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June 28, 2016 06:25 PM UTC

2016 Primary Election Day Open Thread #2

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE 9:05: Lots of results in now. GOP incumbents Gordon Klingenschmitt and Janak Joshi both go down in El Paso County. Leslie Herod wins in the Democratic stronghold of HD-8. Rhonda Fields way ahead of Sue Ryden in SD-29.

For much for that: CD-1 Rep. Diana DeGette crushes challenger Chuck Norris with over 86%. In CD-5 Doug Lamborn whoops upstart challenger Calandra Vargas, but we suspect we haven’t seen the last of her.

Democrat Jeff Bridges narrowly leads Meg Froelich in competitive HD-3.

And Beth McCann wins big, perhaps anticlimactically big, over Michael Carrigan in the Denver DA race.


UPDATE 7:34PM: In HD-42, Dominique Jackson is crushing con-man Eric Nelson in a Democratic Primary.


UPDATE 7:21PM: Election results from the Secretary of State’s office available at this link.


UPDATE 7:10PM: Darryl Glenn has a sizable lead in early returns out of El Paso County — the home county of both Glenn and Robert Blaha. As of this writing, Glenn had 28,000 votes in El Paso — 20,000 more than the next highest candidate, Blaha.





Stand by for results.


30 thoughts on “2016 Primary Election Day Open Thread #2

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            1. My late Abyssinian/Siamese mix loved to have his belly rubbed but it wasn't lack of self respect. He was the biggest in his litter, a total alpha male, adored from birth, completely confident that no one would dare hurt him because he was top cat.  He saw accepting worship, including belly rubs, as his due. Loudest purr I ever heard, like a little lion. Never would have put up with wearing clothes, though. I miss him every day. Still not used to watching TV without a big heavy lap full of my big ol' darlin'.

              1. Our friends are so precious and we miss them so much.   I think my wife has cried every day since our beloved dachshund Maguffin died two weeks ago.

                  1. My dog Dixie died in 1962 andI still miss her.  Our serving dachshund, Riley, misses Maguffin greatly too, but his affection is helping us get through it.  

                    1. Obviously losing a human is a greater grief but losing an animal companion affects your every day life to an incredible degree because, aside from the humans we live with, our pets are so much more a part of our every day routine.

                      Besides my husband the next being I spend the most time with is our remaining cat who is also aging and has never been the same since she lost her "other" 15 months ago. We got them both as little kittens at the same time so she had never been alone for a second before in her life. It took her months to get over the acute stress of her new situation and she’s never gotten over it completely. We just spoil her to death to keep her as happy as possible for as long as she's with us. She keeps us happy, too.

  1. As of now, women rule:

    Lois Court winning her Senate race

    Beth McCann doth kicketh Butt of the guy POLS constantly claimed was "frontrunner" tee tee

    And Datz winning DA in Adams. {she ultimately lost]


  2. Buh-bye, Chaps… Here's hoping you slide into internet obscurity, and that nobody will ever care about any of your crazy fear mongering, or send you money, or vote for you in any public office, ever again.

    I’m happy to have done my part to make you disappear.

  3. It's a bit scary that so far, Republicans have voted for their candidates in greater numbers than Democrats have voted for theirs.

    Pols, if this Republican "turn-in" advantage remains when 100% of ballots are counted, I expect some analysis, or at least informed griping.





    1. pretty simple mj.   The evil party had a statewide Senate race.   The forces of righteousness had a few legislative and DA contests.   Of course, they out polled us,


  4. Pols says Beth McCann "anticlimactically" whipped the guy they flacked relentlessly as the next coming of Dale Tooley and/or Clarence Darrow?   Is this my chance to be a really sore winner and recall just how many times pols front paged puff jobs on Carrigan and slams on beth?   And that it even refused to front page the excellent diary Jason Salzman wrote about how Carrigan took $50 k in dark money from frank Salazar to run a smear sheet on beth.

    "Anti climactic"?   How about the voters saw through your weak ass efforts to slant the facts for your establishment Golden Boy?   But will I gloat?   Nah.

    Hah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARK

    Hah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARKHah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARKHah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARKHah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARKHah hah hah.   Hee hee hee.  Ho Ho Ho!  Whooo whooo  har HAR HAR  SNARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's nice to be able to gloat …errr… celebrate knowing the seat is safe Dem in


    Did I mention that pols' ballyhooed "frontrunner" had his ass handed to him by one of the state's finest public servants and a woman to boot?

    Oh, I did mention that?   But just once, right?  Oh, three times?   So, 47 to go!

    har har tee tee who hoo!

  5. Evening folks. Praise the Lawd and pass the dutchie celebrating the Satan incarnate Klingenschmitt (translation: Dingleberry) losing his primary tonight. May Hell roast its fires even hotter when it is time.

    (yes, I'll take a welcome back cheers from everyone)

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