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June 14, 2016 07:10 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.”

–Dick Cheney


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. The gun debate is on once again.  This will not change until Republicans in Congress begin losing their seats.  That is a sad fact but unfortunately true.

    1. yes  Completely agree.

      but that won't happen until people with hearts full of love work harder than those with hearts full of hate. It is time to devote ourselves to the destruction of the Republican Party that has elevated Der Drumphenfuhrer to its apex. Then we need to be prepared for insurrection…

  2. The Orlando massacre is just what Republicans wanted. A bunch of Americans get killed and it's all Obama's fault While it would have been better if this had happened overseas, as an illustration of Obama's failure of foreign policy, this will do.

    Plus, the victims deserved to die:

    And were weak enough to let it happen to them:

    There will be lots more of this. It's a Republican wet dream come true.


    1. Republicans need their hate mongering fringe to win elections. That's why the leadership is completely ignoring the anti-gay hate crime aspect.That's why you hear no outrage from them over the C. Springs abortion clinic shooter being declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Can you imagine the reaction if a Muslim killing people in a church was declared mentally unfit to stand trial? The Aurora theater shooter who is every bit as nuts as the C Springs shooter? For the latter… crickets from the right. 

      Don't expect them to denounce any of the hate spewing about gays deserving it or God's punishment or any of the usual rhetoric from the radical extremist Christian right. The GOP needs its hateful anti-gay, bigoted, racist voter block too much.

    2. Obviously, you can't reason with a sociopath.  But the fact is that the bible, old testament and new, condemns sex outside of marriage.  That means fornication and adultery.  Homosexual acts rank with fornication and, yes, are condemned.  But they are lesser sins than adultery and incest.  The hatemongers who single out gay sex while fornicating and commiting adultery add hypocrisy to their sins.  In the biblical view, even childbirth IN MARRIAGE is a sin.  

  3. So now Trump has accused President Obama of treason for somehow helping ISIS terrorists: 

    Donald Trump seemed to repeatedly accuse President Obama of identifying with radicalized Muslims who have carried out terrorist attacks in the United States and being complicit in the mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend, the Washington Post reports.

    Said Trump: “Look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind. And the something else in mind — you know, people can’t believe it. People cannot, they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.”

    The Atlantic: “Trump’s suggestion came by implication, but the message unmistakable: The president may have somehow known about or been involved in the shooting.”

    You think that’s bad? Well, our own Denver Post editorial board today: “We actually agree with Trump that the president and Clinton should be willing to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    So, we have the GOP presidential nominee implying that President Obama is a traitor and the best the Denver Post has to offer is tacit agreement.

    I just don’t know anymore….

      1. Joe Scarborough is finally calling BS on Trump — both on the "Mexican judge" and yesterday's "Obama is a traitor" remarks.  Too bad it's a little late.  Scarborough was so proud of the fact that he picked Trump as the horse who would win the primary.  Genius!   But, of course, he infrequently actually challenged Trump on his policy views whenever Trump would call in to his show.  Now he calls him out.  Scarborough reminds me of the former GOP office holders who are opposing Trump.  That is, they take a bold stand when it's too late and they don't really have much too lose.  Cowards.

    1. One caveat. The Post also said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that calling it radical Islamic terrorism until the cows come home wouldn't change a thing, that Trump's fixating on this magic word solution is stupid.

      On the other hand, it is what it is and I agree that pretzel like contortions to avoid bringing "Islam" into it are ridiculous. It is clearly how these people  perceive Islam just as the gay hating radical Christian right is guided by their idea of what Christianity espouses.

      You can argue that it's not authentic Islam or authentic Christianity but you can't argue that these people don't believe it to be and religious belief is, after all, completely subjective.  All religious people pick and choose , cafeteria style, from their religion's instruction books.

      While the bible, for instance, may teach loving thy neighbor in one place it also preaches stoning them to death for non-conformance on lifestyle choices in another. So to contend you can't call it any kind of Islam, including radicalized Islam is, yes I will actually use this term, simply useless political correctness.  It is their idea of Islam. It is the radical extremist Christian right's idea of Christianity and they can all pick and choose what backs them up in the Bible or the Quran just like those who prefer to see only peace and love and can find back up for that there.  

      Recognizing that the vast majority of Muslims do not align with the radical extremist view does not require us to pretend that terrorism on the part of these Muslim terrorists groups is completely unrelated to their religious beliefs or that it's irrelevant if it does because their beliefs are wrong. As with all religions… wrong according to what chapter and verse? Wrong according to whose interpretation? There's plenty of poisonous stuff in all "holy" scripture. 

      1. When will mainstream Christian leaders follow the example of Muslim leaders to condemn their own Christian terrorists using radical, extreme religious doctrine to justify crimes against innocents?

        Almost 70,000 Muslim clerics have come together to pass a fatwa against global terrorist organizations, including the Taliban, al Qaeda and the militant group that calls itself the Islamic State.

        During an annual gathering of South Asian Sunni Muslims in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh this week, almost 1.5 million attendees signed a document protesting global terrorist activity, according to The Times of India.

          1. Yes, I did use a bit of a broad brush with that statement.  Guess I should have narrowed it to the right-wing fundie religious types.  Like the Baptists that are in my own family history which color my own mostly negative view of organized religion.

            But I was impressed that 1.5 million South Asian Muslims signed that petition condemning terrorism.  They are the sensible majority, despite what Trump wants everyone to think.

            1. Very impressive, Davie.  The outpouring of compassion for the victims, condemnation of the killer and grief over the suffering and loss has been profoundly moving. They are our American brothers and sisters. I hope they will not suffer unkindness at the hands of  idiots.

  4. Some time ago, Blue Cat suggested that Bernie Sanders' entrance in the campaign would pull Hillary Clinton to the left. Well, here is what she has to say about that:

    I will await with baited breath what she has to say about Social Security and TPP once her coronation as the Democratic Party nominee for President is complete.

    1. Over the weekend you posted a libertarian party piece attacking her for supporting Social Security.  Have you changed your 

      Position and now support Social Security? Or are you just a hate-filled psycopath who will say anything to undermine the Democratic Party and its nominee?

      1. It's hopeless , V. I have a real and FB friend who keeps posting  dark rumor mill crap about HRC as gospel. When I point out that I've never heard of this stuff on any reputable news outlet, not even from Rachel Maddow and fact checking sites give these things pants on fire level truth ratings he tells me to fact check the fact checking sites. These folks are just like birthers. They accept as gospel whatever suits them and reject evidence to the contrary as lies, forgeries, products of  huge fact hiding conspiracies etc. And I told my good friend so. I told him he was sounding just like the birthers. He claims there's no comparison. Further discussion on the subject is pointless.

        1. You are right, of course.  Actually, Dodd has been swearing for months that he will never, ever, support Hillary.   But he loves the thought of us begging him to get his Stalinist soul in line with liberal policies.  He would have been aghast if Bernie won, because then he would have needed the support of mainstream Democrats to elect him and he wouldn't know where to begin asking.  In some respects, I find him interesting.   He has a degree in labor law and I have an MS in labor economics and have discovered he's not the total idiot he usually comes off as.  But he left the Democratic Party in a Third Period (ultra leftist) huff and is a true Bernie or bust guy.   He likes Trump on the old marxist/Plekhanov theory of "The worse the better," believing that a far right regime will automatically be followed by ultra left in some sort of Hegelian thesis/antithesis thing.   That's his story and he's sticking it. The fact that we'd lose the Supreme Court for a generation, and with it Roe v. Wade and marriage equality doesn't faze him a bit.   Some guys are just born to do well on the LSAT and go on to be total fools about politics.

  5. The United State of Women: reproductive health is an economic Issue

    A survey of 2016 general election likely voters conducted this past April shows that families’ major economic conversations are driven by the freedom to decide and plan if and when to have children.  Until policymakers and politicians acknowledge that having the freedom and ability to plan if and when to have children is directly linked to families’ economic security, they will be skipping over a major economic concern for their constituents – and what is a core economic value for many,

  6. What a miserable day.   I had to put our beloved Dachshund Maguffin down.  We got him and Riley as rescue dogs 12 1/2 years ago and at 17, he just gave out.  He was the most athletic creature I ever knew, rejoicing in a walk around Cheeseman Park like a day in heaven.  We still have his friend Riley, age 15, who will miss him as much as we will.  My wife named him Maguffin after the hitchcock device because he always "moved the plot along."

    1. So sorry, V. That's a really long full life for a dog but I know that doesn't make it any easier. I'm sure you gave him the best life a dog could possibly want. I'm sure you did right by him to the end. The loss of our beloved companion animals has such a profound effect on our every day lives and routines. They're always there for us day in, day out.  I miss our darling big old boy cat who left us over a year ago so much. Had to get used to watching TV with an empty lap. We're spoiling our remaining little girl cat rotten because she's getting on and we want her to live as long and as happily as possible. Took her months and months to get over the stress of losing her guy and start eating and sleeping normally again. Now her wish is our command.

      Sincerest condolences. 

    2. Sorry man. The price we pay…

      I have 3 hounds, all rescue mixed breeds. The eldest, my favorite dog of all time is 14 and failing. She is still so happy to be with me when I get home

      1. Rescue dogs are special, they seem to know you got them out of a jam and.they love you all the more for it.  Yes, the pain os losing them is terrible, but I wouldn't give up one day of the years I had.  He was so happy when I retired and he got to hang out all day with me.

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