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December 15, 2008 08:12 PM UTC

I Want My Rocky! (dot com)

  • by: Jeff Bridges

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

[POLS Note: Read the sidebar on the IWantMyRocky site, where it says that they expect to only have until mid-January before the Rocky closes down.]

Can’t imagine life in a one-(major)-paper town? Especially if that paper’s the Denver Post? Want to do something more than complain about it here on Pols?

According to the Associated Press, a group of 30 Rocky Mountain News staffers have created an outlet for your passion and support. launched Sunday night and kicks off with a piece from Mike Littwin:

We meet in this strange place in a noble effort to save the Rocky Mountain News. And if we can’t save the Rocky, we can, at minimum, make some noise before we go. Since the day the proposed sale of the Rocky was announced, we’ve been waiting for the odd billionaire to join our cause. This may surprise you, but none has come forward. Apparently Phil and Tim and Pat and the rest of the team must have misplaced our e-mail address.

So, we turn now to the non-billionaires. We think there may be more of you. We ask not for your money, but – as they say in the sports world – for the opportunity to play for pride. Many of you read the Rocky. Many of you and your families have read the Rocky for generations. Many of you don’t know how to hold a paper that is bigger than a tabloid and simultaneously eat your Wheaties

You can comment on our posts here on about, yes, why you want your Rocky. You can be the roots in a grassroots effort to save the Rocky or help save our sanity, anyway. There are many helpful (or so I’m told) suggestions on this Web site. Feel free to send in more of your own.

Thanks for your help and for 149½ years (so far).

While I think might have been a more accurate name, my heart goes out to these guys. As I’ve commented before, they have – by far – the best political coverage in the state.

So gather up a posse and head on over. I know many of our readers have strong opinions about the sale, and while every Rocky reporter should read Colorado’s most influential political blog every day, I suspect they’ll pay a little more attention to comments on their own site.


13 thoughts on “I Want My Rocky! (dot com)

  1. I agree that the Rocky has better political reporting, but do we really need two major papers? Maybe this was going to happen no matter what ever since the JOA.

    1. if we don’t have one major paper here in a couple of years..

      I had a dream that Rupert Murdoch rode into town and bought the Rocky just to help turn CO back to the red spectrum of purple.

      Well, it’s better than the ‘naked commencement address’ dream, anyway…

  2. As someone who used to work for a media monster that owned both newspapers and TV stations, I know there is money to be made in newspapers – but they have to change the way the do business.

    1) Subscriptions – Newspapers only get 20% of their income from paper subscriptions. They still haven’t figured out a model by which they can get people to subscribe online, or how to build “extended” subscriptions into the paper version. (Kiplinger’s and ConsumerReports being two successful magazines doing this.

    It’s either a micropayment model or a online subscription with extended access to archives and exclusive content that will increase subscriptions.

    2) Content – Folks want more than articles…they need to include multimedia, or exclusive content that they don’t share anywhere else. Some Gannett and Tribune papers are embedding video with the articles, but Print guys don’t do video as well as TV guys. They have to come up with a way to provide more stuff than what they get from the TV Stations. That can be longer, better articles, or, better links to related articles (on their own site) and maybe animations that highlight the points of the article (esp for business and sports.)

    3) Convenience – If the newspapers could come up with a way to “push” stories to my iPod or Crackberry every morning, and make them stories I care about, then they can make a lot of money selling me that service. (Podcasts don’t work since they tend to opinion or long-format stories.) if I can get an immediate, up-to-date news stories pushed to me when I have the time to listen to them, they can easily sell it for .25 or .50 cents a pop – almost what a newspaper costs.

    4) Ads have to be free. Because that’s what the market bears right now. They can make money on additions like super-fotos, or extra listings, or fancy graphics, but they have to have the traffic at the classifieds to sell classified ad space, and right now they don’t have it.  

    1. Consumer Reports? Maybe around the holidays or other big shopping seasons, but unless you’re in the market for an expensive car or a giant TV, it’s hard to find them useful.

      Daily Kos? Maybe if you find the ads really annoying, or you have more disposable income than you know what to do with, you might toss a few bucks to a blogger, but generally it’s hard to be very successful this way.


      Wait a minute…

      PORN! Porn sites charge lots of money and get very loyal subscribers. How about if newspapers do pretty much the same things they’re doing now, but every time you finish reading an article, a girl on a webcam shows you her boobies?

      Now that’s a business model we can believe in.

      1. Always been a pay site for anything but “front page” type content. Murdoch considered making it all free a while back but backed off, I’m guessing when he saw how much money it was making.

    1. With free news floating around just about everywhere, it’s been hard for the newspapers to make money online.  The NYT went to a subscription-only service for a while and abandoned it because it was lowering the ad revenue from hits to their website more than it was increasing their subscription revenue.

      The Internet is a tough market for an organization that spends a lot of money on its reporters and editors.

  3. make content free and (and of high quality) and set your sales force loose on getting online specific advertisers

    sell the same adspace around online articles to numerous clients on a 2 or 5 second ad rotation (thus making the ads even cheaper for potential advertisers

    offer the ability for clients advertisements to be displayed longer durations during peak online visitation hours of the day, make the advertisements specific to zip codes so advertisers can more closely reach their target audience effectively, thus creating additional potential profit channels for the website and offering clients more choices

    never get greedy, make the ad space affordable for everyone from the local kid who mows yards and shovels snow, to the car dealership who wants to target the entire metro area

    and while your at it, hire me as your online marketing consulting, and I’ll help make these ideas a reality!

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