Humans not contributing to global warming, Glenn again says

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Darryl Glenn.

Darryl Glenn.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn reiterated his belief last week that humans are not contributing to global warming.

Asked about the issue by KNUS 710-AM’s Jimmy Sengenberger Show May 7, Glenn, an El Paso Couty Commissioner, said:

Glenn: Climate change, we can debate that until the cows come home, for lack of a better way of stating that. The bottom line is, I do not believe that man is contributing to that factor. We need to stand up for energy independence, and Colorado needs to lead the nation.

Sengenberger: I think this issue is so overblown. But it is something that is very important to Millennials in particular, because they have gone through a college process and a K-12 education where this is something constantly ingrained in them. How can we appeal to Millenials, to young people, in your mind on the issue of energy, to say, ‘We need to be developing our energy infrastructure in this country and in the state of Colorado, not harming it.

Glenn: I agree. And it’s an extensive conversation.  You mentioned education. As conservatives, we cannot just concede education over to the Democrats. We really need to be actively involved. And that’s why I’ve been such a proponent of school choice and the other options that are out there, because the left is clearly out there driving the agenda, trying to shape the minds of the next generation.

Glenn’s position contrasts with the consensus view among scientists worldwide that human activity is contributing to climate change. Interestingly, Glenn’s stance has so little credibility that some journalists argue that it should be ingored as a legitimate opinion in news articles.

Glenn hopes to prevail in Colorado’s June 28 GOP primary and take on Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, who believes climate change is already affecting Colorado and who hammered his GOP opponent in 2010 for denying that humans were causing climate change.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Can say only one thing. Visit this web site:      

    subtitled: "getting skeptical about global warming skepticism"

  2. DaftPunk says:

    Much more disturbing is the perceived need to take over the schools so as to indoctrinate children to conservative dogma.

  3. Kvothe says:

    Maybe Bennet can get a hold of that conversation for one of his commercials.  Just let the public hear Glenn in his own words.  What a tool fool.

  4. davebarnes says:

    Darryl for the win! (Primary).

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Darryl Glenn is from Colorado Springs. Of all people, he should completely understand oil and gas industry drilling dry holes and wasting resources.

    That's geology and economics (more science-y stuff). Darryl Glenn knows from personal experience living in the Springs that a coal-fired plant can sputter on forever spewing out toxins, bursting into flame periodically,  and wasting energy dollars.

    Glenn gets that public schools can't be "taken over" with conservative fossil-fuel friendly ideologues – but charter schools can.

    Diverting public school dollars to charter schools is the only way to promote a Bible-based curriculum, and not-so-coincidentally, a climate-change-denying, oil and gas friendly one.


    • MichaelBowman says:

      If he couldn't' buy a clue on the economics of coal after watching the Springs Utilities Martin-Drake disaster then he has absolutely no creds to be making decisions on Capitol Hill.  Did he miss the announcement this past week by Xcel of yet another billion-dollar wind project in eastern Colorado? Did he and Moddy have the same science teacher in school?  Does he not understand that energy comes in forms other than hydrocarbons?  Or that baby Jesus might have hid those hydrocarbons under the crust for a reason? 


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