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December 19, 2008 04:50 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

–Rush Limbaugh


54 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

                1. that because there are black guys with tattoos on the field that they are compared to criminals?

                  I don’t see the white guys playing baseball who get inked getting compared to white supremacists.

                  1. You look at the NFL and what do you see?  Plaxico Burress shooting himself at a club. Michael Vick.  Pacman Jones.  The Bengals…  Of course most of the guys in the NFL are probably upstanding citizens…but the ones that aren’t get all the attention…

                    A lot of these guys would fit into a gang just as well as they do my TV screen every Sunday.  That’s unfortunate, but reality.

                    As much as Randy Johnson and Joba Chamberlain look like white supremacists, they’re not going around getting arrested for stupid shit.  Some of the NFL wanna-bees (and real life) thugs are.

                    If it’s just about a bunch of black guys, sure, that’s racist.  But pointing out the obvious is perfectly fair, IMO.

                    While we’re on the topic, there’s a fascinating documentary running on HBO right now about the integration of the SEC (college football, not the government agency).  Those guys that risked their own and their family’s lives to play a game they loved is amazing.  Not just the players but the coaches as well.  Plax and the rest of the jackasses breaking the law today do them a tremendous disservice…

                    1. Do you know baseball? Guys get arrested on gun charges more than you think, it’s just not as heavily covered by the media as it is when it’s NFL guys. It’s true in other sports too. Seriously, look at Jayson Williams in the NBA. That guy was a model citizen except for the fact that he killed his limo driver. Athletes like guns, and sometimes they like to take their guns out. White, black, any race.

                      Burress is an idiot, and many other NFL players have done idiotic things involving crime and violence as well.

                      Besides, if I’m reading it correctly, Rush isn’t talking about off-the-field antics in his quote. It seems like he’s commenting on the fact that many NFL players are big black guys who have tats and wear doo-rags. I don’t even know what he’s saying. It’s another in a long line of ridiculous controversial idiocy that spews from his mouth on a daily basis. And he got 200 million dollars for it.

                      All I’m saying is that when pr says:

                      And if you haven’t noticed, the vast majority of faces on the field are black.  I know we aren’t supposed to notice the obvious……

                      WTF is that parsing? Black people equals crips and bloods? I know you’re not racist, and that you’re not that big on PC, but Rush is just being dumb here. The NFL isn’t Johnny U and Bronco Nagurski wearing suits and ties and sporting crew cuts anymore. It hasn’t been that for a long time.

                    2. …and I don’t think we should forget that parsing has offered this “analysis.”  It may rightly color one’s view of his view of other issues that invoke color.

                    3. I hadn’t noticed many…but, obviously if the media isn’t covering it as heavily, I guess it would be easier to miss.  🙂  There are also less guys in…well…each of the major sports to begin with than the NFL (53 vs. 25 or 12 etc…).

                      Anyway, we can all agree Rush is a giant douche and why people listen to him is beyond comprehension…

                    4. Illinois Gov – “The Shakedown – America for sale”

                      George W. Bush – “The payola to your friends on the blood of America’s Children”

                      Countless members of Congress – “Payola, big time”

                      I am more concerned with the White members of America’s powerbase acting like members of the Crips and the Bloods than I am ball players.

                      On another note, as far as professional athletes acting like criminals are concerned, drug addict Rush has a lot of nerve.

                  1. WTF?

                    Rush isn’t referring to stupid antics off the field, he’s describing what it looks like on the field, where all these guys are wearing uniforms and playing like professionals. The only commonality with Crips and Bloods is that it involves many black people wearing the same colors.

                    And if we’re digging into stupid shit rich people do when they’re not working, you could say the same thing about politicians and their families. But for some reason that sounds incongruous, right? Why?

                    It’s a totally racist comment, and I’m really surprised anyone would defend it.

                    1. it’s interesting that THAT was not the comment that got him fired from ESPN.

                      The comment that got him fired was his claiming that if Donovan McNabb had been a white man, nobody would be claiming he’s a great quarterback. IIRC that was shortly before McNabb took the Eagles to the Super Bowl for the first time in 24 years.

                      So yeah, Rush is both a racist and a complete dumbass.

  1. IIRC a few months ago the subject of oil prices came up in discussion.  I cannot find what I wrote, but essentially it was about oil going to $40 we would be in a major recession, and if it went to the $28 there would be a depression.  Right now oil is $36 and going down.

    The 2mil bbl reduction by OPEC is just bringing the OPEC output back to where it was a little bit ago, therefore not a brake on the falling price.  

    And as far as I can tell the Colorado proposed Oil and Gas Commission rules has not caused this to occur.  

            1. When I was a little girl, I thought (mistakenly) that the President was throwing a party for my birthday. I saw all the celebrations on tv and thought it was all about me. 🙂

                1. do you still get birthday gifts being so close to Christmas or do you sort of get screwed on that front?

                  And happy, happy birthday by the way. Hope Monday is a great day for you.

                  1. My parents were rigorous about making sure I got a birthday celebration. I used to take my birthday money and use it to buy Christmas presents for my family, which drove my mother nuts. I really enjoyed having a Christmas birthday, except when I realized that I only got winter gifts and had to buy summer stuff. My siblings both have summer birthdays so they got summer stuff for birthday and winter stuff for Christmas.

                    My husband and son both have February birthdays, and we have toyed with the idea of having a half-birthday party in the summer, when all the Christmas bills have been paid and we’re in the mood to shop again. We haven’t done it yet, though.


                    1. By the time my family got to me in January, they were tapped out from Christmas. My dad’s birthday was four days before mine so that was kind of neat, that we had birthdays close together. But…I always wanted a summer birthday, like my friends who always threw big outdoor parties with pool and sun and typical summertime fun stuff.  


    For the very first time in the Minnesota recount, Al Franken has taken the lead in the running vote count from Minneapolis Star-Tribune. As of 10:18 a.m. ET, Franken now leads by four votes.

    This is big news, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time for Al, with the state canvassing board is just now winding down the process of sorting through all the challenged ballots. So he’s not just pulling ahead, but it’s happening at a point very close to the finish line.

    Talk about “peaking at the right time.”

    1. I met him at the Tattered Cover in LoDo a fe years badk at his book signing for “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot”.  He was the nicest guy, totally approachable, and downright funny.

      Hope he gets it.  Go Franken.

      1. 4 votes.  I remember almost hanging up the phone with my brother in Virginia after he said he wouldn’t vote in the election that sent Jim Webb to the Senate over Allen.  IIRC Webb won by about 8000 votes.

        8000 is a squeaker.  But 4 ?  I know that isn’t the final count but that is crazy.

        1. 4 votes is the number Franken’s team predicted as their final margin of victory – if all the challenges were rejected.

          Fortunately for Franken, his team apparently picked wisely when challenging ballots (or at least they did after withdrawing some challenges…).  They’ve done well in the challenge count so far.

          We won’t know anything “final” until the end of the month, apparently.  And that isn’t counting the court challenges.

  3. In a sidebar story related to the intense pressure Ritter is receiving re: the Senate appointment, there is a poll cited.

    It cites limited results from a poll conducted Tuesday by “Public Opinion Polling”

    I assume they actually meant Public Opinion Strategies which does polling in Colorado and nationally.

    Does anyone know anything about this poll?

    Is it indeed POS?

    Who commisioned the poll?

    Who was polled?

        1. not Democratic PPP do a poll for this. Including some match ups against possible Republican contenders for 2010 would be nice, and I think including Pena skews the data among Hispanics.

          1. PPP did pretty well in the general election polling, and this is, after all, a poll for Democrats. But you can hire a nonpartisan polling firm if you’d like! Be sure to post the results here!

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