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December 24, 2008 04:00 PM UTC

Christmas Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

After all, Jesus is the reason for the season.



51 thoughts on “Christmas Open Thread

  1. Thanks for letting a snarky Republican chat with you all.

    I’ve grown really fond of so many of you.  Have a great holiday.  

    I’m off to prepare for tomorrow because my 2-year-old might actually explode with excitement.

    1. But then again my girls were both born in December and thus were (and will be) exactly two at Christmas… A two year old nearing three might be different.

      Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. It still doesn’t make me like the ducks that crap and swim in my pool.  They aren’t a protected species, so maybe my Christmas dinner plans have changed…..

    1. Tradition, or at least when I am cooking the December 25th dinner (I occassionally have guests of various faiths and beliefs), is a duck dinner. And, in the past for large gatherings, it included a goose.  Others traditions ducktated a turkey for Thanksgiving.  

    1. Few restaurants are open and the ones that are go all out. The food is usually fantastic and there’s zero clean up afterwards. A win win. 🙂

      Pam, I’m not sure where you live but check with your local Chamber for which restaurants are advertising to be open on Christmas. They should have a list.

      1. Saw this every Easter and Christmas at the Brown Palace.  Sure, some people make good tips, but those don’t filter down to the cooks and dishwashers and all the behind the scenes staff. I’m sure many of those would much rather be home with family.

          1. I just had grilled chicken wings on a stick, a Coke, and some karaoke.  It wasn’t fancy, and wasn’t neat, but the folks there were having a great Christmas with friends and family.  And isn’t that the point?

            There’s something poetical about some cultures celebrating Christmas like we celebrate the 4th of July; something about births of new revolutions.  Not sure what it is, but it is interesting to ponder.

            And, yes, working on Christmas sucks.  But you wear a Santa hat, play carols on your harmonica, and get by.  Besides, who else gets to share airspace with St Nick himself?

            Merry Christmas, all!

            And for those of you with young’uns eagerly awaiting the Big Visit by the Big Red Guy, you can tell them that you have it on good authority that he’s progressing well in his circum-sleigh-vigation of the globe.

              1. I recently discovered, by way of significant negative personal experience, how lucky and spoiled we are by a beer heritage in the Reinheitsgebot.  Breweries in our part of the world may not hold to its letter, but they hold to its spirit.  One need only have one’s liver overrun by not only alcohol, but numerous foreign “preservatives” to learn the difference.  Basically your liver says “Alcohol I can handle, but what’s all this other stuff?  You’re on your own, buddy,” and you have a long night.  

                I’ve always thought that a nice creamy porter with a hint of mint would make a good Christmas beer.  Maybe some cinnamon and clove, too, but what do I know.  Know of anything like that?

                Merry Christmas, and enjoy some of the Good Stuff for me.  🙂

      2. None of the chambers I called had a list.  Denver Visitors had a short list, Brown Palace, major hotels in Denver and Aurora, one restaurant in Golden, Summit Steak House Aurora, and a guess that many Asian restaurants will be open too.

            1. .

              aren’t Sephardim and Arabs part of the Caucasian group ?

              You must know that “Aryan” refers to a group originating on the banks of the Indus River, and the modern Persian nation is named after the Aryans.



              1. no anthropologist me.

                But we all can recognize that the swath of people in the Middle East look different from most tradittional European stock.  

                Despite perhaps incorrect terminology, I’m sure you can see what I mean.

        1. No, that’s Carol Chambers. Call her, she’ll know who’s open on Christmas, and if she doesn’t, her husband, Nathan, will.

          Just don’t pass on a wish for Christmas cheer — it might enrage her and she’ll try to execute someone.

    2. which is probably where we’ll be.

      And of course Chinese restaurants are typically open. Even without “A Christmas Story,” Chinese on Christmas would have become a 151-family tradition. Yum!

    3. Village Inn, Denny’s, and the sort.

      If you want to enjoy a little higher end Christmas, Maggiano’s is good. I ate there for Thanksgiving this year. But get a reservation first.

    4. I found several lists of restaurants open Dec. 25th, a couple of which are for this year.

      The hotel restaurants are the majority.

      The Summit in Aurora and India’s Restaurant, Tamarc and Hampden, are the closest to me.  

      Boulder and Fort Collins have quite a few open today.

  3. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper comes out on top among four Colorado Democrats in terms of the percentage of people who like him vs. those who don’t, according to a poll released Wednesday.

    Pollster Floyd Ciruli took the poll in September, at a time when voters were intensely focused on politics leading up to the November presidential election.

    Hick leads in poll among state Dems

    He released his findings amid speculation over whom Gov. Bill Ritter would appoint to fill the U.S. Senate seat of Ken Salazar if and when he is confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

    Salazar, Hickenlooper and Ritter all ranked within a point of each other in terms of favorability in the poll with ratings of 59, 58 and 57 percent respectively. Senator-elect Mark Udall trailed with a favorable rating of 49 percent.


    1. He’s always releasing polls that are months out of date. Maybe he conducts them all himself, so it literally takes months to make the calls and compile the data.

  4. To all of you who make up my e-family, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Keep safe on the roads, don’t drink too much, and remember the “reason for the season”!  🙂

  5. I really don’t celebrate religious holidays, so I mostly hang with the solstice-observers this time of year

    But I do celebrate the begining of a new Year quite heartily, both on Solstice when the astronomical event can best be marked and on Dec 31st/Jan 1st when the calendar changes.

  6. The Minnesota Supreme Court today rejected Sen. Norm Coleman’s request for an injunction to prevent certification of the election based on original vs. duplicate absentee ballot challenges.

    And word is leaking out that the two parties have agreed to a relatively restrictive definition of absentee ballots mistakenly not counted.  The Court ruled today to extend that counting period to Jan. 4th.  The Canvassing Board meets on Jan. 5th, leaving enough time for the Secretary of State to certify the election before the Jan. 6th swear-in ceremony.

    Absent some as yet unforseen challenge, it appears Al Franken will be going to the United States Senate.  

    The Coleman camp claimed the ballots before the court were duplicate votes, but presented no evidence to the court to that effect.  The Franken camp countered with other scenarios where an original might exist without a duplicate, and presented two affidavits confirming one of those scenarios in two precincts.    (Under MN law, an unscannable original is marked “Original #x” and a duplicate is made saying “Duplicate #x”; both camps agreed to count originals and toss duplicates, but not all marked originals could be matched to duplicates…)  The court therefore denied the injunction against certification, but left open the possibility of a post-certification court process.  Coleman could persue that process, but such challenges after the fact rarely result in expelling the seated Senator/Congressman from their seat.

  7. In a couple of words, we are in deep doo-doo.

    I applied to be a driver assistant in September.  I worked for UPS as driver four times in the mid-90’s.  I knew my age might be a factor, but I also knew that UPS will hire “iffy’s” just to avoid OEO issues.  I never heard from them.

    My brother asked the local guy how business was.  “Terrible.”  The trucks are “empty”, they hired only a few seasonal people just in case things picked up.  It’s not much different than any other time of year.  

    A very bad indicator.  Well, the indicator is good, but the information isn’t.  

    1. I mean, that’s terrible news, but great reporting. I think we’re all going to be surprised how poor the Christmas retail numbers are this season. They’re being masked anecdotally because crowds are big, but my merchant friends say their sales are down as much as one third compared to last Christmas.

      1. I’ve mentioned here about the Brown Palace being way down, my friend’s bar down by almost 70%, and now this.  

        I like the Purchasing Agent index I read about a long time ago.  On the premise that PA’s are the fastest to buy or not buy, a very rapid snapshot of what’s happening.  

        1. use those kind of data to predict what the broader indices are going to show — one problem is filtering out all the noise from local variation — factors like weather and Broncos games — so they’re more meaningful than anecdotal.

          That said, I like the Cyclops Index — the more single headlights you see driving at you at night, the harder time drivers are having. (That can also vary based on time of month, proximity to paydays.) Lot of burned-out headlights on the road lately, I’d have to say.

          1. ..the pickups in the alley collecting scrap.

            When I moved to Englewood in 2001 the economy was down and a lot of people were cruising the alley for scrap.  Subjectively, that number went down over the next several years as things picked up. Er, the economy, not the scrap. A lot of those trucks also had muffler and windshield indexes made obvious.

            The problem with cyclops is that headlights don’t burn out near as fast as they used to, so their will be a lot of lag between time of downturn and a dead headlight.  

  8. I hope the message of this holiday season is hope for all of your dreams, tolerance and understanding in all of your relationships, and peace to your souls.

    As the liberal non-religious bastard on the website, (who spent a day putting up Xmas lights, and a scrawny pine tree that no one else wanted), I post this quote for my view of the holiday season:

    “The xmas holidays have this high value: that they remind Forgetters of the Forgotten, & repair damaged relationships.” Mark Twain

  9. from TPM is a really good story. The Bush administration rushed through some BLM leases – and because of the rush an environmentalist was able to bid and forced the oil companies to pay more than the usual very low fees they are used to.

    An environmental activist tainted an auction of oil and gas drilling leases Friday by bidding up parcels of land by hundreds of thousands of dollars without any intention of paying for them, a federal official said.

    The process was thrown into chaos and the bidding halted for a time before the auction was closed, with 116 parcels totaling 148,598 acres having sold for $7.2 million plus fees.

    “He’s tainted the entire auction,” said Kent Hoffman, deputy state director for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Utah.

  10. Just like my first Christmas here in 1959. Hard to embrace the holiday, just doesn’t fit the image of a white Christmas.

    It’s 75 and will hit 80, the humidity is 85%, sweating does no good at all.

    And the local paper does its obigatory How Wonderful It Is Here Instead Of Being In The Frozen North story and photo:

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