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December 27, 2008 07:19 PM UTC

Markey Makes Most Vulnerable Dems List

  • by: Colorado Pols

Like we’ve said for weeks now, Rep.-elect Betsy Markey’s blowout defeat of Marilyn Musgrave was just the first round, with the real test coming in 2010 as she tries to avoid becoming a one-term wonder and the GOP vigorously tries to render her exactly that. The Fort Collins Coloradoan’s Bob Moore reported on Christmas Day:

Markey hasn’t yet taken office and Republicans already are targeting the 4th Congressional District as an opportunity for 2010. One Republican, University of Colorado Regent Tom Lucero, already has declared himself a candidate and several others in the GOP are expected to follow suit in the coming months. Markey’s already ranked seventh on Swing State Project’s list of most vulnerable House Democrats in 2010.

“It’s a fairly conservative district. Moderate, I’d guess you could say,” Markey said in her post-election interview.

“I’m going to need to pay very, very close attention to the constituents here and be in touch about upcoming legislation, holding town hall meetings, getting feedback on policy issues before they come up,” she said.

It’s a good thing for Democrats that everybody seems to be taking Markey’s vulnerability seriously–not because of Tom Lucero, who Markey can only dream emerges as her opponent. That would be conceding the election to her. Not happening. But the GOP will produce a formidable, well-funded challenger for Markey in 2010, reflecting a growing recognition that this seat is absolutely vital to any Republican comeback in Colorado.


11 thoughts on “Markey Makes Most Vulnerable Dems List

  1. “I’m going to need to pay very, very close attention to the constituents here and be in touch about upcoming legislation, holding town hall meetings, getting feedback on policy issues before they come up,”

    If she follows through on that, she will win.

  2. First Cary Kennedy won’t be Senator and now this. Markey is going to have to work ten times harder to keep herself in office than she did to get there in the first place. This is news to all of those who live under a rock with their fingers in their ears going “lalalalalalalala”

  3. Am I missing something Pols?  Are you already trying to clear the field for her?  Food for thought, but I would seriouslly take a strong look at Lucero as the GOP candidate.  The talk I hear is that Hillman isn’t going to throw his hat in the ring, and Cory Gardner will be easily pegged as a life long politician (my thoughts).  Say what you will about Tom, but he knows this district, and is a smart guy.  If the only thing you can come up with is a shot at the guys fashion sense, then he’s at least off to a good start, politically.

    1. If she is wise in choosing staff and finding people that know and love the district I say the seat is her seat for as long as she wants it.  Great constituent services can make or break a Member in Betsy’s shoes.

  4. Yes, now that the CO GOP has lost it’s favorite cheerleader the Muskrat (sorry for that mental image kids) I’m quite SURE the next candidate will be ‘well-funded’ – assuming the folks DOING the funding are still in business by the end of the year. Real estate is taking some pretty savage hits lately… watch the condo sales in Hawaii for tip-offs on donations.

  5. that Markey will have to work this district hard and intelligently for the Democrats to hang on to this seat.  The idea of a Democratic congresswoman from Fort Collins is unsettling to many people in this district.   As I’ve said here before, Markey represents the ‘other’ culture of the 4th:  Cosmopolitan, travelled, professional, educated, steeped-in-tech.  Agriculture and oil/gas are the centers of economic gravity in the counties of the eastern plains.  I hope that she’s not using her campaign staff to staff her district offices.  She needs to get a staff who like and understand the district.  

  6. National Security may be the primary issue in 2010.  GOP needs to put up a nominee with a military background to distinguish themself from Ms. Markey.    

    1. Constituent service
    2. Lots of public events in the district
    3. Have we turned the economy around

    Fortunately she has total control over the first two. She has virtually no control over the last but I think Obama & team will get this done.

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