cleveland continues.



5 thoughts on “Never Trump Protestors Plan Final Display of Resistance

  1. Funny how the media ever explains how those 43/46 Cruz delegates from CO actually got chosen.  Then again, does anybody actually understand how they got chosen?  For such a sanctimonious bunch, they sure had an ominous way of getting there in the first place.

  2. I hope Chuck Plunkett can tell us about all the Reasonable Republicans who'll work with Hillary when she wins, and who can bend a little on their Libertarian (maybe Chuck was just joking.-ed.) views and compromise for the greater good. (David Brooks is here to help intellectualize the affects of many years of lies, hate, misinformation, duplicity, incompetence and venality, though it seems like Chuck is quite capable.)

    I don't see that happening in the next 4, or even 8, years….

    This observation by Josh Marshall is important:

    Numerous speakers from the dais, including some of the top speakers of the evening, called for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned. At least two – and I think more – actually led the crowd in chants of "lock her up!" There has never been any evidence of criminal activity on Clinton's part. An investigation with a lot of pressure to find something amiss concluded that no charges should be recommended against her and that no prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton for anything connected to her private email server.

    It goes without saying that it is a highly dangerous development when one presidential nominee and his supporters make into a rallying cry that their opposing candidate should be imprisoned. This is not Russia. This is not some rickety Latin American Republic from half a century ago. This is America. For all our failings and foibles this is not a path we've ever gone down.

    This is not a disagreement about a matter of law: it is a demand for vengeance and punishment, one rooted in the pathologies of the current Trumpite right and inevitably to some extent about the fact that Clinton is a woman. If you have a chance rewatch the speeches by Rudy Giuliani or even more ret. Gen Michael Flynn. These are not normal convention speeches. It is only a small skip and a jump to the state legislator in West Virginia who demanded Clinton by executed by hanging on the National Mall. In such a climate, don't fool yourself: worse can happen.


  3. Democracy Now had the best reporting on the Republican convention I've heard. Amy Goodman interviewed Never Trump leader, Colorado's Kendal Unruh, and also another diehard Trump supporter.


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