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December 25, 2008 03:24 AM UTC

CD-7 Democratic Primary

  • by: A-bob

If Perlmutter is choosen by Ritter to fill the Senate seat, who will you support for the democratic primary?

There are a lot of possibilities out there and even more not mentioned here below.

Some names include Mike Feeley, Renny Fagan, Polly Baca, Sue Windels, state senators, state reps, citycouncilmembers and more.

Vote for your favorite so far and tell everyone who you think will run.

Here is what I’ve got so far…

Mike Feeley (2-1)

Came to a recount in 2002 when we were Red, times have changed and now we’re blue. Can he fend off Perlmutter’s ‘favorite’ though?

Renny Fagan (3-1)

Rumored to be Perlmutter’s choice. Can he raise the ID fast enough to be a front runner?

Polly Baca (6-1)

Hispanic community supports. Can she raise the ID?

Moe Keller (9-1)

Has the experience and credibility. Can she raise the funds?

Karen Middleton (12-1)

Opportunities always open to her. However, she hasn’t even served a term in the House?

Sue Windels (15-1)

Lots of experience. Can she come back from the 2008 blow though?

Andy Kerr (20-1)

Big on education, but that’s about it. And with a young family, is this what he wants?

Betty Boyd (25-1)

High approval and knows how to campaign. Can she raise the ID?

Dave Thomas (25-1)

Big blow in 2004 is a setback. Can he raise money this time?

Danielle Radovich (35-1)

Chief of Staff to Congressman Perlmutter. Does she even have anything to run for?

Aaron Azari (45-1)

High approval and has bi-partisan experience. Does he really want more in politics and with the economy so bad being in the banking industry is seen as a negative?

Debbie Benefield(45-1)

Has the approval, but can she raise the money or the ID in time to announce her run?

Morgan Carroll (50-1)

Has the approval, but can she raise the funds needed to compete?

Sara Gagliardi (60-1)

Barely fends off easy opponents for her House District. Can she raise her ID, the funds and even have a chance at winning?

Mike Melanson (70-1)

Only winning by 10 points on a democratic year, with loads of money and a nut running as the opponent shows he really doesn’t have that great talent we think he does.

Now you all probably know I’m biased, but I still want to here if you have other names too.

Who do you support for the CD-7 Democrat Primary?

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41 thoughts on “CD-7 Democratic Primary

    1. Would there really be a primary or will candidates be selected by party officials or vacancy committees.  It would seem to me that the cost of a primary in addition to the election would be excessive.

        1. IIRC, the six or seven vacancies around the country last year all resulted in primaries, with one resulting in a runoff after the primary as well (in Georgia, now represented by Rep. Paul Broun).

          Unless Colorado has very strange non-uniform standards, I think there will be a primary here. Vacancy committees only rear their heads for Senate/House vacancies on the state level.  

          1. that will designate a candidate to the ballot from both parties, though others even of the same party can petition on to the ballot, though that is not likely.

  1. Danielle Radovich is a woman. “He” doesn’t have anything to run for.

    Aside from that, not a bad list, A-bob, except that you left out a number of other Aurora lawmakers who stand at least as much chance as Middleton.

      1. But Morgan Carroll has a high profile and many fans.

        If you’re that unfamiliar with the eastern half of the district, I have to wonder at your assessment of some of the other candidates.

        You seriously think Dave Thomas has better chances than Kerr or Boyd?

      2. Morgan Carroll is the best and brightest person I have seen come along in state government in a long time. Far from some “knee jerk” liberal, Carroll has sponsored and gotten passed legislation by engaging all interested parties and working for a consenus. Her record as a legislator has been all about accountability and transparency in both the public and private sector, and would run well to a public outraged by the total implosion of our economy, brought on in large part due to the lack of accountability and the failure of government to properly regulate the marketplace.

        After serving two terms in the House, Carroll ran for the SD29 seat (encompassing a large part of the eastern CD7) and won with 69% of the vote.

        She’s bright, hard working, spot on with the issues, and she knows how to win elections. She has my vote for sure (I’m in CD7)  

  2. Assistant Majority Leader Andy Kerr and Senator Morgan Carroll are the ones to beat. I’ll explain why if/when Perlmutter gets the nod.

    Some thoughts on your comments on the others:

    Feeley – Would have no trouble bringing Ed on board. He has before, and he did his bit while Ed was running. But Beauprez beat him, and that won’t help his bid this time.

    Fagan – I don’t think money would be an issue at all. Between Romer and Salazar, they will turn out the donors.

    Baca – Good pick.

    Thomas – For what it’s worth, he told me last year that he was done with partisan campaigns. People’s minds change, though.

    Radovich-Piper – I hadn’t considered her before. She would shine in the office, but walking precincts and parades never struck me as her thing. I wouldn’t underestimate the power she will wield as Chief of Staff to the Senator. I think she is great where she is now, but if at some point she decides to run for something, I don’t envy anyone standing in her way.

    Azari – Really? During the Bank Bailouts?

    Benefield – Tends to go it alone in her campaigns and shun the County Party structures. That often works to her advantage in her district, but might impede a larger run.

    Middleton – Another god pick, but Congress would be rushing it. Give her a minute to try on her new job first.

    Windells – She didn’t win the County against a corrupt Republican during a strong Obama year. She won’t be able to win CD7 without getting big numbers in Jeffco. If you are going to consider Windells, consider Kathy Hartman first.

    1. Andy Kerr has very young children so a D.C. life would be very hard on the family life.

      The same with Karen Middleton, baby came on board September.

      All the others have some hold back, mostly out of elected office a long time.

      1. I think Andy and Tammy, Karen and Larry have it all handled pretty well. It is not like they aren’t used to busy careers as it is.

        Not that it is ever easy to live in that situation, but I think that all of them would find ways to make the adjustment. For the Middletons, their family has a lot of built in baby sitters amongst the older siblings, so the discussion might actually be more about Larry’s non-portable job.

        Danielle R-P has a toddler too. She actually ran Eds campaign while quite pregnant.

        Now, if Bristol Palin wants to run…  

    2. Azari may be a Banker – but old syle and one of a handful of clearly responsible ones. His Bank declined the governmments bailout – with a “no thanks – not needed”. Respected, non-partisan, articulate and connected, with deep roots in the community – he is a political asset to the Dem’s in Jeffco.

    1. Andy lives in Lakewood and represents it in the House.

      I am not sure if Betty Boyd lives in Lakewood or not, but it makes up much of her Senate district.

      Deanna Hanna lives there, but all things considered, (well one thing considered, actually) she would be a long shot. Karen Kellen is awesome, but not very well known. And if Arthur Brock would get into politics, he would run the world, but that’s not going to happen.

  3. So seems like ID is the big problem. Since the state senators and reps would have to resign to raise funds it would be best to have someone who isn’t part of the state assembly.

    That being said money is the most important way to raise ID (so is working your ass off but that only goes so far). I would say either Fagan or Feeley have not only a good shot at the nomination, but would be excellent in the race itself. Because the race would occur so quickly the Dems would need someone with a large network who can hit the ground running (like Ed’s own case for the Senate). I think under this criteria, Fagan or Feely would excel.

    1. I do not agree that legislators are by default eliminated. A couple of scenarios are possible:  If Gov. Ritter delays the election long enough, or a legislator leaves the legislature.

      We, the Democratic Party, have a great bench and can fill in any cascade created by a legislator going to D.C.

  4. This will be a key race to win since it will be seen as a referendum on the Dems fall blowout and 2010 prospects.  With the loss of the Senate Seat in GA, the pundits want to say the R’s are roaring back.

    In the general, you will see the DCCC in force, Perlmutter campaigning hard and probably even a spot or two from Obama.  The candidate will have access to the Obama machine which might get fired back up again to keep Obama’s agenda moving.

    As a result, the money will come, the staff and field will come and the Dems will keep the seat.  It’s just a matter of who prevails in the vacancy committee.

    1. is that it’s a gigantic general election ballot. That’s what they had in Hawaii with over 50 candidates.

      A giant problem in this case for an evenly divided seat like CD-7 is if the Republicans run one strong candidate and we Dems run 2 or 3 – the Republican wins.

      1. There will be a single candidate appointed by the vacancy committee so unless somebody finagles their way on the ballot without a party affiliation, that would be the show.

  5. Sad that Pols decided not to include Joan on the list.  She may live 1 mile from the 7th, but she’s well known in JeffCo and would make an excellent candidate for the party.  She’s tested, has the connections to raise a ton of cash in a pinch.  She would be the best candidate to gear up and run.  Plus her name ID is through the roof in the metro area.

    1. not Pols’ — but you’re right, there are more than a few failed congressional candidates within a stone’s throw of the 7th District. This is Hank Eng’s chance!

      Considering the Republican prospects, John Larew ought to be at the head of the line. None of the others had the gumption to step up this year. None of the others have a Segway.

    2. Although I greatly respect Fit-Gerald’s resume and accomplishments, why would you select someone who (1) Doesn’t even live in CD7 and (2)Just lost in a bid for the adjacent congressional district.

      Carroll lives in CD7 and just won SD29 in the eastern part of CD7 with 69% of the vote.

      Elections have consequences. The winner takes the office, the loser goes home.

  6. Jacob Smith is another rising Dem star.  Very active in the environmental movement and has already risen from Golden City Council to take a very hard fought Mayor’s race in 2007.

    I don’t think the Mayor’s spot in Golden will be the last we hear from this young activist.

    Maybe Congress?

  7. Golden Mayor Jacob Smith should be on your list. He’s got a strong environmental background, beat the incumbent mayor, and gave a great introduction to Barack Obama in Jeffco this fall  (“As a mayor of a small town, I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t selected to be Barack Obama’s running mate”).  Maybe he’s not ready to be vice president but he’s someone to watch.

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