Caption This Photo: The Face of Fear

MONDAY UPDATE: TBS’ Samantha Bee immortalizes Jon Keyser’s meltdown:


UPDATE: You knew the remix would not be far behind. From a real high school student, so you know it’s cool:




Here’s an animated .GIF to remember: the first few telling seconds of Denver7 reporter Marshall Zelinger’s confrontation with GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser over allegedly fraudulent petition signatures submitted by his campaign. It’s all about that subtle look of sheer terror that breaks across Keyser’s face, for just a brief fleeting moment until he regains his robotic composure:


No matter how little sympathy you may feel for Keyser, you know that look.

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  1. exlurker19 says:

    "You're not afraid of my dog?  But he's a great big dog!"

  2. bullshit! says:

    We all know he's not saying "oh shit," but it sure looks like he is.

  3. JeffcoBlue says:

    Why do they say he's so handsome? He's not handsome. He looks like a little punk.

  4. Traveler says:

    He should be afraid of NOTHING …. What, with ALL those "capture/kill" missions he went on.

  5. Moderatus says:

    Having run out of substance, now it's time for the childish insults ad character assassination. Liberals can't leave well enough alone.

    • Duke Cox says:

      Come now, Moldy…a little piling on never hurt anybody…well, I guess it did, actually. But…that's kind of the point.

      He needs to be taken OFF the ballot by being disqualified…or something. Besides…if he is ever going to be successful in The Republican Party, he will definitely have to improve his lying skills. NRFPT

    • spaceman65 says:

      He's assassinating his own character just fine.  "I'm on the ballot" even if by fraud, does not speak of good character.  But it does make for fun spectator sport.  Childish insults?  Like talking about how big his dog is? 

      • Moderatus says:

        Have you produced any evidence that Keyser knew about this at all?

        • Republican 36 says:

          Of course, whether Mr. Keyser had actual knowledge is not the point. In fact, its irrelevant. If names are forged on a petition they don't count as valid signatures. That's the point.

          But since you raised the issue about Mr. Keyser's knowledge, it is interesting that he hasn't denied it or confirmed it. He's left us hanging and that creates doubt in the mind of the voters and he therefore is undermining his integrity with the electorate.

          One thing is for sure. His political wounds are self-inflicted.

    • cpolind says:


      Liberals can't leave well enough alone? This isn't a liberal or conservative or a Democrat or Republican issue. It's a right or wrong issue. The fact that other Republicans, including Darryl Glenn and Ryan Frazier, were either telling Keyser to take accountability for the actions of the campaign that bears his name or outright laughing at his response like Frazier was says a lot about Keyser's problems.

    • BlueCat says:

      What took you so long Modster? Mommy let you start playing on the intertubes again? 

      • Davie says:

        He's been busy — took him this long just to finish reading John Andrews' column in the Denver Post explaining why supporting a modern day PT Barnum like Trump isn't so bad afterall.  The GOP is full of suckers;  they'll need all of them like Moddy since it's their only hope of winning the Presidency this year.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        Go easy on Fluffy, he hasn't had such a disappointing week since Gov. Gessler resigned under a cloud of scandal/incompetence to pursue better income opportunities …

        … I'm surprised he's out now before Grounhog's Day.

    • Jorgensen says:

      Yes, so-called liberals are having fun bashing Keyser, but hate to break the news, Republicans are seriously dismayed by Keyser and his refusal to answer questions; his campaign's woeful performance; and his petition contractor who seemed to disappear into oblivion as the heat turned into a media blaze. We'll get more answers soon – but bottom line:  Keyser is responsible for the integrity of himself and his campaign.

  6. DouglasCoWatchdog says:

    Looks like another Rethuglican candidate went full Keyser. State senate candidate Jim Smallwood also used Maureen, and it looks like he's also, just focused on being on the ballot.

    “If, ultimately, at the end of the day, I had enough signatures, that’s what I’m focused on, was to be on the ballot,” he said, adding, “It’s certainly something I’ll look into.”

  7. notaskinnycook says:

    This picture of Keyser looks like somebody just whopped him upside the head with a skillet and his bell's still ringing.

  8. Gray in Mountains says:

    Does he have a sign posted at his door that indicates what time to knock so he won't feel intruded on, or endangered?

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