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July 08, 2016 07:33 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”

–Mark Twain


36 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Boy am I sick of the term "Blue Dog", its legacy, Stupid Democrats who cling to its obsolete strategy and destructive ideas, and the DCCC who blindly gives them our money:

    Below are 10 anti-healthcare Democrats who ignored the White House and Pelosi and crossed the aisle to vote with the Republicans. The amount next to each name is how much the DCCC and Pelosi's Democratic Majority PAC wasted to get them elected in 2014: 

     Brad Ashford (Blue Dog-NE)- $1,522,408
     Ami Bera (New Dem-CA)- $5,857,853
     John Carney (New Dem-DE)
     Jim Costa (Blue Dog-CA)
     Henry Cuellar (Blue Dog-TX)
     Ron Kind (New Dem-WI)
     Dan Lipinski (Blue Dog-IL)
     Scott Peters (New Dem-CA)- $3,399,795
     Collin Peterson (Blue Dog-MN)- $3,943,723
     Kyrsten Sinema (Blue Dog-AZ)- $696,408

    Although his constituents have been enjoying the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, Republican Wasserman Schultz crony Mario Diaz-Balart has voted with the Republicans to repeal and curtail Obamacare every time it's been brought up;

    Bennet would be well advised to renounce his commitment to those people now, while it matters and will show some spine, and brace himself for a mini-scolding from a few Republican Op-Ed editors and maybe his old pal Mark Udall.

    1. "Bennet would be well advised…….."  If his advice is coming from you, I think it's pretty safe for Bennet to ignore it. After all, would you rather have Daryl Glenn as your next US Senator? 

  2. White people luvs them some open carry and AR15s and Ammosexual activities almost always. Except if the AR15 is carried by a black guy:

    On Thursday night, during the police protests in Dallas that erupted in gunfire, a black man legally carrying a gun was mistaken for a suspect by city officials.

    The Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Police Association, the largest union representing the city’s police department, both tweeted a photo during the event of a young, black suspect holding a gun. The photo was plastered across national news.

    Under Texas law, people can legally carry openly in most public places, including on the streets where the protests occurred.

    Dallas police misidentified that guy and now he’s getting death threats and the police haven’t retracted their mistake even though they cleared him of any suspicion. Maybe some of our friends here on vacation from Texas can explain the hypocrisy.

    1. Fuck this article. A bunch of officers were shot and killed with a long gun and this guy was seen in the area with an AR15. Of-fucking-course he was considered a suspect and it wasn't because he was black. It was he was carrying a fucking AR15!

      This article is bullshit and a half. Hughes did all the right things. He carried responsibly. When he found out he was a suspect he contacted law enforcement. He was not deemed a criminal. He is not being charged or indicted. He's not even being detained. The only controversy surrounding Hughes people wanting to make it about his race when it's not.

    2. Early on this video popped up and, naturally enough, it was enough to get the attention of the police in the midst of an ongoing mass shooting and make him a person of interest which has a very specific meaning. It means this is someone they would like to talk to. It was the media and talking heads, Lawrence O'Donnell among them over and over until he was corrected about three times, who kept calling him a "suspect". The Dallas police never did.

      The behavior of both the 100 racially diverse Dallas officers and that of the racially diverse well organized protest participants was impeccable. The protest was peaceful, well organized, no rioting, vandalism or looting. The police were a non-threatening presence, many interacting in friendly ways with the protesters, none wearing intimidating riot gear or behaving in an intimidating manner. 

      That stuff like this winds up distributed world wide in an instant is the natural consequence of the nature of communication in the age we live in. It would have been all over the place in any case.

      You're full of it on this one, Zap. 12 out of 100 officers went down protecting and serving, 5 never will get up again and only two injuries were reported among the as many as 800 civilians, estimates vary. 

      Social media is what it is. While we morn the tragedy we can find some hope and comfort in the fact that, from the beginning of a text book example of an ideal protest event through the horrific denouement, the Dallas police forces and the protesters all showed the world humanity at its finest. 

      They didn't even racially profile and stop this guy exercising his open carry right. He's alive and well, unlike another completely law abiding citizen in another city who's dead because he was a black man with a busted tail light. 




  3. It is not Barack Obama who brought this about…….it is the Racist Cowardly Fearful Republican and Conservative Industrial/Political/Media Complex that has politicized nearly everything in daily life in order to maintain an anxious, violence prone base and a minimal hold on power. 

    They will blame lefties, liberals, progressives, Blacks, Democrats, Black Lives Matter.…….and this will have to be pushed back on for 100 years

    Fuck each and every one of those Coward Bastards.

    1. I blame inflammatory rhetoric. The shootings in Dallas were inspired by people saying there is a war on black people by police or that the police are executing people for being black. The shooter believed there was a war and he decided to fight back just like Robert Dear wanted to stop the killings of babies.

      More people need to be mindful of the words they say because crazy fucks are listening and they're more than likely armed.

      1. More people need to be mindful of the words they say


        Merciful heavens.  Yes, yes, yes….

        but then, that would be politically correct…wouldn’t it?

        1. I won't call it being politically correct. I just call it being fucking respectful. Also I'm full of f-bombs today so of that offends anyone. I'm sorry.

          1. I was being sarcastic. Sorry it wasn't more obvious. I was referring back to that recent story about the stupid fucker who started a website for hateful people who want to say shitty things and not be scolded by society. 

      2. The peaceful protesters bear no responsibility for a murderer. Black Lives Matter is not responsible for these deaths. Right to Life is not responsible for murders at Planned Parenthood. Free speech is incredibly important. Those who want to suppress it (usually those in power) will always blame the violence on the speech.

        1. I don't blame the Black Lives Matter movement or Right to Life for the violence. I blame the associated rhetoric that gets turned up a few notches too high.

          If you say the police are responsible for the deaths of too many black people and something should be done about it. I'll do what I can to help out and I'll be happy to take a meager amount of credit if I do something to change that.

          If you say that the police are fighting a silent war on black people and that something should be done about that then you share some responsibility when someone believes your lie and does something about it.

          It is a matter of moral responsibility that cannot be regulated without suppressing free speech. All I can do is ask for mindfulness.

          1. The Right's rhetoric is far worse and far more accessible to the public. Listen to Hannity Levin Randall Prager Beck Savage/Weiner Cunningham any number of mini-Rushes on dozens of stations in CO that have reruns, clear channel frequencies and sociopathic owners. 


            The. Tell me "both sides do it" with a straight face. 

            1. Not even close. In fact Black Lives Matters doesn't engage in hate spewing rhetoric at all. Maybe they should have called themselves Back Lives Matter Too, just to be too clear for even righties to have any excuse at all to to call them "terrorists" or blame them for violence of any kind. Big mistake figuring the meaning was obvious to racists and morons.

  4. Many of you have likely already figured out the similarities between "BREXIT" in the UK and "Make America Great Again" here in the US. The "Brexit" was fueled largely by older voters who are/were blue collar workers, have less in way of formal education, and thought that immigration was taking jobs away. With the traditional blue collar jobs having been greatly reduced due to automation and globalization, those voters were fair game for the line of "give us our country back;" or "take back our country" (from the EU bureaucrats in Brussels). Also, the leader of the Labour Party (their version of Bernie) was definitely lukewarm in supporting the "Remain" factions, of which most of his Labour MPs strongly supported. Corbyn was far more into ideology rather than pragmatic common sense. Younger voters and well educated voters strongly supported "Remain," but to no avail.

    Here in the US, the Donald gets a large majority of his support from the same type of older, blue collar voters, who are less well educated, often live in depressed rural areas, and think that illegal Mexicans have taken their jobs away, or they've been shipped off to China. There is a variation of "take back our country" here, in the desire to roll back all sorts of federal regulations, particularly those that provide environmental protection, and re-take control of our lives from the federal bureaucrats and leftists. These low information voters fall prey to the lines of "build a wall," depart from all trade agreements, and put up high tariffs on cheap goods coming into the country, all to be done to restore the traditional blue collar jobs like they were in the 1950s.

    There is still a large chance for a different outcome here in November. But our version of Jeremy Corbyn has to get off his duff and start rallying his followers to support Hillary rather than voting for Trump or just staying home. It's one thing to try and force some sort of convention floor fight over platform positions that few people pay any attention to anyway. But time is passing and opportunities are melting away, the longer Bernie waits. 

    1. Bernie has made himself clear. He will wait until the convention process is undertaken and go from there.

      And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

      Max Ehrmann/ " Desiderata" , 1927

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