Colorado Dems Ridicule “That Blaha Moment”


Robert Blaha.

Robert Blaha.

From the social media fails file–Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidate Robert Blaha’s campaign came up this week with a too-clever-by-half “meme” series they’re calling “That Blaha! Moment,” like those “a-ha moments” you’ve had at important points in your life but…you know, with “Bla-ha” instead of “a-ha.”

Shut up, it’s clever. Check out the example above where he says “free college is just longer high school.”

Wait, what the hell does that even mean? Don’t think about it too much or you might have a different response than “a-ha.”

At any rate, Colorado Democratic Party spox Chris Meagher has his own list of “Blaha moments,” but not the ones Team Blaha wants you to remember! From a release today:

Since there have been plenty of #thatBlahamoments since the beginning of his campaign, here are several moments to remember –

1.    He has vigorously endorsed Trump, even calling him a “man of vision and courage.”

2.    He has said he would’ve voted to shut down the government.

3.    He said he wants to be a Senator much like Ted Cruz.

4.    He didn’t originally get on the ballotthen sued to get onthen demanded the Secretary of State resignthen was ruled off, then a judge put him back on.

5.    He invoked a painful rectal exam in a television ad.

6.    He posted a Facebook meme that “seems to compare Blaha and pro-gun politicians to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, and Blaha’s opponents who are gun control advocates to Hitler.”

7.    He received donations that exceeded the legal campaign contribution limit.

“Robert Blaha has endorsed Donald Trump, and he has shown he is eager to keep up with Trump’s outrageous behavior and rhetoric,” said Chris Meagher, spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party.

And with that, it’s back to the drawing board for a real “a-ha moment.” Or maybe just a “blah moment?” Either way, it’s better to focus group these kinds of things before you unleash them on a heartless, ridiculing world.

If we were running his campaign, we’d tell Bla-ha (we can’t imagine it without the hyphen anymore) to downplay the unfortunate surname. For every Jeff Flake exception, there’s a Jeff Crank who proves the rule. But it’s too late now for Robert Blaha.

Oh, sorry. Blah-ha!

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Apparently, the " Robert Blaha Product Guarantee" that started the campaign simply wasn't gaining traction.

    5 more weeks of this to figure before this Republican contest reveals who is going to try to cobble together a campaign against Senator Bennet.

  2. BlueCat says:

    It's worse than Flake or Crank. Blaha sounds like something in a strange, what the heck is a Blaha anyway tongue. The only association with anythng like an “American” word is with “blah”. He should have changed his name to something like Blake as soon as he was old enough if he had a political future in mind, Obama being one of those rare exceptions that proves the rule.

    • Voyageur says:

      You mean "Barack HUSSEIN Obama?"  Actually, that dig never worked for me.  When I hear "Hussein" I think of the late King Hussein of Jordan, a good man.   I suspect BC does too.

      • BlueCat says:

        Hmmm….A Kingdom composed of a two state loose federation, a modern westward looking Muslim state and a Jewish state, each largely autonomous, might have worked out pretty well. 

        Still… all things considered, it's pretty amazing that we elected a man with an African Muslim father and an African Muslim name to the presidency in 2008.  Who'd uh thunk it just a few years prior?

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Blaha must be hard up for getting himself in the news. I haven't seen or heard much yet from him that would warrant me voting for him in the Republican primary. Right now, I'm leaning towards voting for Graham. 

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