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May 13, 2016 01:58 PM UTC

Get More Smarter on Friday (May 13)

  • by: Colorado Pols

Get More SmarterToday is the last Friday the 13th of 2016, so relax. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).


► Earlier this week we wrote that the Senate campaign of Republican Jon Keyser is “basically finished.” But after Keyser’s completely disastrous day of “interviews” on Thursday — video of which has since gone national — we think it’s safe to go ahead and remove the word “basically.” Jon Keyser is not going to be Colorado’s next Senator, and even fellow Republicans are abandoning ship.

ICYMI, Keyser’s absolutely epic #FAIL(s) on Thursday are must-watch TV.


The Colorado Supreme Court will hear a case from the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Ryan Frazier, who is trying to remain on the Senate ballot despite coming up short in the signature-gathering process.


► It’s official: Colorado has a new Lieutenant Governor following Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony for Donna Lynne.


Get even more smarter after the jump…


► Perhaps Jon Keyser should have quadruple-checked these petitions


► The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing new rules on methane gas.


► Jason Salzman has his picks for the best reporting from Colorado media members during the 2016 legislative session.


► Good thing we figured out how to pay for that Conduit thing.


Two Colorado experts will be among those offering their opinions on the dangers of concussions during a Congressional hearing today.


► The Pueblo Chieftain and the Colorado Statesman reflect on the 2016 Colorado legislative session that came to a close on Wednesday.


► Officials in Mexico have a nickname for presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. They call him “The Clown.”


► President Obama’s administration has finalized new rules designed to provide more protections for transgendered Americans. From the Washington Post:

The Obama administration finalized a new rule Friday mandating that health insurers provide transgender patients with coverage for services and access to facilities even if those services were not traditionally covered or required by their expressed gender, as well as separate guidance calling on public schools to let transgender students access the bathrooms and facilities of their choice.

The two moves, both of which have been in the works for more than a year, reflect the Obama administration’s push to affirm transgender rights as a central civil-rights question for the current era. And they sparked an immediate backlash from conservatives on the state and federal level, who described the new measures as government overreach.

While the new Department of Health and Human Services rule does not require insurers to automatically approve all gender transitioning services, it means that they cannot categorically deny coverage as they have in the past. These services can range from vaginal reconstruction to treatment for ovarian cancer when an individual identifies as a man.

As you might guess, conservative Republicans absolutely lost their shit once they heard the news:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) described the proposal in dire terms Friday, saying, “This will be the end of public education, if this prevails.”

► National demographic changes are likely to be as devastating to the Republican Party in 2016 as their Presidential nominee.


► Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has not yet decided whether or not he will support a compromise bill dealing with alcohol sales in grocery stores.


► Rain barrels, you are go for launch (well, on August 10, anyway).


A national holiday for voting? Heck, yeah, we’re on board.


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23 thoughts on “Get More Smarter on Friday (May 13)

  1. Speaking of demographics,  I've changed my mind about Warren as VP for HRC.  I thought she needed a younger Latino but that was months ago.  Things have changed since then.

    Bernie is now leading a strong movement and many Bernie supporters who would have a hard time voting for HRC love Warren.  As my 30 something son told me, if HRC wants as many of those younger Bernie supporters as possible to vote for her if she wins the nomination instead of sticking with a Bernie or Bust stance the one thing she could do to instantly send them the message that she hears their concerns would be to choose Warren as her running mate.  

    They love her and don't care about her former life as a Wall Street friendly Republican (which Rs would certainly bring up to try to seperate her from her young fans) any more than they care about Bernie spending his honeymoon in the USSR. They care about now. They see Bernie and Warren as their two heroes.

    She's already our most effective anti-Trump attack dog and does it without sounding the least "shrill".  HRC is already doing great with Latinos and Julian Castro is failing to impress. If it ticks off Wall Street who cares? Ticking off Wall Street will not be a negative this cycle and funding will come easily from Bernie's side of the party with Warren on the ticket. In fact, pissing off Wall Street a little will do HRC more good than harm, especially with left leaning indies. They also like Warren.

    My only concern? Does Warren even want to be anyone's VP?  If she does it would solve any remaining Bernie or Bust problem for HRC overnight and keep lots of younger voters from sitting this one out. They might not care much about voting for HRC but a whole lot of them will be thrilled to vote for Warren.




    1. I'm a big warren fan, bc, and even contributed $300 to her Senate campaign.   But Massachusetts has a Republican governor (way to keep ignoring those non-presidential elections, Democratssad)  If Warren wins the vice presidency she will have to resign her Senate seat and a Republican will take her place.   We already need to capture four seats to get a majority and that would make it five.

      Number One priority — win the Presidency.  And use it to put 2,3 maybe even four progressive judges on the court in the next four years as this gerontocracy  retires or dies. That confirms Garland and replaces aging RGB and Breyer with new blood and maybe — if God is kind — replaces the potted plant…err, Justice Thomas, as well.  That means we absolutely must have the Senate to confirm those nominees.  An R Senate would go on blocking judges for the next four years, or force us to nominate someone so far right we'd miss Scalia.

      One good sub would be Al Franken.  The left loves him and Minnesota has a Democratic governor.  Warren is great but a Democratic 
      Senate is greater and the odds against that happening are bad enough without gifting the Repubs with an unearned seat.

      1. Yes, but that's only temporary. Remember the Dems changed the statute in 2004 when they thought Kerry might be elected president and Mittens would get to appoint a successor to finish his term. Now they would need to be a special election (I think it's within something 120 days) to select someone to finish her term.

        Scott Brown might get the appointment (assuming he moves back to MA), but he shouldn't make himself too comfortable in DC.

      2. I share you concerns but I think it would be worth taking the chance. With Warren on the ticket and running against Trump, taking one more seat might be pretty doable. I do suspect it might be a moot point because I'm not at all sure Warren would say yes.

        You might have something there with Franken as an alternative. In any case I hope HRC realizes the days of triangulating and going right to attract moderates are over. There actually was such a thing as Republican moderates when Bill did it. Now you could fit true moderate Republicans into a phone booth. No sense wasting much effort to appeal to them while pissing off the people who could actually elect you.

        Trump's most popular positions, on any given day, aren't even rightie positions, after all. HRC needs a running mate who appeals to disappointed Sanders voters, especially the indies who helped him win in open primaries and the young voters he's managed to get up off their asses to vote.

        The so last century common wisdom that the nation as a whole is center right and therefore Dems need to be Rightie Lite to win is no longer operational. Republican base voters, Dem base voters, left leaning indies, right leaning indies… pretty much all of them hate Wall Street. If there were a center that would be it but there isn't because they all hate each other too. Enough for pretty much the entire GOP leadership to say it's actually better to vote for the guy they've said is completely and dangerously unqualified by any and all measures to be President and Commander in Chief because he isn't a Democrat. And for their voters to buy it. Not much center in that attitude.

        So I hope HRC can manage to overcome her penchant for looking for safe triangulated "centrist" positions long enough to go big wth a running mate choice that will keep Bernie's millions of supporters invested in the outcome of this election. May as well worry about losing the unicorns as about losing the moderates. If there were still silent majority armies of moderates Trump and Bernie both would have been out before the first primary.

        1. Assuming what Frank said about a special elxn is still true, Warren as vp is more doable.  Congress convenes before a new pres is sworn in so Warren could vote to organize the new Senate, cast a quick confirnmation vote for Garland, then resign and take over the vice presidency .  Even if she was the 50th dem, the vacancy, as Frank said, would only last a few months.  And even if she served two terms as veep, she'd only be about the age bernie is now.  So we might have two momen presidents.  And even if the Galand thing couldn't be pushed that fast, the Rs will probably confirm him after the election out of fear Hillary would nominate a younger, more liberal, alternative.  Warren's sucessor would arrive in time to confirm subsequent. Nominees.

            1. Everybody SAYS they don't want to be VP.  But nobody refuses it when offered.  HRC and EW haven't been best buds – she is the only Democratic woman in the Senate who hasn't endorsed HRC.  But that's good.  We need a gesture to the Bernistas and if it takes an all estrogen ticket to coax a little feminism from those under 35 post feminists, do it.  And her tweets enrage Trump, beating him on his own game.  Tell her her country needs her and sign her up.

          1. Her other option is to resign in time for the Senate special to be held during the November election (a provision which is included in the law). That would almost ensure a Democrat wins the seat, and any appointed replacement would have precious little time to do anything since the Congress is mostly adjourned through election season.

            1. A good idea, PR, though if Ds lose the election she'd be out of a job.  But, hell, a President Trump is going to send his storm troopers to suppress Congress anyway.

    2. I agree. I like her. She's left wing but not crazy left.  She's bright and competent. And can you picture her in a debate with Newt Gingrich! 

      And I was never that sold on Julian Castro. He has a future but it's not this year. He was the ceremonial mayor of a large city and the head of a federal department which nobody knows about unless they're getting a FHA mortgage or live in Sec. 8 housing. And he looks like he's 14 years old.


    3. Warren hasn't said No to VP, even when asked directly about it. It's got possibilities on her end, apparently.

      But… If I were Warren I'd probably be asking what I'd get to actually do if I were VP. Hillary has as much experience dealing with the Senate as Warren does, and if she needs political advice, she could always ask the guy who'll be sitting at the dinner table with her; I hear he knows something about how things work in DC. Further, Bill has a lot of ideas and a persuasive bent, and I'm guessing he's got more conservative leanings than Hillary does. Warren as VP needs something… a guarantee that she's always consulted and heard out on financial and progressive issues, prime roles in various reform efforts – something. Otherwise, while the two-woman ticket looks good, it doesn't do much.

      And I'm beginning to agree. The largest single constituency that needs to be brought along to vote and win this year is the Bernie Base. Latinos have their motivation – the guy with the strange yellow-orange combover.

      1. As for political advice and the guy who doesn't seem to spend all that much time siittng across the table, each seeming to have pretty busy separate lives, I think his politcal advice is over–rated, especially where HRC is concerned. I don't know if there's a passive aggressive thing going or if he's just too all about himself to be a brilliant pol for anybody but himself but he was awful, constantly saying the wrong thing, in the 2008 campaign and has already put his foot in it several times this time around. He's still great for the shrinking, aging pool of ardent fans from the 90s and spectacular for raising funds from an enormous network of celebrity and mover and shaker connections. I'd use him for shmoozing and fund raising but I'd look elsewhere for political advice if I were HRC. 

      2. EW is acting as though she might interested. And I don't mean that as an insult. She auditioning for the role. What's she been doing? Attacking the Drumpf which is the No. 1 role for the VEEP candidate traditionally.

    1. Actually, there is.   Andrew Jackson and his vice president, Martin van Buren, were both male.   Otherwise, we've had gender balanced tickets forever, starting with George Washington and Abigail Adams.

  2. Ok, I'm glad the rain barrel bill passed and got signed ('Hick may have even taken a swig, but it wasn't reported) …

    … But the timing??? Collecting rain in Colorado beginning August 10??!??  Me and V'ger probably ought to just fill ours with Sam's Club box-o-red; we might have that finished off by April 2017 — just in time for hopeful refilling.

    1. kidding aside, my boxed wine comes from Argonaut.   That happens to be a great way to package wine btw, because the bag collapses and prevents air from getting in and spoiling the wine.   But the Sam's Club on broadway does have a liquor store — in what is technically a different location from therein store though only shelving separates it.   It charges much more than Argonaut and the selection sucks.   I wouldn't worry about that kind of competition if I owned a liquor store.

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