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May 17, 2016 06:34 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.”

–Albert Schweitzer


23 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show – Washington Post

    The NHTSA doesn't mince words: "At the current time, specific drug concentration levels cannot be reliably equated with a specific degree of driver impairment."

    Sorry, We Don’t Take Obamacare – NYT Sunday Review (It's a feature not a bug. Neo-liberalism and healthcare. What a country!)

    From Caucus to Convention: The Democratic Disappointment – Medium

    Nevada Democratic Convention: Stories of Voter Suppression – Heavy

    Nevada Democratic Convention

    1. Must not respond to left-wing provocateurs calling everyone to the right of Bernie fascists.   We will need these doofuses in November to fight the real fascists, 998

      Must not respond to left-wing provocateurs calling everyone to the right of Bernie fascists.   We will need these doofuses in November to fight the real fascists. 999

      Must not respond to left-wing provocateurs calling everyone to  the right of Bernie fascists.   We will need these doofuses in November to fight the real fascists, 1,000

      Okay, Blue Cat, I tried to listen to your advice.   How'd I do?


      1. It's tempting to call them every name in the book but you are right, we will need them in November but eventually I do believe Bernie needs to call off the dogs in no uncertain terms.  

        1. Here's Sanders statement on Nevada, debbielynne. He isn't "calling the dogs off", but he does have some hard truths that the DNC establishment should take note.

          I'm still sorting out what happened in Nevada; the short answer is that nothing technically illegal happened; however, plenty of actions contrary to small-d democratic principles did happen. Read Sanders' statement for details.

          It's also true that Clinton will need Sanders voters if she does in fact clinch the nomination, which most people on here assume that she will do. Shutting these progressive voters out of debate, not allowing a hearing on credentials, wishing publicly and often that Sanders will drop out, calling us "Berniebots", or"violent thugs" ignores and is disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of Sanders voters who want meaningful change, including within the Democratic party.


          1. For the most part I am a peaceful person and I've decided that California and the rest of the primaries can't come too soon.  Sadly, at one point I would have voted for Bernie and would have been happy with that vote but I can't say the same thing at this time.  I've decided to refrain from further comments regarding this primary for my peace of mind.

        1. on other polls, hillary gained 3 points on bankrupt boy.   But they are meaningless because right now he gets a boost from being the R nominee while HRC is still about 75 delegates short of clinching (assuming she picks up at least 30 more in Oregon tonight to match the 30 or so from her landslidesmiley 1,812 vote win in Kentucky,

            1. The assumption was she'd probably lose both so even the tiny Kentucky win is a positive and the Oregon loss wasn't one of embarrassing proportions so not much of a negative. 

              No net gains for HRC? So what? We all know she's not the one who needs net gains. She can afford to see her lead shrink a bit. Bernie, of course, has no lead, never did and would have to win out by something like 35% margins to catch up on pledged delegates. We all also know that Supers aren't going to flock to him despite HRC's lead in pledged delegates on the basis of a few points in a couple of May general election polls.

              I'm guessing V's feeling pretty good about how things are working out. How about you?

              1. Since you ask, BC:

                I'm guessing V's feeling pretty good about how things are working out. How about you?

                I think the word is "cautiously optimistic" , about Sanders chances of leveraging significant reforms in the Democratic Party, and continuing to advocate for issues I care about, if not of winning the actual nomination.

                But every pundit has been oh-so-wrong about every aspect of this Presidential election,so you never know.

                1.  Agree though I would change the "if not winning" to "definitely not winning" and add that I'm also cautiously optimistic about his starting to make the turn into rallying his troops to fight Trump being on the horizon.  

                2. The pundits are NEVER wrong, MJ.  They predicted Bernie would win Kentucky, which you correctly called a "tossup"   And Nate Silver had Hillary a 99 pct certaini in Michigan.  They also said the Broncos would lose the super bowl.

            2. It was a great night, MJ.  I predicted both hillary's win and bernie's first ever closed primary win.  Bernie's modest Oregon win fell far short of the 67 pct he needed to just keep even .  Hillary went into the night needing about 140 delegates to clinch.  She picked up 60, leaving her just about 80 to go.  Nate Silver has her a 94 pct likely win in California and a 97 pct likely in NewJersey.  So, yes, it's just about over.  And no amount of death threats from would be spartacists can stop voters from nominating the first major party woman presidential candidate on june. 7.






  2. Burning Down The House

    There are 4,000 to 5,000 workers at the Suncor and Syncrude facilities. Non-essential personnel there are staging an “orderly, controlled” precautionary evacuation to camps further north. If the fire gets closer, then a mandatory evacuation order would be issued, Long said. It’s unclear how many people are staying behind as essential staff. 

    The wildfire is currently 15 to 20 kilometres from the oilsands facilities and is consuming 30 to 40 metres of forest per minute. The fire jumped Tower Road, a dirt road where several residential trailers are located, but officials said the oilsands facilities are the main concern at this time. 

    The fire is burning northwest of the Fort McMurray neighbourhood of Timberlea, but officials said there is a significant burnt-out area between the fire and homes, giving the 150 to 200 firefighters on-site a significant buffer. 

    Within Fort McMurray itself, 300 people, mostly utility workers, are assembling at MacDonald Island Park. Another 300 or so people are gathering at the hospital. The field hospital being run by AHS continues to operate.

    There were four new wildfire starts in the past 24 hours, bringing the total up to 15 burning across the province. Three are out of control. 

    There are nearly 2,000 firefighters, 161 helicopters, 29 air tankers and 377 pieces of heavy equipment battling the blazes.

    A fire in the Municipal District of Greenview County, 350 km northwest of Edmonton, that forced 100 to 200 people to evacuate, is now 800 hectares. 

    The Fort McMurray wildfire is 285,000 hectares and is 10 to 12 kilometres from the Saskatchewan border. The return of warm temperatures and low humidity this week means “fire conditions are really as bad now as they were on the first day of the fire and we expect a lot of fire activity today,” Notley said. 

    But we shouldn't let this distract us from the fact that Reepublicans are sooooo Stooopid.

    1. Fricking scary. I want to know how the oil pipelines and tanks are protected from the wildfire…if they are.

      Wonder what "doomsday" firestorm photos will do for the climate change denyers?

    1. Senator Lambert is one of the "powers-that-be" who strongly supports turning over our national public lands to the state and to big money special interests. Senator Lambert seemingly doesn't care about Colorado's healthy & vibrant tourism and outdoor recreation economy.

  3. Lambert is beneath contempt. Not my circus, not my monkey, but I hope the CoGOP takes his head off for breaking the 11th Commandment.

  4. Hillary's win in Kentucky extends her may winning streak to three: Guam, Nebraska (advisory primary only) and now Kentucky.   Oregon closes in a half hour and Bernie could well win there.   If so, that will mark the first time he has beaten Hillary in a closed primary limited to Democrats.   The difference between Kentucky and West Virginia almost certainly lies in the fact that Kentucky is closed while West Va. was open.   Overall, Bernie won West Va. by 15 points, but she won Democrats there by 4 points according to exit polls.  In politics as in war, the terrain often determines the result of a battle.

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