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December 12, 2008 05:09 AM UTC

Pols Meetup this Sunday - who's coming?

  • by: Laughing Boy

(probably my last front page promotion – great one to go out on – promoted by DavidThi808)

Cheeky Monk on Colfax at 4PM.  I’ll be late, but I’ll be watching you all from the truck…er…never mind.

Who’s on board?  

In fact, I’m thinking of creating a new shot for the occasion – the “Card Check”.

1.5 oz. Tequilla

1/2 cup hot, warm yogurt

teaspoon salt

Dunk shot into pint of Jaegermeister and enpty contents of wallet onto floor while drinking.


52 thoughts on “Pols Meetup this Sunday – who’s coming?

  1. A small, old fashioned conservative drink – the Martini: 4 oz Bombay Gin, 1 cap, or for a taste of an earlier era 1/2oz, Martini&Rossi Vermouth, Shake with ice, strain into small frozen Martini glass, toss in 2 green olives stuffed with pimentos, olive stabber on the side.

    I am hoping to make get there.

     And, I am sure everybody will bring their checkbooks.

    1. Everyone arrives on his or her own

      When the bartender asks for ID, show your ID (“card”)

      Order what you want


      I’ll try to make it, good chance.

    1. I have a ton of friends in town for a wedding that we are all attending this weekend, not to mention my cousins band is opening for the Black Crows this weekend at the Fillmore.  If there is some way I can make it I will.

      1. your cousin is in Vetiver?  Very cool.  My girlfriend has been trying to dragoon me into going to that show for two weeks. Why her and her friends like the Black Crowes I just don’t understand…but that’s a whole ‘nother issue…  🙂

        1. Yeah my cousin (Sanders Trippe) plays guitar for Vetiver.  He’s pretty damn awesome and is a great guy.  That’s cool you know them Dabee – had I known earlier I could’ve gotten you both in for free.  Next time they come to Denver I will if you remind me a few days ahead.

          As for the Black Crowes, yeah I don’t like them much either…

  2. I don’t think I want to drink with LB.  I have been listening to his god damm republican talking points lying about the union…

    go drink with that thin lipped draft dodging foreign loving boot licking mcconnell…..LB…drink up a sake…

    Not only is the US car industry carrying the legacy for all the retired workers…a burden which foreign car makers do not have…..but this country for three gd generations saved the butt of Europe; rebuilt japan and germany, taxed ourselves to provide a defense establishment against the Soviet Union which protected western europe and japan and had a god damm draft which caught the men who are now dependent on those legacy benefits ….and all of that allowed those foreign countries the freedom and money to develop the national pension and

    health care plans so that when foreign companies compete with the us, they don’t have any legacy funds to maintain…

    This lame duck congress and the fucked up southern unamericans  are destroying americans for the greater glory of Japan and Germany

    Thanks LB for your part in destroying the american economy.  Others may drink with you. I won’t.  May your family suffer the same fate as the families of the UAW.

    1. Dwyer, the purpose of these things is to put a friendly face with the rhetoric, and to realize that’s all it is.  

      Almost all of us here can be unppragmatic at times precisely because there’s nothing riding on our opinions.  We’re just stretching and prodding each other, learning, and sometimes changing our opinions.  I certainly have at times here.

      I’d really like to meet you.  I’m actually very fond of you and your writing.

      Please don’t take me too seriously.  I might grouse about unions but I’d give you the shirt off my back if you needed it.

    2. we and our political culture are all poorer for it. Keep in mind that people here (with rare exceptions) aren’t wishing people badly – they disagree on what is best for us.

      I went through the .com crash where the vast majority of people I know, including myself, were out of work and there were no jobs. None. Yes it’s rough. But it is also survivable and it does make the market much more productive.

      Anyways, try to keep in mind that LB does not wish anyone to lose their job. He just disagrees with you on the best thing to do at this point.

  3. I’ve got to run a study session at 2ish which shouldn’t last too long but you never know.  And it might snow, which, on one hand might mean fewer students show up (yay!) but also could mean a slower drive from Boulder (boo).  :/

    Of course, a potential throw-down between dwyer and LB makes me desperately want to make it. 🙂

  4. And you need to try a shot of bessenjenever (roughly translated Black Currant Gin) instead of that nasty morass of stuff you’ve concocted.

    BTW, will you be packing? It is Colfax, after all….

        1. I like to call it Paradise, with Terrorists.

          One of these days, I’ll get to settle down and have a beer with y’all.  It will certainly be an interesting and entertaining day.

          Until then, it’s beer-with-formaldehyde and biographies of Calvin Coolidge for me.

  5. Someday, maybe, but not Sunday…

    Instead of a Card Check shot, try the Mountain Man with a Dead Grizzly (from the old Denver shot bar, Soapy Smith’s)

    1/2 tequila

    1/2 Yukon Jack

    dash of tabasco


    1. I worked there one summer in high school. Remember that shot well.

      I also like Sam Arnold’s Mountain Man Whiskey, which had tobacco juice, gunpowder and Tobasco, if I remember correctly.  

      1. What year, if you don’t mind me asking?

        We would start off the night (or sometimes end the night) with a shot at Soapy’s.

        Great place, now gone the way of trendy…

        1. That’s what we called it when I was on my mission and the weather wasn’t good.

          I guess sometimes the bishop doesn’t like the thought of vans full of little Mormon kids flying off the road because they were trying to get to church on time…

          At this point, I’d consider it a gift.  Public speaking doesn’t bother me unless it’s really really really important-and I put religous stuff in that category.  I’m responsible for the spiritual edification of 200 people?  That’s a tall order.

          I’ll take a snow day.  🙂

  6. Family friends having their annual celebration and Santa is coming as usual.

    If Ewegen shows say Hi for me. I really mis his thoughts on all these recent goings on … Colorado bailout/economic package, Auto bailout/loan, Blago …..

  7. a Duchesse de Bourgogne for me or, if you want to stay local, have a New Belgium La Folie.

    Sorry I’ll miss it–the Cheeky Monk is my favorite Denver pub.  I’ll just have to hoist one at home at 4:01 p.m. Sunday in honor of the gathering.

  8. but hopefully it snaps before Sunday. I’ve been planning on coming for a while, so it would make me really sad if I was too sick to make this one.

    Also, it’s supposed to snow, so I hope that doesn’t keep anybody from attending. But if you think it’s going to be dangerous, I’d say better safe than sorry.

        1. I always bring lots of sanitizer any time I’m meeting with large groups of proletariat like this one’s going to be.

          (If anyone takes that seriously, they need to get out more.)

  9. I can’t make it, after all…

    …it took all day yesterday for the hubby and kids to hunt and kill the Christmas tree. Trimming needs to occur today.  

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