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June 30, 2016 01:13 PM UTC

"Not Like Other Republicans"--Coffman's Most Craven Ad Ever

  • by: Colorado Pols

Here’s the debut ad from perennially embattled incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman, meant to re-introduce himself to the culturally diverse voters of the swing Sixth District. This ad features citizens from a range of ethnicities telling stories about how they met Mike Coffman: at an Ethiopian community fundraising event, as well as him being “very involved” in the Chinese and Korean communities–and a “real leader” on immigration reform.

The whole ad builds up to the key line delivered by a young woman, “he’s not like other Republicans.”

Folks, there’s no way to call this a bad ad, because it’s actually quite good. This is exactly the kind of sanitized, pleasing image that Coffman wants to send to the voters of CD-6. Watching this ad, it’s almost impossible to imagine this being the same Mike Coffman who called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” claimed President Barack Obama “is not an American,” or who tried to limit the availability of multilingual ballots back when he represented Tom Tancredo’s old stomping ground.

If you don’t know about Coffman’s true record, this ad could easily sway a ticket-splitting swing voter, who is repelled by Donald Trump but feels obliged to “compensate” for not voting Republican at the top of the ticket. It’s up to Coffman’s opponent, and also to our local media, to make sure Coffman’s unsanitized history gets told.

If that doesn’t happen, Coffman could well soft-light his way right into another term.


13 thoughts on ““Not Like Other Republicans”–Coffman’s Most Craven Ad Ever

    1. Pretty easy to do. Take one of these people saying he's not like other republicans, then flash "OH REALLY!?" on the screen in big bold letters, clip of Trump questioning Obama's citizenship, clip of Coffman saying "But I do know this, that in his heart, he's not an AmericanHe's just not an American" about Obama, and there you go. It's more effective if it happens to run right after his. 

    2. Actually ColPols is recognizing that it's a good, effective ad and also noting what a load of crap it is judging by any objective analysis of Coffman's past statements and votes. It's not a matter of being mad or not liking it.

      It's a good ad because it's effective and it's effective because, by any objective standard, it's deceptive. I think that's the accurate objective analysis.

  1. This Coffman? 

    About 75 folks showed up at the first meeting where we gave speeches, and asked each and every person in the bleachers what they thought and what they expected of a Tea Party. The response was terrific and our patriotic spirit had been re‐ignited. We set a date and promised another meeting the following month. I started to call and email our politicians, not actually thinking they would return the call or email, let alone thinking that they would come to a meeting out in the boondocks. They responded quickly and agreed to come to our meeting in May. Our Congressman in Washington Mike Coffman was our first speaker, Greg Brophy our Senator in Colorado, along with our representative in the Colorado House Cindy Acree and Candidate for Governor Scott McInnis all showed up, spoke and took questions from our group, now over 250 strong. Attending at their own request the Candidate for U.S. Senate and former Lt. Governor Jane Norton appeared on stage, spoke and answered questions from the crowd, many now wearing apparel with our Tea Party logo. 

    1. Elbert County, right? I was there… and thought it was a good meeting where people did actually talk, disagree, agree and get answers. So, I'm not sure what your thoughts are Michael.


      1. I recall the tweets our little watermelon farmer shared with the world from that meeting. In the context of this diary they are indeed laughable. I have them in a file somewhere – I'll share if I come across them. 

  2. Morgan Carroll and her team know what they're doing. She has a solid record on the issues important to Aurora voters, tons of money $715,000 for campaigning so far, (OK, Coffman's got 1.3 million) , and all she has to do is point out Coffman's inconsistencies.

    I'd do a graphic animation with a spinning head, showing Coffman's head spinning around on immigration. Maybe work "two-faced" in there.

    Then his "oversight" on the VA hospital. People are plenty pissed about that. Did you know that the new hospital won't even have a psychiatric wing?  Because, you know, veterans, they never have any psychiatric problems.

    They're asking for an extra 550K to build an inpatient psych wing. Somehow Mr. Oversight missed that there was no psych wing in the blueprint while he was being a Congressional watchdog over the VA building.

    And heads are still rolling on this clusterfuck, while Mike Coffman just trots out his faux outrage once every few months. 

     Graphic for the  VA hospital ad? Mike Coffman, standing tall, saluting empty space, doing "oversight" while a speeded-up version of 10 years of construction debacles spin around him. You could even have the rolling heads, while the project still gets further and further behind and more and more expensive, and veterans and families  (kitchen table conversation shots) worry and blame Mike Coffman.

    You're welcome, Morgan Carroll.




    1. I'm flabbergasted about the lack of a psych department in the original plan! What were they thinking? A huge fraction of the folks coming back from Coffman's glorious war has neurological damage.  It's awfully hard to separate TBIs from psych disorders, and they're often inextricably linked. Those vets are going to need a lifetime of therapy, medication, and rehab. Were they planning to farm them out to already overburdened, underfunded civilian facilities? How thoughtful of them.

    2. No psychiatric ward?! Who isn't aware of the emotional problems associated with PTSD, problems in marriages and managing anger, and the many suicides? I am shocked by this stupidity and coldness toward our Vets. Ah, but it does reflect the Washington insider game. Awful. Can't blame it all on Coffman, but he's in the mix for finger pointing. 

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