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June 18, 2016 07:16 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“A man should be upright, not be kept upright.”

–Marcus Aurelius


43 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Well, this campaign is going through the looking glass. Here's a campaign ad produced by Florida Democratic Party.

    You can see more at:

      1. Thanks. Priceless. Wonder if he'll complain, Newt style, that quoting him is a lie. Since you like these ads can we assume you’re not really in the better Trump than HRC column?

        1. Never was. I love how people project things into what I post. I post a question and folks read it as a statement and jump me for it. With very rare exceptions, I mean exactly what I say – no more, no less.

              1. I consider voting third party a tacit better Trump than HRC vote for those who line up somewhere on the left. For those on the right who would normally vote for the R, third party is a tacit better HRC than Trump vote.

                1. I basically agree except I consider 3rd partyvotes half votes in that deny hillary a vote that " should" have gone to her but does not go to trump.

                   Or vice versa.  Assume Hillary has 10 votes and Trump has 9.  Marx and lenin vote for jill Stein.  Hillary still wins 10-9.  If they had voted for trump, he wins 11-10.  So athird partyvote is a half vote for the binary candidate most removed from the third partyvoter.

                  1. That depends on if Marx and Lenin usually vote for the Dem. If so, their votes would be subtracted only from HRC if they chose third party or no vote in this election, having voted Dem in other presidential elections. 

                    If they always vote for the Green party or another third party or don't vote at all then their votes don't take away from either major party candidate as they wouldn't have gone to either of them in the first place. They certainly were never going to vote for Trump so no loss, not half a loss, to Trump.

                    Votes that normally go to the Republican candidate but instead are cast for someone else or not cast because Trump is such a putz subtract only from Trump. 

                    That's my math and I'm sticking to it. Hope you had a lovely Father's Day.

                    1. It was a great Father's Day, bittersweet as always because I missed mine.  But my grand kids were here and made it a great day. P.S. Marx and Lenin are straight ticket Democratic voters, being registered in Chicago.


    1. It's creepy that, even assuming his feelings towards his daughter may well be entirely appropriate, he so enjoys saying things (like he'd date her if she wasn't his daughter) and posing for pictures that strongly imply otherwise. It's as if what makes him so proud of her is that she demonstrates that he not only is able to acquire great pieces of ass for his arm candy collection but he has also produced one. Look at what a great piece of ass my daughter is. Creepy.

      Ivanka Donald Trump Throwback Photo

  2. I highly recommend that readers check out jason salzman's fine diary about how Michael Carrigan used $50,000 in "dark money" from Frank Azar to pay for his flyer smearing zBeth McCann..  Pols has run repeated front page attacks on McCann or puff jobs on Carrigan.  But it refuses to promote this excellent piece by Salzman, one of our most respected posters..   Read it yourself before judging this critical local race. Or catch the original in DaveBarnes’ post below  

    1. As a House of Cards Fan I am happy that Michael Carrigan used Will Conway's ad right down to the camera angles — I'd have thought more House of Cards fans would have noticed by now.  You have a fictional candidate in Will Conway in House of Cards running for President and in Denver you have a candidate using Conway's ad to tout a fictitious issue that the DA has nothing to do with.

      1. Speaking of House of Cards, has anyone seen Frank Underwood lately?  I know Blue Cat is determined that only one Hillary defender is allowed on this board at a time. But she really can't enforce that rule.

        1. Moi? I'm fine with HRC and have indeed defended her against wild Bernista black helicopter theories my own self.  It's just not in my nature to worship any pol the way you worship HRC, V.  Nor is it in most people's. Don't know if I've ever seen anyone quite so smitten with a pol. Or maybe you're just really smitten with yourself for the way your super intense HRC adoration qualifies you, at least in your own eyes, as the wold's most (if I may borrow a phrase from Mr. Trump) "tippy top" feminist?

          In any case, once again and for your own good, may I urge you to remember not to call out her name at inopportune moments? Especially if you have a lumpy couch.wink

        1. BTW I neglected to note this days ago but it’s a great reminder that we have a fine Senator in Bennet, even though some of us, myself included, disagree with him on some issues. The blather about him being some flaky do nothing none-entity is absurd. I personally find him a lot less flaky than the often petty Romanoff and, if anything, more friendly to liberal issues than the alleged progressive champion who opened his last campaign with an ad touting balancing the budget, as if that was any progressive's primary concern, that any Republican could have run.

          I'm glad that I supported him in the primary and general 6 years ago and happy to do so again. 

    1. Yeah, that pretty much gets to the heart of it. It's hard to clean up the mess that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when the sides haven't really come to terms with what they want. The Palestinians have it hard enough with factions that want peaceful co-existence and others that still dream of a day without Israel. Israelis IMHO have it worse: they not only have a range of factions, but also this unresolved fiction where they don't stamp out settlement building while maintaining that they want peace. Livni's proposal would at least bring that internal conflict to a close.

    1. Very much, BC.   I never feel like a father on father's day, I just think of my own father.  And 22 years after his death, I still think of him daily.

  3. Here's my Father's Day present:

    Justice Clarence Thomas, “a reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court, is mulling retirement after the presidential election,” the Washington Examiner reports.

    “Thomas, appointed by former President George H.W. Bush and approved by the Senate after a bitter confirmation, has been considering retirement for a while and never planned to stay until he died.”

      1. He could cash in big time from far right groups and we could get another moderate on the court, isolating Alito as the only far right judge.  I'll drink to that!

    1. Not a chance. Money is not an issue. His wife has been willing and able to bring home the cash (graft). This a classic head fake. Appropriate since tonight is game 7 of the NBA Finals. The far right is just trying to raise the stakes for the election. "If Hillary wins, we will lose Thomas' seat too!"

      Both the Washington Examiner and News Max are conservative news outlets.

      1. Some people thought he wanted to retire back around the 2012 elections. I could certainly see the reasoning behind his retirement in late 2016 or early 2017. If Democrats win the election (White House and possibly/probably Senate), then Thomas is on the minority side of almost every opinion from here on out. If not, then Trump and likely a Republican Senate gets to pick a conservative replacement.

        The argument is already there for conservatives and the Supreme Court: win, and you get to appoint a Scalia replacement plus a likely Ginsberg and Kennedy replacement. Lose, and the Supreme Court goes from conservative to liberal leaning for the first time in 30-40 years. Thomas threatening retirement isn't going to change that math on either side.

        1. I disagree. If Trump wins, conservatives will want Thomas to retire. They can "upgrade" his seat by replacing him with someone half his age. I do not think that is the same thing as Thomas wanting to retire, especially if Hillary wins. If Hillary wins, Thomas will hang on for 4 or 8 more years. I agree that Thomas will not enjoy being in the permanent minority, but, like Scalia, Thomas will die before he let's Hillary replace him.

  4. Just the thought of him retiring makes me happy. And I'm with you, V. I wish he'd go now. But with Garland already hanging on by his fingertips, and the Senate’s collective heels dug in until after the election, do we really want a 7 member Court come the First Monday in October?

      1. Which is why Thomas isn't talking abut leaving before the election.

        Guess he's not crazy about remaining on a court without Scalia doing all of his thinking and talking for him and figures if Trump wins he won't be obliged to stay to maintain a rightie majority and if HRC wins, he'll find himself in the minority, often the minority of the minority since he and Scalia sometimes were the only dissenters when the other righties failed to be "originalist" enough … as if our radical revolutionary founding fathers wanted their century's status quo preserved in amber forever. 

        He's such an odd character I doubt he'll be missed by any of his fellow Supremes.

  5. I see where Newsmax is reporting a rumor about Justice Thomas talking about retiring after the Presidential election.

    Now that would be sweet!

    Hillary will have TWO vacancies to fill. 

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